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These tips are intended for residents and property owners of Brookfield, VT but may apply to neighboring towns as well.


The first thing to remember about mud season is that despite the best efforts of the road crew/highway department, the roads are going to be a lot less than perfect for the next few weeks.  Paved roads will have frost heaves and pot holes.  Gravel roads will range from gooey to swampy.  Some areas will have really impressive ruts and mud holes.

Given this reality, it is up to us, the drivers to demonstrate our good judgement and superior driving skills.

  • It is going to take longer to go anywhere and that amount of time will vary from day to day.
  • There will be plenty of opportunities to damage your vehicle and get totally stuck by going too fast. The consequences for going too slow are generally far less.
  • There may be nights when you park your vehicle and walk past the large and deep mudhole to get home.
  • Carry mud boots, your charged cell phone and a warm blanket in your vehicle. Remember that large mud holes are often where the cell service is the worst.  You may have to walk to get service.
  • If you like to drive up Class 4 roads to prove how impressive your 4X4 is, remember how hard and costly it may be to get a wrecker to you.
  • Consider setting up an email network for your road or neighborhood keeping everyone aware of serious spots on the road and when to take alternate routes or methods to travel. One person on the road or neighborhood can politely keep the road crew aware of the bad spots.
  • Cheer up, by the time you get really good at it, it will be over, until next year.
  • When we start to complain about Mud Season, we should think about the flooding in the Mid-West, forest fires in California or the tornedoes in the South and we won’t feel so bad.


Brookfield Public Safety Advisory Committee: Stuart Edson, Michael Rutkovsky, Dan Mason, Mike Stoddard and Lew Stowell

For more information about the the Public Safety Advisory Committee, or to share non-emergency concerns, please email us at


Public Safety Community Education Event

2016 Public Safety Education Event Notes

Emergency and Other Important Numbers


FIRE 911


POISON 1-802-658-3456



TOWN CLERK 276-3352

TOWN CONSTABLE (for animal control) Kevin Joyal 249-9561

TOWN GARAGE 276-3090


State Police Dispatch 234-9933

Direct 728-9215

White River Valley Ambulance 802-234-6800

Northfield Ambulance       485-8550

Orange County Sheriff 685-4875

Vermont State Police 234-9933

Williamstown Rescue Unit 476-4111

Brookfield Elementary School    276-3153

Randolph Union High School 728-3397

Randolph Technical Career Center 728-9595