Feb 172017

Brookfield Town Offices – 40 Ralph Road

Attendance: Mardee Sanchez, Jeff Girard, Colin Duclos, Will White, Dee Montie, Calley Hastings, Stephen Reid

Sanchez called to order at 7:10.

Duclos recused himself from discussion of Fat Toad Farm.  Stephen Reid from Fat Toad Farm presented his request to increase his daily batch production from 66 gallons of milk per day to 69 gallons per day and at the beginning of March to move to a six day per week production schedule.  There is no changes to the site plan.  Increased traffic on Saturday, the additional sixth day, will consist of three employees coming to the site and leaving at the end of their shift.  There will be no other increase in traffic on Saturdays.  Due to the increase in waste water the septic disposal truck may be needed an additional trip or two per year.  They plan on adding a 7th employee in March but the existing site plan has enough parking to accommodate this additional employee.  Wintertime parking at the manufacturing facility can accommodate six vehicles.  Dee Montie, present as a neighbor, commented that neighbors have noticed a significant decrease in traffic which they appreciate and she doesn’t mind an increase in production to six days.

All of the site improvements/changes from the previous Planning Commission decision have taken place.

White motioned to approve the site plan, seconded by Girard.  The motion was unanimously approved 3 – 0

Duclos motioned to approve the minutes from the December meeting as is, seconded by Girard.  The motion was unanimously approved 4-0

The commission agreed to move the February meeting to Wednesday the 15th at 7:00

White motioned to adjourned and Girard seconded.  The motion was unanimously approved 4-0 at 7:45