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From time to time the Brookfield Public Safety Committee will offer suggestions that may help you, your family and your business protect themselves from natural and man-made events.  We invite your suggestions about topics that might be helpful.

SEPTEMBER IS NATIONAL PREPAREDNESS MONTH: Below are some links to useful information and tips to help prepare you, your business and your family for disasters.

Small Business Administration <>

American Red Cross

American Red Cross

American Red Cross



VT Emergency Management

VT Emergency Management

Here in Brookfield, VT there are things that we should be thinking about or doing to be prepared for severe weather events or other infrastructure failures.  This is particularly timely given the hurricane season this year and the storms that have already effected Texas and Florida.  Below are some preparedness tips that may help you avoid or minimize damage to your property or injury to your family.  One of the most likely consequences of a disaster is the loss of electric power, possibly for days.  Perhaps quite a few days.  You may not get any warning before the disaster.

  • You should check and run your generator monthly, but if not, you should at the very least run it and confirm that it runs each September and December.
  • Is it located so it can run safely without putting carbon monoxide into your home or business?
  • You should also check that the transfer switch in your house or business works while you are running the generator.
  • Have you added additional or larger freezers or refrigerators since you bought the generator? Will it carry the new load?
  • You should have an adequate supply of fuel containers on hand with at least some of them full in a safe place.  You should not count on gas stations having power after the disaster.
  • If you don’t have a generator, you should at least consider having your electrician install a transfer switch and prioritize the circuits in your house that you need in a disaster. How much power do you really need in a disaster to run the absolute necessities? In or just prior to a disaster you may be able to rent or borrow a generator if your house is already prepared.

The Brookfield Public Safety Advisory Committee


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Public Safety Community Education Event

2016 Public Safety Education Event Notes

Emergency and Other Important Numbers


FIRE 911


POISON 1-802-658-3456



TOWN CLERK 276-3352

TOWN CONSTABLE (for animal control) Kevin Joyal 249-9561

TOWN GARAGE 276-3090


State Police Dispatch 234-9933

Direct 728-9215

White River Valley Ambulance 802-234-6800

Northfield Ambulance       485-8550

Orange County Sheriff 685-4875

Vermont State Police 234-9933

Williamstown Rescue Unit 476-4111

Brookfield Elementary School    276-3153

Randolph Union High School 728-3397

Randolph Technical Career Center 728-9595