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October is not necessarily the worst month for burglaries, vandalism and theft but it is a time when we are all tightening up our homes for Winter and we can also look at our homes and businesses as potential targets of thieves and vandals.  Here are few things you might consider:

  1. Do you routinely lock your vehicle(s) when you leave it/them unattended?
  2. What about when parked at work or at home?
  3. Do you routinely leave valuables in your vehicles when unattended whether locked or not? Will your insurance policy cover them if stolen or damaged?
  4. Do you lock your outbuildings, garage and home when you are not home?
  5. Do all of your windows have locks?
  6. Do you lock your windows when you leave home?
  7. Do you lock your doors when you leave home, even for a short trip?
  8. Do you have a current inventory of your valuables to include brand, model and serial number so you could fill out a theft report to the police and prove your ownership if they are recovered?
  9. Do you have a camera or alarm system?

We don’t want your answers to these questions.  They are for you to consider.  The correct answers will vary from person to person.  We are not dictating what you should do.  We are just suggesting that you consider these and other security issues at your home or business before something happens.




For more information about the the Public Safety Advisory Committee, or to share non-emergency concerns, please email us at


Public Safety Community Education Event

2016 Public Safety Education Event Notes

Emergency and Other Important Numbers


FIRE 911


POISON 1-802-658-3456



TOWN CLERK 276-3352

TOWN CONSTABLE (for animal control) Kevin Joyal 249-9561

TOWN GARAGE 276-3090


State Police Dispatch 234-9933

Direct 728-9215

White River Valley Ambulance 802-234-6800

Northfield Ambulance       485-8550

Orange County Sheriff 685-4875

Vermont State Police 234-9933

Williamstown Rescue Unit 476-4111

Brookfield Elementary School    276-3153

Randolph Union High School 728-3397

Randolph Technical Career Center 728-9595