Conservation Commission


Commission Members:

Jon Binhammer, Chair
Jon Jickling, Treasurer
Kathy Kinter, Secretary
Susan Shea, Vice chair
Starr Strong

Contact for the Commission: Jon Binhammer –

The mission of the Conservation Commission as outlined in our bylaws is:

1. to inventory (with landowner permission) Brookfield’s natural, scenic, wildlife and ecological resources and other lands which have agricultural, forestry, educational, cultural, recreational or archaeological values in which the public has an interest.

2. to recommend conservation actions to protect and conserve Brookfield’s natural resources.

3. to help conserve all water and wetland resources.

4. to encourage the protection of sensitive natural areas and species.

5. to increase awareness of conservation and outdoor recreational goals in overall land use planning and zoning.

6. to encourage recreational uses on town conservation land that have a minimal impact on the land.

7. to provide educational programs about local natural resources.

8. to make recommendations to, and cooperate and communicate with the Selectboard, Planning Commission and other groups and organizations having similar concerns, and with appropriate agencies of the regional, state, and federal government.

Our bylaws in their entirety can be found here:

Brookfield Conservation Commission Bylaws

We welcome interested citizens to our meetings which are held the third Monday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Brookfield Public Library adjoining the town office. The Commission is governed by Title 24 Chapter 118 of the Vermont Statutes Annotated.