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Brookfield is a town in Orange County, Vermont, United States. It was created by Vermont charter on August 5, 1781. Brookfield is best known for its floating bridge which spans Sunset Lake buoyed by pontoons. The bridge, which is the only floating bridge east of the Mississippi River, was originally built in 1820 by Luther Adams and his neighbors. Sunset Lake is also the site of an annual ice harvesting festival. Brookfield boasts that it has Vermont’s oldest continually operating library dating back to 1791.

Brookfield Town Offices

Brookfield Town Offices

Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
8:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.
Phone: 802-276-3352
Mailing address: P. O. Box 463, Brookfield, VT 05036

Jul 052018

Town of Brookfield, Vermont

Planning Commission

Meeting Minutes

June 19, 2018

355 East Street

Present:  Planning Commission Members Jon Lemieux, Martha Judy, Gwynn Zakov, Jeff Girard, Mardee Sanchez and Colin Duclos, Board of Adjustment Members Jeff Kimmel and Teresa White, Applicant Mike Palmer and Stacey Flanders Public Joe and Tammy Beauchemin and Mark Hackett.

PC Chair Sanchez called the meeting to order at 7:13 p.m.

  1. Public to be heard – None.
  2. Public hearing for Application of Michael Palmer – Site plan review for the conversion of a barn into conference space for Eustis Cable.

This hearing was to be a joint hearing of the Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment, however, there was not a quorum of BOA members for it to hold its hearing for conditional use review.

Mr. Palmer provided a tour of the renovated barn.  Questions arose as to what is the use of the building -. office/conference space for the business or personal space for Mr. Palmer.  Mr. Palmer indicated it is more of the latter and would submit a revised application.

Zakov/Duclos moved to continue the hearing until July 10, 2018 at 7 p.m. at the Brookfield Town Offices.  The motion passed 6-0-0.

  1. Adjournment

Zakov/Duclos moved to adjourn.  The motion passed 6-0-0 and the meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mardee Sanchez, Chair

Jul 022018

BROOKFIELD PUBLIC SAFETY ADVISORY COMMITTEE WEDNESDAY June 27, 2018 5:30 PM BROOKFIELD TOWN OFFICE RALPH ROAD, BROOKFIELD, VT UNAPPROVED MINUTES The following members attended: Stuart Edson, Mike Stoddard, Dan Mason, Joy Kacik, Michael Rutkovsky and Lew Stowell.  Dennis Larocque attended as a member of the public. Review and Approve Minutes of May 23, 2018. Approved [Read more…]

Jun 252018

BROOKFIELD PUBLIC SAFETY ADVISORY COMMITTEE Wednesday June 27, 2018 5:30 PM Brookfield Town Office Ralph Road, Brookfield, VT AGENDA Review and Approve Minutes of May 23, 2018. [5/23/18 Minutes] Questions or Issues Brought by Members of the Public. Guest: To Be Determined. Continuing Review of OCSD Activities, Reports and Bills. [OCSD Patrol Hours] Continuing Review [Read more…]

Jun 212018

The Town of Brookfield Selectboard Meeting 25 June 2018  Town Clerk’s Office Agenda         1.  Call to Order         2  Adjustments to the Agenda        3.  Public Comment        4.  New Business               A. Highway Report               B. Public Assemblage Permit – Brookfield Community Partnership               C.Orange County Sheriff’s Contract        5.  Old Business              A.  Approve Minutes [Read more…]

Jun 152018

Agreeably to the provisions of Title 32 VSA, Sec. 4111, notice is hereby given that the undersigned Listers within and for the Town of Brookfield have completed the abstract of individual lists of persons, co-partnerships, associations or corporations owning taxable property in said town on April 1st 2018, and that they have lodged the same in [Read more…]

Jun 132018

Present and voting: Amy Borgman, Emily Noyes, Dan Childs, Cat Wright Present and not voting: Laura Rochat (librarian) Not present: Kym Anderson -Acceptance of the Minutes -Treasurer’s Report: The Library continues to be in good financial shape, nothing of note to report. -Librarian’s Report: Laura has officially completed her Public Librarianship Certificate! The Library will [Read more…]