Sep 062017

present and voting: Kym Anderson, Amy Borgman, Dan Childs, Emily Noyes
present and not voting: Laura Rochat, Librarian, Ruth Goodale, community member
not present: Cat Wright, Board Member

Minutes of meeting from May 22, 2017 were accepted.

Public Comment: Ruth Goodale, lifelong Brookfield resident, talked about her family and their association with the Brookfield Library. She gave the Board a document outlining some of that history. This will be scanned into the Library’s website.

Treasurer’s Report: Dan reports that we continue to be financially stable, able to add to our collections and meet our financial obligations.

Librarian’s Report: Laura reports a busy summer with a healthy number of patrons young and older borrowing items from our collections as well as taking advantage of our Park and Echo Passes. The Arts Bus visit drew 4 adults and 5 children despite being an dark and stormy night on 7/17/17. Laura is dealing with anew State-wide Inter-Library Loan System mandated by the State Dept of Libraries. The Library continues to receive donations of books which are sorted and packed by Laura to be sent to Better World Books. She will also be coordinating with the Brookfield Elementary School to send information on our Library home with students. Thank you, Laura.

Upcoming Business: Our upcoming Vermont Council on the Humanities program, Endangered Alphabets, Cultural Erosion and the Future of the Written Word, will be held at the OTH September 6, 2017 at 6:30 PM. Tom Brookes will be presenting, publicity has been done by Laura and supported by the OTH. Members of the Library Board are asked to arrive at 6:00PM to help with set-up. Dan will be providing hot cider, Amy will bring cookies and pretzels, Laura will provide paper goods and will see if we can use the OTH’s popcorn machine. Board members are asked to stay after the program to assist with clean-up.

Laura will check with Jon Binhammer fromt eh Nature Conservancy, and Greg Sharrow from the Vermont Folk-Life Center to see if they are available for programs in the up-coming months.


Apr 202017

MINUTES OF THE BROOKFIELD FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY TRUSTEE MEETING, April 17, 2017 Present and Voting: Kym Anderson, Amy Borgman, Dan Childs, Emily Noyes, Cat Wright Present and Not voting: Laura Rochat, librarian -Minutes were accepted -Treasurer’s Report: We continue to be in good financial shape as we approach the end of our Town fiscal year, [Read more…]

Sep 062016

MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF LIBRARY TRUSTEES, 8/30/16 Present and Voting: Amy Borgman, Dan Childs, Emily Noyes, Kym Anderson Present and not Voting: Laura Rochat (Librarian) Absent: Catherine Wright 1. Minutes were accepted. 2. TREASURER’S REPORT: Library continues to be in good financial shape. Emily Noyes checked the financials with Dan. 3. LIBRARIAN’S REPORT: Laura [Read more…]

Apr 132016

Present and voting: Cat Wright, Dan Childs, Amy Borgman Present and not voting: Laura Rochat (librarian) Not present (and, by default, not voting): Emily Noyes, Kym Anderson -Minutes were accepted -Treasurer’s Report: Dan reports minimal change in our financial status. This was confirmed when he and Amy Borgman reviewed the on-line financial reports. -Librarian’s Report: [Read more…]

Jan 272016

Present and Voting: Amy Borgman, Cat Wright, Dan Childs, Emily Noyes, Kym Anderson Present and not voting: Laura Rochat, Librarian 1. Minutes were accepted. 2. Treasurer’s Report: Dan notes that our financial status continue to be stable. Emily double-checked financial reports to confirm this. 3. Librarian’s Report: Laura reports that the trial of the new [Read more…]

Dec 152015

Present and Voting: Trustees Dan Childs, Cat Wright, Emily Noyes and Amy Borgman Present and Non-Voting: Librarian Laura Rochat Meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm. -Treasurer’s Report: *We are preparing for the annual Town Meeting and although our fiscal year runs from July 1- June 30, our numbers in the Town Budget Report [Read more…]