Kasey Peterson

Jul 192017


Town Clerk’s Office

40 Ralph Road

Brookfield, Vermont


Meeting of MONDAY, 10 July 2017


  1. The meeting was called to order at 6:30 P.M.


Members present: John Benson, Chair; Jeff Kimmel, and Cory Haggett.


Staff present:  Carla Preston, Alternate Administrative Assistant.


Others present:  Dan Mason with the Agency of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Conservation, Compliance and Enforcement Division; and Ray Peck, Road Foreman (via phone).


  1. Adjustments to Agenda – The Board moved discussion items up in the agenda to address persons present.


  1. Public Presentation or Comment – none


  1. New Business


  1. Highway Report


  1. Rose Baier –

This matter pertains to the proposed boundary adjustment involving property abutting the Town Garage.  Chair Benson advised that Ms. Baier appeared amenable regarding the corner of the property and noted that he discussed that change with the land surveyor.  Since Ms. Baier was not present, further discussion on the topic was tabled.


  1. Storm Damage –

The Board is reviewing the financial impact of the damage to roads and infrastructure caused by the failure of the dam at Lamson Pond which included any potential issues with the parent property, assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and other options.


Dan Mason, DEC Compliance and Enforcement Division, advised he received a phone call from Town Clerk Teresa Godfrey about the dam at Lamson Pond letting go and causing damage.  He advised he has previously checked the water level at that site on numerous occasions which consisted of about 24 acres. The water level dropped about four feet when the dam let go leaving less than half of that pond acreage remaining. He advised that Lamson Pond tapers upward gradually to the old stone wall which might be what is holding back what is left of the pond.  He was able to walk out further into the dam on the stone wall, about 100 feet back from the dam, to assess the damage. Mr. Mason pointed out other areas on the large Tax Parcel Base Map (2013) with active beaver dams.



Chair Benson indicated he had asked Mr. Peck to photograph the area from Lamson Pond Road. Members were unaware that the dam was four to five feet high.  Mr. Benson asked Mr. Mason how ANR views this type of problem, who is the liable party for destruction of a dam and the damage to Town roads.


Mr. Mason advised that ANR would classify the failure of a beaver dam as a natural occurrence or an “Act of God.”  He explained that ANR would not have allowed the property owner or anyone else to take down the dam.  It would only be considered with proper permits in place.  He mentioned a discipline case involving a resident who cleared an area into wetlands, and created shore lands and a beach area without proper permits.


Chair Benson mentioned a situation about 10 years ago in which the state became involved because a beaver dam plugged a culvert.  That situation was deemed a hazard to public health and the beavers were removed from the area.  He noted that in this situation, the town was unaware that a four to five-foot high beaver dam was keeping back the pond.


Mr. Mason noted that North Pond is also controlled by a beaver dam which feeds Sunset Lake.  He had received a call from Stuart Edson about it when the water levels changed in the little creek crossing his driveway. The beaver dam was intact. The fluctuation in the amount of water in the creek was possibly caused by the Vermont Agency of Transportation’s efforts to clean out drainage areas.  Mr. Mason agreed that the Town should be proactive regarding the dam at North Pond and discuss the issue with the property owner.  He advised that ANR offers designs to manage flows of water so that a dam stays intact but allows the water to go downstream safely.  In response to questions from the Board, Mr. Mason advised that ANR will design the system, but does not offer any funding for its installation or implementation.  He did not know whether the landowner of Lamson Pond was facing any liability if FEMA did not assist noting that that was more of a legal question that should be presented to the Vermont League of Cities and Towns.


Chair Benson advised that it was his understanding that the state controls the pond as a public body of water, thus it has jurisdiction, but not ownership.


Mr. Mason confirmed that the streams are considered public waterways. He noted that there are four property owners surrounding Lamson Pond but there is no public access to the pond.  The 20+ acres of Lamson Pond itself are overseen by the state. The same situation exists with respect to North Pond; the pond cannot be accessed without crossing private property. He noted that Northfield Road, which passes Lamson Pond, is further beyond the right-of-way for the Town.


The Board agreed that the Town should take a look at any ponds with beaver dams.  Both North Pond and South Pond were mentioned as having active beaver dams.  Members noted that once



the water from Lamson Pond reached Sunset Lake there was no further damage downstream.  The gulf area has a large wetland which would likely be able to absorb larger amounts of water.


The group acknowledged that beaver dams are made of sticks and mud that will deteriorate over time.  Impacts on Sunset Lake and further downstream were discussed in the event the dam at North Pond failed.  Also of concern was the culvert on Route 65 where outlets are channeled.  Flooding events during Tropical Storm Irene were also mentioned.


Chair Benson summarized by stating that the Selectboard will contact the VLCT to determine the Town’s rights and land owners’ responsibilities with respect to potential threats against public infrastructures.  The Board will also reach out to the property owner of North Pond in an effort to be prepared for possible flooding should that dam fail.


Taylor Hill Road –

Mr. Mason advised that he also wished to discuss repairs on Taylor Hill Road.  It was noted that the Town does some maintenance on that road twice a year, but it is not a road that receives year-round maintenance by the Town.  Mr. Mason noted that the ditch is fairly deep and agreed it would not make sense to grade the top of the road without addressing the ditch.  He offered to supply the materials needed to improve the condition of that road.  In the end, the Board agreed that while the Town highway crew is in the area, they would work around materials brought in by the owners, noting that the materials must be pre-approved and deemed to meet the Town’s standards.


Chair Benson reported that Ray Peck was with members of the Volunteer Fire Department attempting to clean out the culverts on Northfield Road which were plugged when the dam let go at Lamson Pond.


Mr. Peck appeared by phone to discuss Highway Department issues.  In response to his question about compensation for the cleaning of the culverts, the Board advised him to submit an estimate of the costs incurred.  The Board will then submit an updated damage report and cost estimate for repairs to the Two Rivers-Ottaquechee Regional Commission.  Mr. Peck advised he would submit the estimate on Tuesday.


Mr. Peck advised that cleaning the culverts has been slow.  They are working hard to get the lanes opened up and to get water flowing in the right direction. He noted that the paved area under the Interstate bridges is a brand-new road and recommended that it be grinded down again, particularly the northbound lane, due to the damage it sustained.  He advised his estimate will include that recommendation as well as replacement of the culverts in the event they cannot be cleaned out.  He estimated that the total cost for repairs would be close to the $100,000 threshold established by FEMA.




