Jun 232021

2021 Lister’s Grievance Hearing Meeting Minutes

June 19, 2021

The Board of Listers grievance hearings were brought to order at 9:30 a.m. on June 19, 2021. In attendance were Listers Stuart Edson, Phyllis Humez, and Teresa Godfrey.  There were no hearings scheduled for this.  We had received two phone call messages concerning the “Use Value Report” that was mailed to all parcel owners who have their land in land use.  Steve Stocking and Larry Brassard did not understand what the report represented. Mr. Edson contacted each of them and explained what the report showed.

Steve Hill, removing 8.7 acres from land use, wanted Mr. Edson to explain how he came up with the value.  Mr. Hill agreed to meet with Mr. Edson on June 15 to discuss the valuation.  After explaining the process, Mr. Hill was ok with the value on the removed acreage.

Roger LaRocque called grieving the amount of acreage he was taxed on.  Per his deed, the acreage was 5 acres more or less and he felt it was on the less side.  He had a lot line adjustment with an abutting property, gaining 0.3 acres and now owns 4.19 acres not 5.3 as the Listers had him in for. The Listers had just received their new tax maps and as indicated on Mr. LaRocque’s parcel, per measurement, his acreage is actually 4.16 acres.  Upon calling Mr. LaRocque to discuss the acreage, the Listers have lowered his acreage to 4.16 acres.

John Hrubovcak, new owner on Bear Hill, called concerning a value on his septic for the mobile home on his property.  The mobile home is a shell for storage and upon searching for a septic, he found it was a “wooden box” out back and nothing he would use.  After confirming with a previous owner, the Listers agreed to remove the value of the septic.

Justin Poulin contacted the Listers concerning a pump-house that was located on L. Brassard’s property, but owned by Mr. Poulin.  He called to let us know that had been removed and sold.  He would like the value removed from his property.  The Listers agreed.

On motion by P. Humez, seconded by T. Godfrey, the Board of Listers adjourned at 11:30 a.m. on June 19, 2021.


Respectfully submitted,

Stuart Edson

Phyllis Humez

Teresa Godfrey