Oct 292022

Town of Brookfield Selectboard Meeting

October 24, 2022

6:30 PM

Town Office


Present: John Benson, Chair; Stuart Edson, Curtis Koren, Keith Sprague, members; Vicki Blanchard, Administrative Assistant; Amy Ingrassia, Assistant Treasurer; Jeff Kimmel, Connor Rigney (Reg. Planning Commission), Gwynn Zakow, Jocelyn Bolduc and James Bolduc, Lew Stowell. Betty Lord was not present.

A. Call To Order – Mr. Benson called the Selectboard meeting to order at 6:34 pm.

B. Adjustments to Agenda – none

C. Public Comments

1. Grant request from Planning Commission – Gwynn Zakow and Connor Rigney are working with the Brookfield Planning Commission on getting a grant application together to look at modernizing the zoning bylaws for housing. They approached the Selectboard for input on the application and approval. Mr. Benson made a motion to approve the submission of the grant by the Planning and Zoning Board, Ms. Koren seconded the motion which was carried unanimously 4-0-0.

2. Abutting property issue – Jocelyn Bolduc approached the board and said this was not an abutting property issue but an issue of concern to her and her husband due to the property next to them, which has four people living there without any water or septic system in place. They have put up two more buildings without any permits she believes and is wondering if there is any enforcement that can be taken. They are concerned about their well system due to trash, plastics and other toxic materials being burnt and dog issues. Mr. Benson asked Mr. Edson to contact the Town’s attorney and see what other action could be taken with this situation.

3. Lew Stowell wanted clarification about sending emails to the highway garage and Mr. Sprague suggested that he should address emails to himself as well at the Highway foreman.

D. Payroll and AP Warrants – Mr. Edson made a motion to approve the AP Warrants as presented with a total of $60,350.54 with the largest payment being made to Caterpillar Financial in the amount of $19,817.12. Mr. Benson seconded the motion which carried unanimously 4-0-0

E. Highway Report – The road crew worked on grading, clearing leaves out of ditches and helping with the Town office water problem. The water line has been replaced. Mr. Benson suggested that a map be put into place to know where it is located as well as a map for the septic system. Mr. Higgins also worked on the fuel tank permit that is due.

1. Update on interviews

2. Mr. Higgins review

F. New Business – none

G. Old Business

1. Doug & Kasey Pixley – A letter is being sent to the Pixley’s regarding a historic trail/road on property they currently own. Unfortunately, the Vermont Agency of Transportation highway maps (1956-2020) for Brookfield and also the lack of any identification of such a road on their property. If they have further questions or need additional information they can contact the Selectboard.

2. Montgomery Road (TH54) -Mr. Benson reported that there was no permit to get the intersection corrected. Mr. Kimmel is working on getting all the paperwork together to get this resolved.

3. Website Update – Mr. Edson reported that work is being done to make changes to the town’s website and is asking for suggestions from the group that post to the website.

4. Old Stage Road (TH45) – Letters went out to residents on that portion of road but there were two errors: One being the wrong road name and the second the wrong town was used. This is being corrected and are not waiting for all parties involved to respond.

H. Meeting Minutes

1. October 10, 2022 – Ms. Koren made a motion to accept the October 10, 2022 minutes as presented, Mr. Edson seconded the motion which carried unanimously 4-0-0

I. Other Proper Business

1. Update on “Show Up For Brookfield” – Mr. Edson and Ms. Koren reported that over 30 people attended the “Show Up For Brookfield” event on October 16, 2022 and said there were many that are very interested to volunteer for the town for both elected positions and volunteer jobs that were not. They have started an email list to keep the momentum going.

J. Status Report

1. Health Care rates and Life Insurance – Since it is time to renew health care plans the town is researching different plans for 2023.

Mr. Benson made a motion to go into Executive Session at 8:30 pm to discuss personnel issues. Mr. Edson seconded the motion which carried unanimously 4-0-0. After the discussion Mr. Benson made a motion to come out of Executive Session at 9:26 pm, Mr. Sprague seconded the motion which carried unanimously 4-0-0.

K. Adjournment – Mr. Benson made a motion to adjourn at 9:28 pm., Mr. Edson seconded the motion and there being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was unanimously adjourned.