Teresa Godfrey

Nov 142019

Town of Brookfield

P. O. Box 463

Brookfield, VT 05036

Phone: 802-276-3352


Pursuant to the provisions of 24 V.S.A. §1535 notice is hereby given that the Board of Abatement, within and for the Town of Brookfield, will meet on the 18th day of November, 2019 at 6:00 o’clock in the evening, at the Town Office in Brookfield.

                                                              Board of Abatement

                                                             By Teresa Godfrey      Date _11/6/2019__


Copy: Three Public Places

           Board Members


Joanna Doerfer for Jane Doerfer’s Estate                        6:00 p.m.   November 18, 2019

Constance Karalekas                                                        6:30 p.m.   November 18, 2019

                Appellant                                                            Time                      Date

* 24 V.S.A. §1535 states: the board may abate in whole or part taxes, interest, or collection fees accruing to the town in the following cases:

(1) Taxes of persons who have died insolvent;

(2) Taxes of persons who have removed from the state;

(3) Taxes of persons who are unable to pay their taxes, interest, and collection fees;

(4) Taxes in which there is manifest error or a mistake of the Listers;

(5) Taxes upon real or personal property lost or destroyed during the tax year;

(6) the exemption amount available under 32 V.S.A. § 3802(11) to persons otherwise eligible for exemption who file a claim on or after May 1 but before October 1 due to the claimant’s sickness or disability or other good cause as determined by the board of abatement; but that exemption amount shall be reduced by 20 percent of the total exemption for each month or portion of a month the claim is late filed.

(7), (8) [Repealed.]

(9) taxes upon a mobile home moved from the town during the tax year as a result of a change in use of the mobile home park land or parts thereof, or closure of the mobile home park in which the mobile home was sited, pursuant to 10 V.S.A. § 6237.

Sep 182019

DRAFT Brookfield Planning commission meeting minutes

September 10, 2019


Gwynn Zakov, Chair; William White; Martha Judy; Jon Jickling; Jeff Girard; Nancy Jacques

Public Present:

Tim Gershon

7:03- the meeting was called to order

Discussed the filling of open positions on the commission.  Nancy Jacques was recently appointed by the Selectboard.  Gwynn Zakov will follow up with the Selectboard regarding the appointing of Tim Gershon.

August meeting minutes were unanimously approved.

The Planning Commission continued with revisions to the Town Bylaws. 

White /Judy motioned to adjourn.  The meeting adjourned at 8:09.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeff Girard

Aug 072019

Brookfield Planning Commission
Date: Tuesday August 6, 2019
Present: Jickling, Zakov, Judy, White
Absent: Girard

White called the meeting to order at 7:01PM.
Judy moved, Jickling seconded to approve minutes. Approved on unanimous vote.
Discussed the Brookfield RPC appointment process. Zakov will look to see if she was officially appointed to as the RPC representative at the last Selectboard meeting.
Discussed the open seats on the Planning Commission. The board has two open seats. Tim Gershon expressed interest to join. White moved, Zakov seconding appointing Tim Gershon to the PC and letting the Selectboard know so they can make the appointment. Approved by unanimous vote. White will post about the second opening on the board to Front Porch Forum.
White moved, Jickling seconding appointing Zakov as Planning Commission Chair. Approved by unanimous vote.
General discussion moved to general Zoning Bylaws. Discussed flood, shoreland and telecom regulations. Board thinks moving back to the current Zoning Bylaws and editing them directly in the current regulations would be appropriate.
White moved to adjourn, Jickling seconded to adjourn. Approved unanimously.
Adjourned at 8:03PM.

Jun 252019

Meeting Minutes of the Brookfield Conservation Commission   May 20, 2019

Present: Jon Binhammer, Jon Jickling, Starr Strong, Susan Shea, Kathy Kinter

Jon Binhammer reviewed terms of office for newly appointed commission as approved by the Select Board at their April 8 meeting:

Jon Jickling: 3 yrs.   Sue Shea: 2 yrs.   Starr Strong: 1 yr.   Jon Binhammer: 4 yrs.   Kathy Kinter: 1 yr.

Open meeting law was discussed concerning the agenda, public attendance and minutes.

State statutes were briefly reviewed regarding jurisdiction of the commission. The Statute language:

“administer the lands, properties and other rights which have been acquired by the municipality for the purposes of this chapter” appears to imply that the Sunset Brook Natural Area on Rt. 65 and the town forest fall under our purview. Any financial commitment or receipt of land interest needs to be approved by the Selectboard.   Members are encouraged to familiarize ourselves with the statute – Title 24, Chapter 118.

Finances:  Jon B will ask Select Board for the account balance of the town Conservation and Recreation Fund.

Officers are as follows:

Jon B Chair

Sue S Vice Chair

Jon J Treasurer

Kathy K Secretary

Bylaws: Sue, Starr and Jon J. will review bylaws from other towns of similar size and email samples and recommendations for us to consider at the next meeting. All agreed to not reinvent the wheel.  Key is understanding principal functions.

Assessment:  It was agreed that we assess the information already compiled by the town that would be relevant to our charge, then identify what information is still needed.  A natural resource inventory was suggested, along with use of Bio Finder and VT Conservation Design sites.

Meetings: Will be held when possible the 3rd Monday of each month in the library from 7-8:30 PM.  Three are needed for a quorum.  Next meeting is June 17th.

Projects: Jon B is waiting for confirmation from the school regarding tree planting on June 4 with 34 3rd-6th graders.  Hardwood volunteers will be dug in advance to be planted by teams of 2 kids.  It was suggested that the kids be given information about the conservation commission to take home and or ask that something run in the school newsletter, if there is one.