Chair Benson advised that he will ask Administrative Assistant Kasey Peterson to forward the updated estimate to TRORC along with pictures of the damages.


  1. Temporary Help –

Mr. Peck clarified that this request for temporary help pertained to the need for occasional truck drivers and noted that they could have used another truck/driver to assist with repairs of flood damages.  He mentioned his communications with municipal employees from the Town of Braintree whom he believed had the necessary credentials and insurance.


The Board reviewed Ms. Peterson’s notes regarding her research involving hiring part-time persons even though currently employed by another municipality.  It appeared that any part-time employee would have to be put on the payroll and must be covered by applicable insurances. The Board indicated that it needed to better understand the need, purpose, and proposed duties and responsibilities of a part-time person.  Ms. Peterson will be asked to contact the Town of Braintree for more information about the insurance issue as well as their current compensation.


  1. Road Inventory –

Chair Benson advised that the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) requires towns to document their roads’ infrastructure as well as maintenance thereof (i.e., culverts, stone dams, and so forth).  This requirement must be met for reimbursement and grant requests.  The Board noted that anyone hired to conduct the inventory must be at least 18 years of age, have his/her own vehicle, and applicable insurance.  Any special training requirements would be better addressed once the Town received the software program from TRORC that is used to collect the data for the inventory.


After further discussion, Stuart Edson’s name was mentioned as a possible candidate for this task.  Mr. Kimmel agreed to contact Mr. Edson to see if he is interested in performing the infrastructure inventory update.


  1. Larry Brassard –

The Board reviewed the email from Mr. Brassard concerning water runoff draining into his barn.  He suggested raising the level of the road to prevent the runoff.


Mr. Peck advised that he has not yet had an opportunity to meet with Mr. Brassard.  He questioned the effectiveness of raising the level of the road to prevent runoff but agreed to visit the site to meet with Mr. Brassard about his concerns.  If Mr. Brassard is unhappy with the result of the discussion, he can also discuss it with the Selectboard.


  1. Public Assemblage Permit –

The Brookfield Community Partnership submitted an application for a permit (60 person) for a beer tasting event to be held on August 12, 2017; standard plan for traffic and parking.  The event would include beer tasting and sales, a pizza truck, and music.  The Board noted that all


vendors must have appropriate licenses or permits regarding alcohol and catering.  Based on the information submitted, Mr. Kimmel made a motion, seconded by Mr. Haggett, to approve the application as submitted subject to applicable licenses/permits.  The question was called and the motion passed unanimously.


  1. Washington Electric Cooperative, Inc. Permit –

WEC is proposing to relocate its cross-country power lines back to along Cemetery Street for easier access.  The Board noted that a resident had previously raised concerns in that area about cutting back trees.  Members recalled adding specific language in the past to address the town’s right of way and maintenance issues.  Mr. Kimmel made a motion, seconded by Chair Benson, to approve the request by WEC, pending an amendment addressing potential for adjustment along the town’s right of way, and WEC retaining financial responsibility.  Mr. Kimmel agreed to research the specific language used in the past.  The question was called and the motion passed unanimously.  The document was signed by all three Selectboard members.


  1. Cemetery stone repair –

Joe Mangan, Sexton, submitted a request for repairs of certain grave stones.  The Board advised that it needed to see a master plan showing repairs needed for all stones, versus a few at a time and how that plan would be managed.  The plan will likely be approved as long as it is within the budget.  Ms. Peterson will be asked to advise Sexton Mangan to put together a plan for the Board’s consideration.


  1. Old Business


The Chair called for approval of the Minutes of the 26 June 2017 meeting.  Mr. Haggett made a motion, seconded by Mr. Kimmel, to approve the Minutes of the 26 June 2017 meeting as presented.  The question was called and the motion passed unanimously.


  1. Payroll/Accounts Payable Warrant


Based on the documents presented, Mr. Haggett made a motion, seconded by Chair Benson, to accept the payroll and accounts payable warrants totaling $187,022.49.  The larger dollar amounts pertained to the following: Southworth-Milton (Caterpillar) in the amount of $170,937.04; White River Valley Ambulance in the amount of $6,460, and Barre City Treasurer in the amount of $1,844.36. The question was called and the motion passed unanimously.



  1. Other Proper Business


  1. The Board completed a brief survey on the topic of how towns deal with solid waste from Roger Colton, Chair of Belmont Energy Committee in Belmont, Massachusetts.




  1. Chair Benson advised that progress is being made with respect to splitting emergency services (ambulance) between WRVA and Barre Ambulance Services but it is not yet in effect. A new effective date has been set for October first.


  1. Kimmel will share his draft letter with Chair Benson addressed to the landowner of Lamson Pond about what occurred. The matter will be discussed with VLCT for a legal opinion.


The Board will also consider whether any preventative action is needed regarding North Pond.


  1. Executive Session –


Mr. Haggett made a motion to go into executive session at 7:51 PM to discuss personnel issues.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Kimmel.  The Board voted to come out of executive session at 8:01 PM.  Motions passed, 3 – 0.


  1. The next regular meeting of the Brookfield Selectboard is scheduled for 24 July 2017.


  1. Adjournment


Mr. Kimmel made a motion, seconded by Mr. Haggett, to adjourn the meeting at 8:03 PM.  Motion passed unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,



Carla Preston

Alternate Administrative Assistant

Town of Brookfield

Jul 132017

Mountain Alliance & Casella Waste Management, Inc.

This year’s HHW Collection Events will be held on

Saturday, July 29, 2017

From 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Behind the Northfield Fire Station at128 Wall Street, Northfield, Vermont

This event is for the residents of:

Randolph, Braintree, Brookfield & Northfield


Materials Accepted at the Event:

Acids, Adhesives, Aerosols, Antifreeze, Brake Fluid, Cements, Charcoal Lighters, Chlorine, Cleaning Fluid, Degreasers, Disinfectants, Drain Cleaners, Dry Gas, Epoxies, Dyes, Fiberglass Resins, Flea Powders, Furniture Strippers, Hair Removers, Herbicides, Insect Repellents, Lacquers, Lubricants, Mothballs or Flakes, Nail Polish Removers, Oven Cleaners, Oil Based Paints, Paint Removers, Paint Thinners, Permanent Solutions, Pesticides, Photo chemicals, Rat Poisons, Rug & Upholstery Cleaners, Rust Solvents, Wood Preservatives, Spot Removers, Toilet Bowl Cleaners, Tub and Tile Cleaners, Turpentine, Varnish, Weed Killers, Wood Polishes, Wood Stains, Mercury containing products.


