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Brookfield is a town in Orange County, Vermont, United States. It was created by Vermont charter on August 5, 1781. Brookfield is best known for its floating bridge which spans Sunset Lake buoyed by pontoons. The bridge, which is the only floating bridge east of the Mississippi River, was originally built in 1820 by Luther Adams and his neighbors. Sunset Lake is also the site of an annual ice harvesting festival. Brookfield boasts that it has Vermont’s oldest continually operating library dating back to 1791.

Brookfield Town Offices

Brookfield Town Offices

Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
8:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.
Phone: 802-276-3352
Mailing address: P. O. Box 463, Brookfield, VT 05036

Aug 232016

The Town of Brookfield
Selectboard Meeting
22 August at 7:00 PM
Town Clerk’s Office
Draft Meeting Minutes
Present: John Benson, Cory Haggett, Jeff Kimmel, Ray Peck (Road Foreman), Stuart Edson (Public Safety Committee), Kasey Peterson (Administrative Assistant), Dennis LaRocque, Pat Mercier.

1. Call to Order: 7:00 PM

2. Adjustments to Agenda – None

3. Public Presentation or Comment –

4. Old Business
A. Jeff Kimmel made a motion to approve the Minutes of 8 August Meeting as amended, Cory Haggett seconded. 3-0-0
B. Mrs. Mercier was present to discuss the right-of-way issue at her home on Lavender Road. She outlined a series of events that have taken place at her property over the last few years including a temporary fence that was subsequently removed by some unknown person, the quartz rocks that the Selectboard requested she remove, and finally fiberglass rods that have been vandalized and/or removed completely. Last week Mr. Peck made sure the fiberglass rods had been installed in the place where the Selectboard had agreed. There was disagreement over how many feet from Mrs. Mercier’s foundation these rods should be placed.
Mrs. Mercier has called Orange County Sheriff’s Office to report the vandalism. She also spoke to a State Trooper. Both law enforcement agencies told her to call one of them each time there was an incident so there would be a clear record. Both agencies also suggested installing a game camera to monitor her property. The Board gave permission to Mrs. Mercier to aim a camera at her yard.
Mr. Benson was very clear that the neither the road nor the right-of-way will be moved.
Mrs. Mercier presented a photograph of her yard before the mailbox was moved to the other side of the road, showing the distance of the road from the house at the time. She also had questions about ownership of the part of her property that is in the right-of-way, the Board suggested the answer is in the property description on the deed.
Mrs. Mercier said she will be back for the next Selectboard meeting with a letter to the editor on rights-of-way.
The Board will conduct a site visit at Mrs. Mercier’s on 8 September 2016.
C. Public Safety Committee – Dennis LaRocque asked to let the record show that he is not a member of the Public Safety Board despite being identified as such in meeting minutes from 8 August.
Stuart Edson had concerns regarding the minutes from 8 August, specifically regarding a letter that the Public Safety Committee was drafting to send to Ariel’s Restaurant. Mr. Edson was surprised that the letter was discussed at the meeting and felt it was unfortunate that Mr. Fink, the owner of Ariel’s, found out about this letter in this way. Selectboard Meetings are public forums and discussions are recorded in the minutes.
There was discussion regarding parking in Pond Village. Possible solutions were discussed, including ordinances, working with the Old Town Hall to use the half circle, and designating parking at the Town Office. There will be site visits at Ariel’s Restaurant and the Cushing property on Stone Road on 8 September.
Mr. Edson would like to have a better line of communication with the Selectboard and a clearer understanding of what the Selectboard’s expectations are regarding the function and duration of the Public Safety Board. The Committee was created to address the increase in the contract with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and how their time and attention should be allocated. The responsibilities of the committee then extended to speed limit ordinances and signage throughout town and now the parking situation in Pond Village.
It was also established that the Public Safety Committee is subject to the regulations of the State of Vermont’s Open Meeting Law.
5. New Business
A. Highway Report
1. Access permit on Cemetery Street – the existing culvert is not in the town right-of-way and the maintenance of that culvert will not be the responsibility of the Town.
2. Northfield Road was in worse shape than first believed. The road will be closed on and off through 26 August.
3. Entered Executive session at 8:50 to discuss a personnel issue
Exited Executive session 8:57
4. Mrs. Peterson will work with Mr. Peck on establishing and maintaining training folders for the Highway Employees
B. Cemetery Deed – Mr. Benson moved to accept a cemetery deed for Linda Runnion. Mr. Kimmel Seconded. 3-0-0
C. The VTrans Transportation Alternative Grant information was passed on to Mr. Peck for review.

6. Policy And Ordinance Review
A. Drug and Alcohol Policy – tabled
B. Jobs for Bid – tabled

7. Payroll/AP Warrant
A. Mr. Haggett moved to pay the accounts payable warrant in the amount of $28,914.37, Mr. Benson seconded 3-0-0. Including Wheatley and Sons in the amount of $4905.00, Gorman Group in the amount of $4212.52 and White River Valley Ambulance in the amount of 6457.85.
B. Payroll Warrants for 08/11/2016 and 08/18/2016

8. Other business
A. Town Plan – Discussion about capital budget planning and how it applies to the Town Plan. The plan will be edited a final time on 23 August and posted to the website. A public hearing will be warned for the 12 September regularly scheduled Selectboard Meeting.
B. A public hearing will be held on the matter of reclassifying a portion of Old Stage Road.
C. Mr. Peck will review the road classifications on Davis Acre Road and make measurements confirming the classifications before any decision is made by the Selectboard.

9. Mr. Benson made a motion to adjourn at 9:35, Mr. Haggett seconded. 3-0-0

Aug 232016

There will be a public hearing on the proposed Brookfield Town Plan at the regularly scheduled meeting of the Brookfield Selectboard on 12 September 2016 at 7:00PM at the the Town Clerk’s Office. Please use the following links to review the material: Pt1 – Town Plan Draft 2016.08 PT2 – Appendix A PT3 – Appendix [Read more…]

Aug 162016

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Aug 102016

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Aug 072016

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Jul 292016

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Jul 142016

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Jun 282016

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Jun 232016

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