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Most of us have experienced enough Vermont Winters to have our houses tightened up, the fuel of choice arranged for, snow removal ready, etc. before Winter.  So why include this in an October Safety Message?  The US Weather Service is forecasting snow in a couple of days.  The recent late Falls and Winters have featured freezing rain, wet, heavy snow, ice and sometimes high winds.  These have resulted in power outages for extended periods of time and dicey traveling conditions.  Power companies focus their resources on roads and areas where there are a lot of customers and work their way down to the places where there are fewer customers.  This is not a complaint.  Just a good allocation of their resources.  Therefore, those of us who live on the less populated roads that often lose power and get plowing later need to plan for that likelihood.

  • When are you having your Winter tires put on?
  • Does your cell phone have service in your home? If not, what is your plan B or C for emergencies?
  • How many exits does your house have? Are you like a lot of Vermonters who do not use their front door much?  Could you get out of it in an emergency?
  • When did you last check your smoke and CO alarms for operation and fresh batteries?
  • When did you last have your furnace serviced?
  • When did you last clean your wood burning chimney(s)?
  • When did you last service your back-up generator? If you don’t have one yet, where could you rent or borrow one if needed?
  • How much water should you store for drinking, dishwashing, toilet flushing, etc.?
  • As you do all of this, please wear your mask and socially distance from any service personnel or friends who come by to help.

Let’s hope for a mild Winter but be prepared for a hard one.




Brookfield Public Safety Advisory Committee: Dan Mason, Michael Rutkovsky, Mike Stoddard, Stuart Edson and Lew Stowell.

For more information about the the Public Safety Advisory Committee, or to share non-emergency concerns, please email us at

Public Safety Community Education Event

2016 Public Safety Education Event Notes

Emergency and Other Important Numbers


FIRE 911


POISON 1-802-658-3456


TOWN CLERK 276-3352

TOWN CONSTABLE (for animal control) Dan Mason

TOWN GARAGE 276-3090


State Police Dispatch 234-9933

Direct 728-9215

White River Valley Ambulance 802-234-6800

Northfield Ambulance       485-8550

Orange County Sheriff 685-4875

Vermont State Police 234-9933

Williamstown Rescue Unit 476-4111

Brookfield Elementary School    276-3153

Randolph Union High School 728-3397

Randolph Technical Career Center 728-9595