Materials NOT Accepted at the Event:

Asbestos, Automotive Paint, Automotive and Marine Batteries, Tires, Used Oil,  Explosives or Shock-Sensitive Materials, Ammunition, Radio-Active Wastes, Pathological Wastes, Infectious Waste, Medicines, Dioxins, Compressed Gas Cylinders, Fluorescent Light tubes,  Electronic equipment, TV’s, Computers.


If you have any questions about the event or acceptable materials

please call Denise King at Casella 802-356-9094 or 802-888-2797

If you want to register with CESQG please

call Krista Gloden at Clean Harbors (860)583-8917 Ext 351

For information on where and how to recycle certain items, please visit www.mtalliance.org

 If you qualify as a small quantity (CESQG) business, and wish to dispose of your hazardous waste, arrangements for disposal and payment must be made with Clean Harbors at least 24 hours in advance.




Jun 292017

The Town of Brookfield
Selectboard Meeting
26 June 2017 at 6:30 PM
Town Clerk’s Office
Draft Minutes

Present: John Benson, Jeff Kimmel, Cory Haggett, Ray Peck, John Helfant, Kasey Peterson

1. Call to Order – 6:33

2. Adjustments to Agenda – none

3 Public Presentation or Comment – Mr. Helfant was present to discuss an issue with his property. He bought a piece of land in 1999 that straddled the Roxbury town line. At that time the research showed that the house itself was in Brookfield. Mr. Helfant’s intent in clarifying the position of the house before purchase was so that his children would go to Brookfield Elementary and Randolph High School. Subsequently the Roxbury/Brookfield town line was adjusted, which shifted most of the Helfant property so that the house is now in Roxbury. At that time Mr. Helfant was informed that he would have school choice and the line adjustment would not affect his intentions to send his children to Brookfield and Randolph. Now as part of Act 46, Roxbury is being consolidated with the Montpelier school district, and school choice is no longer an option. Mr. Helfant asked the Board if there was any way another line adjustment could be made, because his intent all along has been to live in Brookfield. Mr. Kimmel had discussed the matter with Mr. Helfant prior to the meeting and contacted the Vermont League of Cities and Towns. VLCT indicated that any boundary line change between the two towns would have to go through the same process the original line change was subject to, including public hearings and action from the state legislature. The Selectboard did agree to support Mr. Helfant’s position if he decided to pursue the matter. It was suggested that Mr. Helfant petition the school boards. There was no action taken by the Selectboard.

4. New Business:
A. Highway Report:
1. A resident on Taylor Hill Road would like to pay for some maintenance work to be done on that road. The Town does minimal maintenance to keep that road passable, including grading it twice a year. The Board has no objection if the residents on that road buy the material and truck it to Taylor Hill, as long as the purchased material meets proper road standards and the material is in place before the grading is done as part of the highway department’s regular schedule.
2. There was a discussion on budget numbers for the end of the year, and ensuring that all the invoices that should be paid in FY16/17 are accounted for.
3. Executive Session: Mr. Benson made a motion to enter executive session at 7:07 for a personnel issue. Mr. Kimmel seconded. 3-0-0. Mr. Benson moved to exit executive session at 7:11. Mr. Haggett seconded. 3-0-0.
4. John Harrington from VTrans has discussed the Route 65 issues with Mr. Benson. VTrans has agreed to send a copy of the plan to resurface the unpaved portion of Rte 65 including the Village. Mr. Harrington assured Mr. Benson that the road will be properly crowned and that material lost during winter maintenance will be pulled from the ditches.

5. Old Business
A. Mr. Haggett made a motion to approve the minutes of the 12 June Meeting. Mr. Kimmel seconded. 3-0-0
B. The Brookfield Historical Society requested that the town pay for the stump work at the Marvin Newton House. The Marvin Newton House is not Town property and is not subject to town maintenance. Mr. Kimmel will follow up with the Historical Society.
C. A discussion about building security included options for cameras both indoors and facing the parking lot and the installation of motion-sensitive lights on the outside of the building. Mrs. Peterson has been tasked with ordering cameras and contacting an electrician to install the motion-activated lights.
D. On the matter of changes to the ambulance service there are only a few issues remaining. Chris Lamonda from Barre Town EMS needs a few more population figures from the Town. The Brookfield Highway Department will provide information on the last few roads in question. And Barre Town EMS needs to hold a public hearing before making changes to their license. No Selectboard action taken.

6. Mr. Kimmel made a motion to pay the warrants totaling $60,887.67. Large bills include Municipal Emergency Services: $14,206.94; Dubois and King: $5,500.00; Radio North: $5,372.00. Haggett seconded 3-0-0.

7. Other Proper Business – none

8. Mr. Kimmel made a motion to adjourn at 8:39 p.m., Mr. Haggett seconded. 3-0-0

Jun 222017

Mountain Alliance Advisory Committee Meeting of June 14, 2017

Randolph Town Hall Conference Room A


Attending:  Mel Adams Randolph Town Manager, Tim Caulfield Braintree representative, Jeffrey Kimmel Brookfield representative, Kim Crosby Casella Environmental Compliance Manager.  Northfield not in attendance.


Alliance manager, Mel Adams (Randolph Town Manager), called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm.  A quorum being present, the business of the agenda was conducted.


  1. Casella management contract.  Adams explained the Operating Agreement concluded in March 2017 between Casella Waste Management (CWM) and the Town of Randolph, owner of the transfer station and composting area used by three of the member towns.  The Northfield transfer station is independently operated by the Town of Northfield.  For purposes of explaining how and where the Alliance services are provided, Mr. Adams also noted that a Landlord Subordination Agreement was established in 2015 creating a lease with CWM for their operation of the Randolph transfer station.   The CWM Operating Agreement describes operations of the Randolph transfer station for benefit of the Alliance members and consistent with requirements of Act 148, the conduct of household hazardous waste collections, and a payment by CWM to the Alliance for funding services.  The annual CWM payment at the date of the Agreement in 2017 and until 2025 is $19,000 per year.


