Nov 142018

ECFiber has made some inroads into Brookfield during the past two years.  High-speed internet arrived in the Kibbee neighborhood in August 2016 courtesy of a grant from the state to fund a Business Broadband Improvement District. West Brookfield also now has ECFiber through the village and up to parts of Eagle Peak Road. Over the past couple of months ECFiber has been doing the preparatory work that will enable it to provide high speed internet to our town.  During the summer, ECFiber borrowed the money it needed to finance the Brookfield build.  In the fall, the Brookfield Hub was built, and just recently ECFiber received the final licenses that will allow it to put its fiber on the utility poles throughout the entire town.  By the end of the year ECFiber will start to put its fiber on those poles, and shortly after that it will start to hook up subscribers.  It is the stated goal of ECFiber to provide high speed internet access to all Brookfield residents who want it by the end of the first quarter of 2019.