Feb 022019

LIBRARY TRUSTEE MEETING MINUTES, JANUARY 30, 2019 Present and not voting: Laura Rochat, librarian Present and voting: Amy Borgman, Dan Childs, Emily Noyes Not present: Kym Anderson, Cat Wright -Minutes from prior Trustee Meeting were accepted. -Treasurer’s Report: Dan reports that budget for Town Meeting has been prepared and submitted. Minimal changes are expected to [Read more…]

Jan 212019

BROOKFIELD PUBLIC SAFETY ADVISORY COMMITTEE WEDNESDAY JANUARY 23, 2019 5:30 PM BROOKFIELD TOWN OFFICE, 40 RALPH ROAD, BROOKFIELD, VT AGENDA 1. Review and Approve Minutes of December 19, 2018 [12/19/18 Minutes] 2. Questions or Issues Brought by Members of the Public 3. Continuing Review of OCSD Activities, Reports and Bills [OCSD Patrol Hours] 4. Continuing [Read more…]

Dec 192018

Town of Brookfield Selectboard Meeting November 26, 2018 at 6:30 P.M. Town Clerk’s Office Draft Minutes   Present: John Benson (Chair), Cory Haggett, Jeff Kimmel, Dawn Conant, Ray Peck (Road Crew Foreman), Stuart Edson, Starr Strong   Call to Order: 6:39 p.m.   Adjustments to Agenda: Highway business first as Mr. Peck has to depart [Read more…]

Dec 062018

Please be advised that depositing snow on state and municipal roads presents a danger to motorists and to road maintenance workers.  Clearing driveways often results in ridges of snow in the road that turn to ice.  These can cause damage to municipal equipment and, under certain conditions, can constitute road debris that can lead to [Read more…]

Nov 152018

Below are the draft minutes.  Once approved, the final version is filed with the Town Clerk. Brookfield Planning Commission Meeting Minutes November 13, 2018 Brookfield Town Offices   Present:  Members Colin Duclos, Will White, Gwynn Zakov, Martha Judy, Jeff Girard and Mardee Sanchez. Sanchez called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm. Revisions to the [Read more…]

Nov 142018

ECFiber has made some inroads into Brookfield during the past two years.  High-speed internet arrived in the Kibbee neighborhood in August 2016 courtesy of a grant from the state to fund a Business Broadband Improvement District. West Brookfield also now has ECFiber through the village and up to parts of Eagle Peak Road. Over the past [Read more…]

Oct 302018

BROOKFIELD PUBLIC SAFETY ADVISORY COMMITTEE WEDNESDAY October 24, 2018 5:30 PM BROOKFIELD TOWN OFFICE 40 RALPH ROAD, BROOKFIELD, VT UNAPPROVED MINUTES The following members attended: Stuart Edson, Mike Stoddard, Dan Mason, Michael Rutkovsky and Lew Stowell. Kara Lake attended as member of the public. Kate Forrer attended as a project advisor. Captain Kyle Kapitanski attended [Read more…]