  1. Alliance funds management. Adams provided a proposed budget describing estimated costs and supporting revenues for annual operations of the Alliance.  Maintenance costs identified are those exclusively for operations and maintenance of the Randolph transfer station, Northfield costs not being considered.  Administrative costs include Alliance funds management, grants applications, advertising and coordination for HHW, and the SWIP.


  1. The proposed budget is indicated on the attachment is summarized below:


Randolph recycling and compost area maintenance               $6,000

Alliance management and HHW advertising                           $6,000

Contractor staging costs for 4 HHW days                                $6,730

Average cost of waste disposal x four events                                    $25,000

TOTAL estimated annual Alliance costs                                 $43,730

(Updated after 6/14 meeting.  New worksheet in advance of 7/12 meeting                                        $44,120 )



Membership maint. & admin. assessments                           $12,000

Northfield HHW assessment                                                     $6,000

Annual CWM payment to Alliance                                         $19,000

Annual DEC HHW grant                                                            $7,800

TOTAL estimated annual Alliance revenues                          $44,800

(Updated after 6/14 meeting.  New worksheet in advance of 7/12 meeting                                        $44,600 )


  1. With the recognition that operations for the Mountain Alliance have moved beyond the informality of the former Tri-town arrangement, the committee began to consider:
    • how and whether the Alliance should be independently incorporated (rather than as an extension of the Town of Randolph),
    • how funds should be managed to ensure they are not co-mingled with any community funds,
    • what the nature of the committee/board should be and how financial transactions should be approved. This has become a challenge because part of the funding is to the Alliance from CWM and part is through Randolph in the form of a HHW grant.  Which Board – Alliance or Town of Randolph – can approve a warrant for payment?
    • Whether application for HHW and pesticide or other grants can be made by the Alliance or must be made by Randolph as lead town. Can the Alliance be a sub-recipient for a DEC grant?


  1. In response to the above,
    • The Alliance will seek advice from counsel (Paul Gillies) about appropriate charter or incorporation.
    • Moretown Alliance will be consulted as a model for organization and fiscal management/oversight.
    • Bylaws will need consideration as well as appointment of officers and authority for signing checks.
    • A separate checking account has been created at Northfield Savings Bank in the name of the Mountain Alliance.
    • An external audit for the Alliance will be provided by auditors to the Town of Randolph when the Town’s annual audit is conducted.
    • DEC will be consulted about the grant application process.


  1. Administrative fees for membership. As three of the members receive services at the Randolph transfer station, it is suggested that costs for that facility are pro-rated among these towns.  Costs for maintenance and operations in Northfield are not listed as they are borne solely by Northfield.  Alliance Administrative costs are suggested as pro-rated among all members based upon population.  Finally, Northfield would be assessed a fee for HHW services added as a result of its joining the Alliance.


The proposal suggests that certain of these costs are shared among the members in the following fashion which are reflected in item #2 Alliance revenues:

Randolph         Braintree         Brookfield       Northfield        Total

Randolph X-fer maint.                        $3,900             $1,020             $1,080             By/for Nfld      $6,000

Alliance admin                                    $2,100                $540                $600             $2,760             $6,000

HHW charges                          ______                        ______                        ______                        $6,000             $6,000

TOTAL member fees               $6,000             $1,560             $1,680             $8,760            $18,000

(Updated after 6/14 meeting.                  $5,650                     $1,470                     $1,580                     $8,300                   $17,000

New worksheet in advance of 7/12 meeting)


Representatives suggested that member fees might be assessed by towns through the budget process and tax collections or might be collected via an addition to the disposal fee.  As Northfield operates independently of any assessment for the Randolph transfer station, the member discussion largely focused on the possibility of an additional charge by CWM for return periodically to the Alliance on behalf of member towns.  Another option noted might be an annual user sticker or ticket fee.  The intention of either the bag or sticker fee would be to assess users of the program in lieu of taxing the member town at large.  These are subject to further discussion at the next committee meeting scheduled for July.


  1. SWIP update.  Kim Crosby provided updates on various activities occurring in response to the terms of the Solid Waste Implementation Plan (SWIP) which is largely implemented by CWM on behalf of the Alliance.
    1. As a result of CWM transferring the Alliance fee to the operations fund, there was some confusion about the Clean Harbors invoice for HHW services in May. CWM will continue to receive and pay for HHW management, then invoice the Alliance for reimbursement.
    2. A problem was reported at the HHW collection in Northfield when a CEG organization was not charged as required for deposit of hazardous waste. More rigorous regulation of the HHW process is necessary with CEG notifying the Alliance and paying in advance of the collection day as required.
    3. Collecting data from Northfield for Earthwaste operations isn’t as smooth and complete as it needs to be. There doesn’t appear to be reporting, as required, for leaf waste, tires, fluorescent tubes, propane bottles, food scraps.
    4. At least one hauler has been reported as charging customers for recycling materials which is not permitted under Act 148. Alliance management will meet with the hauler to discuss fees and the Variable Rate Pricing Ordinance approved and implemented by member towns.
    5. Mischarging for garbage and recycling suggests that the transfer station might not be receiving payment as necessary from commercial haulers in order to defer the management and transport of recycled materials. One option to ensure payment could be a hauler’s fee that would ensure appropriate payment for commodities.
    6. The requirement for haulers to offer food waste collection services has been changed from July 1, 2017 to July 1, 2018.As of July 1, 2017, transfer stations will be required to accept food scraps in a designated area. Since transfer stations and haulers charge fees for this service, back yard composting is encouraged. Composting bins are available for purchase at the Randolph Transfer Station
    7. Crosby noted that an option exists for towns to request a solid waste small hauler exemption and that the Alliance might consider this on behalf of its clients and vendors.
    8. Information about Alliance programs and waste management in general is available on the Alliance website at mtalliance.org.


  1. Other business.  In order to consider legal formation of the Alliance, development of by-laws, financial management, internal controls, and member assessments the committee will meet again July 12, 2017 at 6 pm, Room A Randolph Town Hall.


Additional meetings are scheduled August 9 and November 8 following the HHW collections.


