Laura Rochat

Oct 282017


Present and Voting: Kym Anderson, Amy Borgman, Dan Childs, Emily Noyes
Present and Not Voting: Laura Rochat (librarian)
Not Present: Cat Wright

1. The Minutes were accepted.

2. Treasurer’s Report: The BFPL finances are stable and the financial reports continue to be co-monitored by Emily Noyes.

3. Librarian’s Report: Borrowing numbers have dropped with the departure of the Summer people although the E- book use is on the rise. Laura continues to read at the local Playgroup and some new families have visited the library. Laura is also attending meetings of the Orange County librarians, the first meeting was in September and will be held quarterly, ongoing.

4. Old Business: The Endangered Alphabets, VCH sponsored program, was moderately successful. We struggle with when would be an ideal time to have programs. Our Library is eligible for 2 programs from VCH per year and we will consider another presentation…not sure when.

5. New Business: More of the same. Members of the Board and Laura were considering ideas for a program. We are asked to check the VCH Web-site for possible ideas or see if a community member could do a hands-on work-shop. Laura is also considering an after-school kid’s program as a single program or perhaps a few weeks running. The winter knitting program, helmed by Mary-Lou Maeder, is due to begin the first and third Sundays of the winter months, November 5 being the first one for this year.

6. Next meeting will be held December 4, 2017. See you then!

Sep 062017

present and voting: Kym Anderson, Amy Borgman, Dan Childs, Emily Noyes
present and not voting: Laura Rochat, Librarian, Ruth Goodale, community member
not present: Cat Wright, Board Member

Minutes of meeting from May 22, 2017 were accepted.

Public Comment: Ruth Goodale, lifelong Brookfield resident, talked about her family and their association with the Brookfield Library. She gave the Board a document outlining some of that history. This will be scanned into the Library’s website.

Treasurer’s Report: Dan reports that we continue to be financially stable, able to add to our collections and meet our financial obligations.

Librarian’s Report: Laura reports a busy summer with a healthy number of patrons young and older borrowing items from our collections as well as taking advantage of our Park and Echo Passes. The Arts Bus visit drew 4 adults and 5 children despite being an dark and stormy night on 7/17/17. Laura is dealing with anew State-wide Inter-Library Loan System mandated by the State Dept of Libraries. The Library continues to receive donations of books which are sorted and packed by Laura to be sent to Better World Books. She will also be coordinating with the Brookfield Elementary School to send information on our Library home with students. Thank you, Laura.

Upcoming Business: Our upcoming Vermont Council on the Humanities program, Endangered Alphabets, Cultural Erosion and the Future of the Written Word, will be held at the OTH September 6, 2017 at 6:30 PM. Tom Brookes will be presenting, publicity has been done by Laura and supported by the OTH. Members of the Library Board are asked to arrive at 6:00PM to help with set-up. Dan will be providing hot cider, Amy will bring cookies and pretzels, Laura will provide paper goods and will see if we can use the OTH’s popcorn machine. Board members are asked to stay after the program to assist with clean-up.

Laura will check with Jon Binhammer fromt eh Nature Conservancy, and Greg Sharrow from the Vermont Folk-Life Center to see if they are available for programs in the up-coming months.


Apr 202017


Present and Voting: Kym Anderson, Amy Borgman, Dan Childs, Emily Noyes, Cat Wright
Present and Not voting: Laura Rochat, librarian

-Minutes were accepted

-Treasurer’s Report: We continue to be in good financial shape as we approach the end of our Town fiscal year, June 30, 2017. We will review the final report at our July meeting.

-Librarian’s Report: Our numbers continue to be good although we have recently lost 2 of our more faithful readers.
The Dept of Libraries held a YA and picture book give-away which Laura attended, netting us 20 free books! (Thank you!)
Laura is currently coordinating summer programming. In the works is a reading program for children with John and Janet Poeton. We plan on coordinating with the OTH to present a VCH program, subject and date to be determined. We have passed on an offer to hold another book sale in coordination with the OTH and instead will continue to put selected donated or discarded books on the free/exchange shelves and box up and send the remainder to Better World Books. The Brookfield Library does hope to have the Arts Bus come to the Library 2-3 times this summer, dates and times TBD. Due to the multiple summer offerings at the OTH the Library will defer other programming at this time.

-Old Business: Star Strong’s presentation was well received. She was surprised and delighted about her honorarium which she will donate to a conservation cause.
A new rug for the vestibule is on its way.

-New business: Barb Schaedler will be contacted about doing a Green-Up Day at the Library, May 6, 2017 as we have done for the past several years.
The Board reviewed a new Librarian evaluation tool received from Kimball Library. It was de- and re-constructed to our specific needs and will be revised and brought to the next meeting for review.

-Next Trustee Meeting is scheduled for Monday May 22, 6:30 PM.

Dec 032016

Knit with your neighbors on the first and third Sunday evenings during the dark winter months.
The library is warm and cozy, tea and coffee are available, and the company is good.
6:30 – 8:00 pm.

