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Public Safety Advisory Committee


These tips are intended for residents, visitors and property owners of Brookfield, VT but may apply to neighboring towns as well.

  • We are indeed fortunate in Brookfield to have so many picturesque back roads. We are able travel on them with beautiful scenery and generally quiet enjoyment.  Not only can we drive motor vehicles on them but we can bicycle and walk on them as well.  Despite all of the pleasant surroundings things can turn ugly in a heartbeat if we are not careful and thoughtful of potential hazards.
  • It was brought to my attention by Captain Scott Clouatre, Orange County Sherriff’s Department that pedestrians do not have the right of way over vehicles except in designated crosswalks according to Title 23 VSA, (Vermont Statues Annotated) Sub Chapter 5: Pedestrian Rights and Duties. Pedestrians have a duty of care to keep themselves from harm.  I am not aware of any properly designated crosswalks in Brookfield.
  • Many of our town highways have narrow places that are further made problematic by curves and hills. When we are walking or driving on those stretches, we should anticipate that some one could be walking or driving on those spots at the same time as we are and adjust our speed while driving or keep to the lefthand side of the road facing opposing traffic while walking with an eye where you should move if things get exciting.
  • It is important to maintain situational awareness while walking, jogging or running. Be attentive as you travel so that you hear or see a vehicle approaching and provide them adequate room to pass you even if they have opposing traffic.  When you get to a narrow spot or blind knoll, you should adjust your headset or ear buds so you can hear a vehicle approach.
  • Most pedestrians are also motor vehicle drivers. Please consider what the driver may have to contend with as he or she approaches you.  Have your children and pets under control and out of the traveled lane.  If you are approaching an area too narrow for two lanes of traffic and pedestrians, plan where you and your group will go if one or more vehicles approach.  Drivers must remember that a dangerous situation may be ahead even though you are driving less than the legal speed limit.
  • You can still have fun while being safe. Please enjoy the Memorial Day weekend and the Summer ahead and keep both vehicle occupants and pedestrians safe.

Brookfield Public Safety Advisory Committee: Mike Stoddard, Michael Rutkovsky, Stuart Edson, Dan Mason, and Lew Stowell.


Respect COVID 19 Vermont Guidelines

As our state continues to confront this once-in-a-century challenge, sometimes it’s the little things – those simple, random, everyday acts of kindness and goodwill – that can make all the difference. – Governor Phil Scott


Brookfield Public Safety Advisory Committee: Dan Mason, Michael Rutkovsky, Mike Stoddard, Stuart Edson and Lew Stowell.

For more information about the the Public Safety Advisory Committee, or to share non-emergency concerns, please email us at

Public Safety Community Education Event

2016 Public Safety Education Event Notes

Emergency and Other Important Numbers


FIRE 911


POISON 1-802-658-3456


TOWN CLERK 276-3352

TOWN CONSTABLE (for animal control) Dan Mason

TOWN GARAGE 276-3090


State Police Dispatch 234-9933

Direct 728-9215

White River Valley Ambulance 802-234-6800

Northfield Ambulance       485-8550

Orange County Sheriff 685-4875

Vermont State Police 234-9933

Williamstown Rescue Unit 476-4111

Brookfield Elementary School    276-3153

Randolph Union High School 728-3397

Randolph Technical Career Center 728-9595