  1.   Motion was made to adjourn by Tim Caulfield, seconded by Jeff Kimmel and approved 3-0.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Original signed


Melvin E. Adams

Mountain Alliance Administrator







Jun 202017

The Town of Brookfield

Selectboard Meeting

12 June 2017 at 6:30 PM

 Town Clerk’s Office

Draft Minutes

Present: John Benson, Jeff Kimmel, Cory Haggett, Ray Peck, Kevin Joyal, Julie Benedict from WRVA. Kasey Peterson

  1. Call to Order – 6:33 p.m.


  1. Adjustments to the Agenda – none


  1. Public Comment – none


  1. New Business
  2. Highway
  3. Pam Stafford has done a title review of the properties involved in the proposed boundary line adjustment for the Town Garage property. The only issue to be investigated further is the water rights to a spring on the adjoining property. Ms. Stafford will follow up on that issue.
  4. Benson made a motion to sign the agreement MR5059 with VTrans for the maintenance of Rte 65 for the period July 14, 2017- July 13 2019. Mr. Kimmel seconded. 3-0-0
  5. Kevin Joyal was present to complain about the dust on Rte 65. Dust was a major issue last year and the recent work by the VTrans contractor has not been effective in either keeping dust down or improving the condition of the road. Mr. Peck will follow-up once again with VTrans.
  6. Kimmel made a motion to send a letter of intent to Two River- Ottauquechee Regional Commission to participate in a pilot program for mapping roadways, erosion issues, and waterways in preparation for new permitting standards. Mr. Benson seconded. 3-0-0.
  7. Highway report
    1. Peck present a list of items to be purchased for the Highway Department before the end of the fiscal year. The list was compared to the current budget numbers and a number of items were selected for purchase.
    2. Despite the good weather, grading has been on hold due to a leaking hose. The leak was fixed on Monday June 12 and grading will resume.
    3. Benson made a motion to enter executive session to discuss personnel issues at 7:50. Mr. Kimmel seconded. 3-0-0. Mr. Benson made a motion to end executive session at 8:09. Mr. Kimmel seconded. 3-0-0
  8. Ambulance Service – Julie Benedict (Brookfield representative to White River Valley Ambulance) was present to discuss the division of the Town between Barre Town and WRVA. She felt it is unlikely that the change will take place in time for the new fiscal year as there are still many items that Barre Town needs to address. Splitting a district requires a change in EMS district membership for the north half of Brookfield, a change in license, permission to do it from the state, and an E-911 CAD map update. In addition the Town of Brookfield must provide population estimates for the split. Hopefully all these issues can be resolved by the end of October.
  9. Haggett made a motion to accept eleven month budget plans for heating oil for the Fire Department and the Town Office and propane for the Town Garage addition from Gillespie Fuels. Mr. Benson seconded. 3-0-0
  10. Kimmel made a motion to approve the Tatro Public Assemblage Permit as written. Mr. Benson seconded. 3-0-0
  11. Kimmel made a motion to sign the proposed audit contract with Fothergill, Segale and Valley. Mr. Haggett seconded. 3-0-0
  12. A request from the Brookfield Historical Society regarding the removal of stumps at the Marvin Newton House was discussed. The Historical Society was hoping the Highway Department could remove the stumps. Mr. Peck determined that the stumps are too large to be removed with Town equipment. Mr. Kimmel will contact the Historical Society to discuss other possible options.
  13. There was discussion on the current budget numbers and questions regarding contracts and payments that are made on a yearly basis. Everything seems to be up-to-date.
  14. Kimmel made a motion to approve the Orange County Sherriff’s Department Contract for annual service for the 2017-2018 fiscal year not to exceed $12,000. Mr. Haggett seconded. 3-0-0


  1. Old Business
  2. Benson made a motion to accept the minutes of the 22 May meeting. Mr. Haggett seconded. 3-0-0


  1. Payroll/AP Warrant
  2. Kimmel made a motion to approve the warrants in the amount of $22,084.02. Mr. Haggett seconded. 3-0-0 Large bills included WRVA: $6,460.00, R.E. Tucker: $6,225.80, and Bushey generator sales: $3,125.00.


  1. Other Proper Business – none


  1. Adjournment – Mr. Kimmel made a motion to adjourn at 8.51. Mr. Benson seconded. 3-0-0.




Jun 132017

Town Clerk’s Office
40 Ralph Road
Brookfield, Vermont

Meeting of MONDAY, 22 May 2017

1. The meeting was called to order at 6:33 P.M.

Members present: John Benson, Chair; Jeff Kimmel, and Cory Haggett.

Staff present: Carla Preston, Alternate Administrative Assistant.

Others present: Ray Peck, Road Crew Foreman; and Daniel Schmidt, Watershed Manager, Vermont Youth Conservation Corps.

2. Adjustments to Agenda – The Board moved discussion items up in the agenda to address persons present.

3. Public Presentation or Comment

4. New Business

A. Highway Report

1. Winter sand payments (prior year and current year) –
Chair Benson indicated that it was unclear whether Doug Haggett had been paid for sand and crushing material from the prior year in the vicinity of $50,000. Larry Hebert has delivered the winter sand for the current year and submitted his invoice totaling $49,000. That invoice reflects a $930.80 discount if paid by the end of May. Chair Benson explained that if money is still owed to Mr. Haggett for the prior year, Mr. Hebert cannot be paid until the beginning of the next fiscal year, July 1, 2017.

Cory Haggett felt that it had been paid noting it was too long to remain outstanding. According to the Town Report, Highway section, $54,600 was paid out in the prior year ending 6/30/2016. The Town budgeted $50,000 for sand for the current fiscal year but has not paid out any monies out of that account.

Mr. Peck agreed to contact Doug Haggett to verify whether or not he was paid for the sand delivered in the prior year and will then notify Administrative Assistant Kasey Peterson.

The Board discussed how to best to handle approval of the warrants which included the invoice from Mr. Hebert. The Board agreed to tentatively approve payment to Mr. Hebert and save $930 provided there are no monies still owed to Doug Haggett for the prior year’s sand.

2. Route 65 –
Mr. Peck reported on his meeting with John Slaytick from the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans). He updated the Board about the status of Route 65 and what is needed for repairs. The road needs to be graded, but there needs to be a reduction in the loose material that tends to result. Mr. Peck agreed to submit his notes of their meeting to include the date, topics discussed, and plans; this will memorialize their findings and recommendations moving forward.