Sep 062016


Present and Voting: Amy Borgman, Dan Childs, Emily Noyes, Kym Anderson
Present and not Voting: Laura Rochat (Librarian)
Absent: Catherine Wright

1. Minutes were accepted.

2. TREASURER’S REPORT: Library continues to be in good financial shape. Emily Noyes checked the financials with Dan.

3. LIBRARIAN’S REPORT: Laura reports that the various passes are being used and the library continues to host many visitors and borrowers. We have no way of knowing how many people are visiting the Story-Walk and the 2 week limit for borrowing the stories is frustrating. The Invasives Program was well attended ( 38 folks) and lasted several hours. A suggestion was made to have Mike do a follow-up program with us next Spring.

4. Kym updated us on the upcoming Spelling Bee, scheduled for September 25, 2016.
-Spelling Lists have been uploaded to the Town Web-site
-Kym and Laura will be sending out advertising/posters to the Towns through the Herald and Front Porch Forum. -Dan will follow-up on the microphone availability.
-Amy will buy 3 gallons of cider and 15 $5.00 ice-cream gift certificates and get these to Kym.
A Potluck will be held following the Spelling Bee; this will be facilitated by Kristine Donnaly through the OTH.

5. Our Annual Library Book Sale will be held Sunday October 2, 2016 alongside the autumnal Floating Bridge Farmer’s Market, from 12-4. Books will be taken from the Town Hall attic on October 1 when the Library closes and moved downstairs. They will be moved to the OTH Sunday at 9:30 AM.

6. The next Trustee Meeting will be held Thursday October 6, 2016 at 6:30 PM.

Aug 102016

Present and Voting: Kym Anderson, Amy Borgman, Dan Childs, Emily Noyes, Cat Wright
Present and Not Voting: Laura Rochat (librarian)


-Minutes from Previous Meeting Accepted

-Treasurer’s Report
Our fiscal year ended June 30, 2016. We have spent our Town’s allocation for the year plus some additional funds from our investments and income and continue to be in good financial shape.

-Librarian’s Report
State resources continue to decrease, whether it be courses offered towards Librarian certification or access to regional libraries. Laura will keep us advised and we will continue to consider other avenues of accessing materials and resources. Additionally the Green Mountain Messenger Service is proving itself to be advantageous in cutting down on postage and mileage for inter-library loan materials.

Laura ran 3 weeks worth of children’s programming in June. The first program, featuring the Poetons, was a successful story-telling program. The following 2 weeks also involved story telling, crafts and games, was not as well attended.

Storywalk: Laura borrowed, put up and broke down and returned one story walk series. Although it is difficult to evaluate how may folks take advantage of the series, we are willing to try one more. It can be borrowed for 2 weeks and only on a Thursday. She and Amy will coordinate this.

-Upcoming Programs:
We may have the opportunity to coordinate with Allis State Park next summer for some outdoor children’s programs. Laura will hold this thought.

The Spelling Bee is on for 9/25/16 at the OTH. They will be coordinating a pot-luck for that day as well. Kym and Betsey Hale are the point people for this project.

Our annual book sale will again be held alongside the Floating Bridge Farms autumn market which will be held October 2, 2016 from 12-4. We hope to get more of a tourist clientele to buy all of our farm products and fabulous books!

-Library Policies:

The previously revised Library Policies were once again reviewed and then approved. Once spell-checked and clarified, the freshly minted version will be sent to Laura to be posted on our web-site.

-Next Meeting Date: Tuesday August 30, 2016 at 6:30. It was lovely to see everybody around the table at this meeting. Due to our busy schedules and crazy lives it is too rare an occurrence. Thanks to all for showing and being so dedicated to the important work we do.

Apr 132016

Present and voting: Cat Wright, Dan Childs, Amy Borgman Present and not voting: Laura Rochat (librarian)
Not present (and, by default, not voting): Emily Noyes, Kym Anderson

-Minutes were accepted

-Treasurer’s Report: Dan reports minimal change in our financial status. This was confirmed when he and Amy Borgman reviewed the on-line financial reports.

-Librarian’s Report: We continue to have a steady flow of patrons, young and old, with increasing requests for ILL materials as well as audiobook loans. Laura continues to weed out the collection as well as purchasing new books monthly. She has rearranged the library to make the Children’s and YA collections more visible and attractive to potential borrowers.

-Programs: The March 3 program on Stone Walls was well attended and appreciated. Dick Drysdale’s presentation on April 3 had a smaller but still appreciative crowd. Knitting, supported by MaryLou, continues through April and continues to be well attended. Our next Library presentation will be Barb Schaedler on April 12 presenting Color in the Garden, at the Pond Village Church at 6:30 PM. We are considering other presentations and Laura is putting together a series of children’s programs to run in the summer. She is in communication with the OTH to coordinate scheduling options.

-Our new rug will be installed April 15. Laura and members of the Trustees will help with this by moving books, bookcases and other furniture out and back in. The library will be closed April 16 while the pieces are put back together.

-Green-up day this year is May 7 and Laura will be checking with Barb to see if she can supervise another Library/Town Office spruce-up. We have done so over the past few year with very good results.

-Laura will check with Teresa to see if window replacement is still planned for the library.

-Our next meeting is scheduled for May 19, 2016 at 6:30 at the Brookfield Free Public Library, the oldest continuously operating library in the State of Vermont.