3. Culverts –

Mr. Peck reported that he met with Jaron Borg from the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) to establish an elevation point on Bear Hill Road so the Town can put out a bid for a box culvert. He advised that Two Rivers Ottauquechee Regional Commission has not yet provided the map or road inventory system needed for this project. Mr. Peck advised he will meet with representatives from VTrans to discuss the grant and possible 10 percent Town match. He agreed to sketch out what is needed and invite area contractors to discuss the project, water diversion, erosion control measures, and so forth as well as the date and time to submit bids.

4. Mr. Peck advised he plans to meet with Dan Bohnyak and his neighbors along Lamson Pond Road on May 23rd to discuss a potential culvert and upgrading the road.

5. Mr. Peck mentioned that Ed Koren has placed white rocks along his property in an effort to keep people from parking on this property. He was worried that someone might hit the rock. The Board believed that the rock in question was located within the right-of-way. Mr. Peck agreed to speak to Mr. Koren.

6. Mr. Peck mentioned West Brookfield noting that property owners need to be advised of the plans to widen the road and tree trimming.

7. The Board reminded Mr. Peck to complete his annual review evaluation for Richard Hamblin which is due in May.

B. Daniel Schmidt, Watershed Manager, Vermont Youth Conservation Corps. attended the meeting to discuss the Corps’ project for the Town of Brookfield.

Mr. Schmidt advised that additional funding was received through the state’s Environmental Conservation division to assess all Class IV roads in town. He advised that Municipal Roads General Permit standards will be applied and documented. VYCC crews will be available to do the fixes at no cost to the Town. He described the criteria, which essentially pertain to hydrologically connected water entering or exiting a stream or wetland, gully erosion of more than a foot, and so forth. They have an eight-member crew, two of whom perform the inventory and mark the problems, and the

rest of the crew follows and does the repair work. Mr. Schmidt advised they utilize a digitized general permit form and explained the benefits of using that option. He indicated that there is a place for notes if they find erosion less than one foot which is documented for the Town but is not sent to the state. He estimated two to three weeks to complete the project once they begin. They plan to begin at Taylor Hill Road.

The Board offered the VYCC materials for repairs, and if needed, to coordinate with Mr. Peck for delivery. The road crew works four 10- hour days per week during the summer. Chair Benson asked if the digitized permit would be available to the Town for other Classes of roads. Mr. Peck will establish a priority list.

Mr. Schmidt advised that part of the inventory assesses if there is enough material to do the fix. They utilize native stone whenever possible to create headers and other fixes. He noted that using the same template for the permit is the general idea. He believes the General Permit is valid for 20 years. They will begin with the Class IV roads and hope there is funding next year to move on to Class III roads.

Mr. Kimmel noted that Brookfield has 12.78 miles of Class IV roads which are very widely spread. Members recommended contacting Mr. Peck about the use of native stone noting that some residents could be upset by it. The Board advised Mr. Schmidt that camping was available at the Allis State Park which opens up Memorial Day Weekend.

Mr. Schmidt advised they would not use stone walls but agreed to check with Mr. Peck about the use of native stone. They have a Memorandum of Understanding and their own insurance. The project report will be sent to the state and the Town will receive a copy of the report for its records.

C. Brookfield Community Partnership – Summer Public Assemblage Permits

The Board noted that the current provision requires a permit for 50 or more people inside the village limits, and for 100 or more people outside the village limits. Mr. Haggett made a motion, seconded by Mr. Kimmel, to approve the applications submitted. The Town has not yet heard from Mr. Fink, owner of Ariel’s Restaurant, with respect to parking. The question was called and the motion passed unanimously.

5. Old Business

The Chair called for approval of the Minutes of the 8 May 2017 meeting.
Mr. Haggett made a motion, seconded by Mr. Kimmel, to approve the Minutes of the 8 May 2017 meeting as presented. The question was called and the motion passed unanimously.

6. Payroll/Accounts Payable Warrant

Based on the documents presented, Chair Benson made a motion, seconded by Mr. Kimmel, to accept the payroll and accounts payable warrants totaling $60,860.21. As discussed above, the Board will communicate with Doug Haggett on May 23rd about prior payment for sand. If he has been paid, Mr. Hebert will be paid $49,000 to save the $930.80 discount. If not, Doug Haggett will be paid now, and Mr. Hebert will be paid in early July. Mr. Kimmel well confirm with Ms. Peterson about which contractor to pay. The question was called and the motion passed unanimously.

7. Other Proper Business

A. Chair Benson advised he communicated with Town Clerk Teresa Godfrey about hiring an accountancy firm to conduct the audit which needs to be done soon to get on the list. She prefers the same firm as the prior year, Fothergill, Segale & Valley out of Montpelier, because they are familiar with the town’s system. He asked her to document the rationale for hiring that firm.

B. Chair Benson indicated that the town needs legal advice with respect to the boundary line adjustment with property owners abutting the Town garage property. He has reached out to Attorney Pam Stafford to find out if the landowners’ property taxes can be abated as payment for the property or if the Town has to purchase the land involved in the boundary adjustment.

Mr. Haggett pointed out that he wants further clarification from Mr. Kidder before the Town pays out $5,500. Mr. Kidder does not yet own the land being discussed.

Chair Benson will ask Ms. Peterson for the contact information for Thomas Young, the person who currently owns the subject property, before going much further. He will communicate directly with Mr. Young to verify he is in agreement with the plan. He will also discuss the placement of the stakes with the other landowner, Rose Young, to see if she is amenable to bringing the line straight down, making the property the shape of a small triangle. He noted it would be in the Town’s best interest to also acquire that piece of property.

C. Chair Benson noted that they have not yet seen a contract from Barre Town Ambulance Service for the northern portion of the Town. He acknowledged that they wanted to discuss dead end roads and winter road closures with Mr. Peck. The plan is to have it implemented by July 1st. Mr. Benson asked whether the Town Clerk or Listers would have any suggestions, or could provide information, about how to divide the Town for EMS services between Barre Town Ambulance and White River Valley Ambulance. After further discussion, Mr. Haggett agreed to contact Julie Benedict for an update. An agreement about the division of the Town needs to be made by the Selectboard’s last meeting in June. Ms. Benedict may be invited to an upcoming meeting if needed to finalize details.

8. The next regular meeting of the Brookfield Selectboard is scheduled for June 12, 2017.

9. Adjournment

Mr. Kimmel made a motion, seconded by Chair Benson, to adjourn the meeting at 7:57 PM. Motion passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Carla Preston
Alternate Administrative Assistant
Town of Brookfield

May 102017

The Town of Brookfield

Selectboard Meeting

8 May 2017 at 6:30 P.M.

 Town Clerk’s Office


 Present: John Benson, Cory Haggett, Jeff Kimmel, Ray Peck (Road Crew Foreman), Kasey Peterson (Recorder)


  1. Call to Order: 6:32 P.M.


  1. Adjustments to the Agenda: a letter from Pat Mercier was added to Other Business.


  1. Public Comment: none


  1. New Business
  2. Kidder, Mr. Benson, and Mr. Kimmel met at the Town Garage at 5:30 p.m. and walked the property lines. Mr. Kidder identified a lot line adjustment that both he and the Selectboard are comfortable with. The corners of the West side of the property were identified and a tape was added where the potential line would run. Mr. Kidder will contact Mr. Young about the Town’s proposal to exchange that portion of land for the outstanding taxes on Mr. Young’s property. Mr. Kidder also indicated that his grandmother would be willing to give up rights to an old unused spring on the property.
  3. Highway
  4. Peck measured Lamson Pond Road and estimated the cost for upgrading the road all the way through. The cost of the material and trucking comes to $86,000 including culverts. It was suggested that if Dan Bohnyak (a resident on the road who was potentially interested in pursuing the upgrade) paid $40,000, the remainder could come from the Town. Upgrading this road would be beneficial to the Highway Department during winter maintenance. A loader is often required to dig out snow drifts because the road cannot be plowed straight through. Mr. Peck will meet with Mr. Bohnyak to discuss the issue.
  5. There are a number of large trees in the Town right-of-way on Eagle Peak Road. There are places where two cars cannot pass. Mr. Peck will identify the trees and Mrs. Peterson will contact the landowners regarding the trees in question, indicate the Town’s interest in pruning or removing them, and offer the wood from the trees to the landowners.
  6. There was discussion regarding Route 65. The road hasn’t been graded because VTrans has not closed that project with the contractor due to issues raised last Fall regarding dust and general road conditions. Mr. Benson will contact John Harrington (of VTrans) and ask that he send someone to inspect the road with Mr. Peck.
  7. Jaron Borg is coming from the Agency of Natural Resources to establish an elevation point on Bear Hill Road so the Town can put the job out for bid for a box culvert. There was discussion regarding the grant and how the Town can pay the portion it is responsible for. It is possible VTrans will accept material costs or services towards the Town’s portion.
  8. During a windstorm last Friday the Fire Department was called out to Halfway Brook Road over downed power and telephone lines. Washington Electric came out and raised their power lines off the road but Fairpoint did not. The road has been closed since. Mrs. Peterson will bring the matter to the attention of the Public Service Board.
  9. There was discussion about how to more accurately track fuel usage at the Town Garage.
  10. Brandon Stevens is scheduled to do the roadside mowing on 19 June. Mr. Peck will contact him and try to get the project moved closer to the 4th of July.
  11. The posts for the guardrails on Northfield Road were purchased last year and will be installed this summer. Some work will also be done on the guardrails at the bottom of Taylor Hill Road.
  12. Kimmel made a motion to accept the Brookfield Community Partnership’s proposed Public Assemblage Permit for a wedding in Pond Village on June 24 as written. Mr. Haggett seconded. 3-0-0.
  13. There was brief discussion over standardizing the pay period of all Town employees by paying everyone biweekly. This idea was ultimately rejected. Mr. Benson made a motion to adopt the Payroll Procedure Policy as written, Mr. Kimmel seconded; 3-0-0. Mrs. Peterson will provide a copy of this policy to each employee.
  14. Audit – none


  1. Old Business
  2. Haggett made a motion to approve the minutes of the 24 April meeting. Mr. Kimmel seconded. 3-0-0.
  3. There was discussion concerning the Kirkyard Services Cemetery contract and how many payments should be made over the course of the contract. The payments will be made each month over the life of the contract rather than seasonally.


  1. Payroll/AP Warrant
  2. Haggett made a motion to pay the AP Warrants in the amount of $13,278.10, Mr. Kimmel seconded; 3-0-0. Large bills included: White River Valley Ambulance for $6,460.00; Jason’s Handiworks for $2,541.66; Barre City Treasurer for $1,844.36.


  1. Other Proper Business –
  2. Mercier sent a letter to the Selectboard reiterating her concerns over the Town right-of-way in front of her home on Lavender Road. Mr. Peck will be setting stakes on the edge of Mrs. Mercier’s property to aid in summer maintenance.  


  1. Adjournment – Mr. Kimmel made a motion to adjourn at 8:17 p.m. Mr. Haggett seconded. 3-0-0.


Respectfully Submitted,

Kasey Peterson

May 022017

The Town of Brookfield

Selectboard Meeting

24 April 2017 at 6:30 PM

 Town Clerk’s Office

Draft Minutes

                         Present: John Benson, Cory Haggett, Jeff Kimmel, Dee Montie, Richard Kidder, Kasey Peterson

  1. Call to Order – 6:30 p.m.


  1. Adjustments to the Agenda –
  2. E-mail from Brookfield Community Partnership added under other business
  3. Update from Barre Town Ambulance under other business


  1. Public Comment – None


  1. New Business
  2. Dee Montie began by thanking the Selectboard for appointing her to the Administrative Officer position back in 2004. She has greatly enjoyed working for Brookfield and found the work very interesting. The job was also a good way to meet the people in Town and she highly recommends the position to anyone willing to take it on. Montie provided all of her files related to Town business. Ms. Montie then tendered her resignation effective immediately. She is willing to accept an appointment as Interim Administrative Officer between now and October when she will move to Pennsylvania, but would rather not be compensated for that time. Ms. Montie has also resigned as Brookfield representative to Two-Rivers Ottauquechee Regional Commission.  Jon Binhammer is the alternate representative at this time and Ms. Montie highly recommended Mr. Binhammer as a replacement for her position.  Mr. Benson thanked Ms. Montie for her excellent work over the years and told her that the Selectboard is sorry to see her go. He asked if she had any recommendations for a replacement. A few names were mentioned and discussed. Mr. Benson made a motion to appoint Dee Montie as Interim Administrative Officer. Mr. Kimmel seconded 3-0-0. Mr. Benson suggested that Ms. Montie should continue to be paid for her work in the interim position.
  3. Kidder was present to discuss the Thomas Young property behind the Town Garage. Mr. Kidder is purchasing the land from Mr. Young and wanted to find out what the Town had in mind regarding a potential boundary line adjustment. Mr. Benson explained that the Board was still trying to work out the details of an agreement before approaching Mr. Young with a proposal. The Board may also have to bring the matter to Town Meeting before moving forward. Discussion involved the recent survey done on the property and water rights regarding a spring near the boundary. Water rights to that spring belong to Rose Young and she must be consulted before any line adjustment is completed. Mr. Kidder explained his position and how he came about making an agreement with Mr. Young. Mr. Benson suggested that Mr. Kidder, Road Crew Foreman Ray Peck, and the Selectboard meet and walk the property to determine what works best both for Mr. Kidder and the Town. Mr. Kidder was amenable to the suggestion.  The meeting will be on 8 May at 5:30 at the Town Garage preceding the regularly scheduled Selectboard meeting.
  4. Highway
  5. The Town Garage office addition has been completed. A desk and chair was purchased from State government surplus in Waterbury.
  6. Larry Hebert from Hebert Excavation has given Mr. Peck an excellent price on winter sand. Past contracts for sand were discussed including Brookfield Gravel and a previous agreement with Hebert Excavation. Mr. Benson made a motion to purchase winter sand, delivered, from Hebert Excavation at $11.30 per cubic yard. Mr. Kimmel seconded 2-0-1. Mr. Haggett recused himself due to his family association with Brookfield Gravel.
  7. There are a few places on Eagle Peak Road that have become increasingly dangerous due to trees growing in the right-of-way. The trees in question have not been removed due to the protests of individuals on that road. The situation has changed and the road will be added to the summer project list as a matter of public safety.
  8. Peterson discussed an e-mail from Cemetery Sexton Joe Mangan. Mr. Mangan is working with former Cemetery Commissioner Mike Herold to update the card file and has walked the cemeteries with him to determine boundary lines. Now that Mr. Mangan has spent some time onsite he does not feel a survey is necessary. Mr. Mangan feels that the current priority is repairing broken stones.
  9. Benson made a motion to approve the meeting minutes from the Special Town Meeting, Mr. Kimmel seconded; 2-0-1. Mr. Haggett abstained as he was not present at that meeting.
  10. On 20 April the auditors met with Mr. Haggett and Mr. Kimmel in a properly warned meeting. Also present at that meeting were Teresa Godfrey in her role as Town Treasurer, and Administrative assistant Kasey Peterson. Most of the requests the auditors made were minor adjustments to procedure to aid in general recordkeeping. The auditors did request minor changes to the payroll procedure policy in an effort to standardize pay periods as much as possible and to set down clear requirements for timesheets. Mr. Peck will be tasked with more careful oversight of diesel usage and timely submission of invoices and packing slips. Mr. Haggett made a motion to accept the meeting minutes as presented, Mr. Kimmel seconded; 2-0-1. Mr. Benson abstained as he was not present at the meeting.


  1. Old Business
  2. Haggett made a motion to approve the minutes of the 10 April Selectboard Meeting, Mr. Kimmel seconded; 3-0-0.


  1. Payroll/AP Warrant
  2. Haggett made a motion to pay the warrants in the amount of $13,182.20, Mr. Kimmel seconded; 3-0-0. Large bills include Office Furniture Supply for $2,690.84, Blue Cross/Blue Shield for $3,433.80, and Harmony Electric for $2,030.78


  1. Other Proper Business
  2. Benson has been contacted by Chris LaMonda with Barre Town Ambulance service. Mr. LaMonda met with White River Valley Ambulance to discuss the division of services to Brookfield. Both sides seem to be in agreement and there are only a few issues that still need to be clarified to ensure there are no gaps in coverage, most significantly coverage of dead-end roads and roads that are closed or partially closed in Winter. Both entities use the population in the coverage area to determine costs for services and they requested help from the Town in determining that number. It was noted that the WRVA budget is based on a calendar year and Barre Town uses a fiscal year, but adjusting the payment to WRVA should not be a problem.
  3. Ariel’s Restaurant is opening this coming week. According to the letter sent to Mr. Fink in September he agreed to prepare and implement a parking plan to provide his customers with legal parking spaces and to minimize impacts on public safety. At this time no plan has been submitted to the Selectboard. The Board will send another letter to Mr. Fink seeking an update on the plan, and explaining that parking fines will be issued by the Sherriff’s Department in accordance with the law. Sherriff Bohnyak will receive a copy of the letter to ensure that all parties are aware of the situation.
  4. The Brookfield Community Partnership has requested a tab on the Town of Brookfield’s website. This issue has been tabled until a clear policy on website use can be adopted.


  1. Kimmel made a motion to adjourn at 8:35 p.m., Mr. Haggett seconded; 3-0-0.



Respectfully Submitted

Kasey Peterson





Apr 212017

Special Selectboard Meeting

April 20, 2017

1:00 P.M.

Meeting Minutes


Present: Cory Hagget, Jeff Kimmel,  Brenda Flint (Auditor), Ginny Brees (Auditor), Dennis LaRocque (Auditor), Teresa Godfrey (Town Clerk/Treasurer), Kasey Peterson (Administrative Assistant)


The Town Auditors presented the Selectboard with a list of issues that had been raised during the last outside audit completed by Fothergill, Segale, and Valley.  Each point was discussed thoroughly and all parties present were involved in proposing changes to office procedure to satisfy future audits.


During the course of the meeting no votes or formal actions were taken by the Selectboard. The items covered during the meeting will be discussed at the regularly scheduled Selectboard meeting on 24 April, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Kasey Peterson

Apr 182017

There will be a Special Selectboard Meeting

on Thursday, 20 April 2017 at 1:00 PM

At the Town Clerk’s Office

To meet with the Town Auditors to discuss the 2015 audit recommendations