Randolph and Braintree commissions have been in touch with Sue and asked if we want to join them in a poison parsnip removal project in the coming weeks. She will be in touch with them and report back.

The Commission will be presenting at the Old Town Hall in September. Content to be decided.

Several ideas were shared, as was the importance of educating the community, not only about our existence as a commission, but the importance of the mission. Building an inclusive constituency early is important.  It was agreed that we would try to do an activity each season, along with projects.  It was suggested that we get clear on our purpose and vision for the organization as a means of guiding future decisions.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Kinter

Jun 252019

Brookfield Conservation Commission

June 17, 2019

Meeting Minutes draft

Susan Shea, Starr Strong and Jon Binhammer in attendance

  1. Review Agenda – Sue Shea wanted to talk about a possible potential project for the Commission
  2. Approval of Minutes of the May 20 meeting – minutes approved
  3. Review of by-laws of Conservation Commission: Commissioners reviewed bylaws from Randolph Conservation Commission, Hartland Conservation Commission, and Montgomery Conservation Commission. All agreed that the Montgomery Conservation Commission bylaws were the best model to follow with changes. Suggested changes were made, and Jon said he would put together a final draft for approval at the next meeting.
  4. Plan for schedule of events, how to advertise, etc.: Commissioners decided to schedule a guided paddle on Rood Pond on August 25th from 3:00 to 5:00 pm and a guided walk on the Brookfield Town Forest on October 6, from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. It was decided to advertise these events on the town calendar, on Front Porch Forum, and in the Herald.
  5. Other business:
  1. Sue suggested that we might want to sponsor a program about gardening for wildlife, and a program about gardening for pollinators. Jon suggested that rain gardens for water quality could also be a topic.
  2. Starr suggested that the Conservation Commission could work with Bonnie Fallon to help with Green-Up Day; if a tech-savvy volunteer could be found, the town roads could be divided into sections that people could sign up to clean up on the day,
  3. It was discussed that sometimes large items like couches are sometimes dumped into streams and over banks where they are difficult or impossible to retrieve. Jon said that towns in the NEK and some towns in the Adirondacks have a “bulky day” in the spring, during which residents can put out bulky items that are picked up by the town to go to the transfer station, paid by taxpayers. Selectboard approval would be necessary for such an idea. No action taken.
  4. Emerald Ash borer was discussed, esp. the proposals from the Public Safety Committee and Town Meeting. Commissioners agreed that EAB is of concern but not a crisis, and suggested that while there may be some need for proactive work to remove dangerous ash from rights of way, trees of other species die all the time (and sometimes fall into roads and are removed when that happens), and we have been through a similar experience with American elm and Dutch Elm disease, and there may be lessons to be learned from that experience. Also, all ash trees will be unlikely to die all at one time, so while there may be a continuing need for some tax revenues to take down ash trees in the ROWs, it could be that this activity could be spread out over time, and warned that a wholesale clearing of ROWs in town would probably not be met favorably by residents, would compromise the scenic nature of our town roads, and would likely grow early successional species that would more likely fall into roads. Jon said he would attend the Public Safety meeting, but then found that he had a previous commitment, so could not attend.

Submitted by Jon Binhammer, Chair

May 022019

The 2nd installment for the 2018-2019 tax year is due on Saturday, May 4th.  I will be open additional hours on Friday, May 3rd from 4:30-7:00 and on Saturday, May 4th from 9:00-1:00.  Postmarks do count if you mail them in by the 4th.


Mar 142019


The legal voters of the Town of Brookfield met for the annual Town Meeting, at the Brookfield Elementary School auditorium at 1725 Ridge Road, Tuesday, March 5, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. to transact the following business:

Call to Order at 10:00 a.m.

Moderator, Gregory Wight, opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Lunch will be served supporting the Brookfield School Club with donations.

Article 1: To elect all officers as required by law for the ensuing year by Australian ballot. For this purpose, the polls will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Article 2:  To hear and act on reports of the Town Officers.

John Benson, Selectboard Chair, recognized that Charlie Keeler and Dee Montie have both stepped down from their respective town offices and thanked them both for their years of service. He also thanked the current town officers for the work they are doing. J. Benson remarked that because Stuart Edson, Zoning Administrator, was stepping down that the office is open if anyone is interested in filling the position.

J.Benson commended the Road Crew for their work this winter keeping the roads clear and that it hasn’t been an easy winter. They have had to “dip” into the new budget for sand. He also commended Ray Peck, Road Foreman, for looking after the Town with a quick response to the Witts Bridge dam repair. 90% of the repair will be refunded through emergency grants.

J.Benson informed the Town that new town trucks will need to be ordered a year in advance so they can be built to the Town specifications. Currently, Brookfield replaces a truck every 3 years so the age of each truck at trade-in is 9 years.

J.Benson stated that the Town will be starting a town wide reappraisal July 1, 2020. With the money the Town receives from the State, we have 100% of the financing so it won’t add to our tax burden.

Lew Stowell, Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC), showed an example of the e-911 signs available for purchase at $5.02 each. Forms are available in the back room. They are looking for volunteers who might be interested in joining the committee.


Dan Childs spoke about ECFiber being strung along the Brookfield roads. He wasn’t able to specify when it would be turned on.  ECFiber is aware of mud season coming up and will work around it.  The Hub has a stand-by generator that has a 6-hour battery.

G. Wight brought to everyone’s attention the dedication in the Town Report recognizing Elinor Gray for her love of Brookfield and her knowledge of the history of the Town.

Article 3:  To see if the Town will authorize the Selectboard to borrow money in anticipation of revenues.

Motion by Linda Runnion, seconded by L. Stowell.

J. Benson stated that since collecting twice a year, we haven’t had to borrow in anticipation of taxes.

Call to vote. Motion carried.

Article 4:  To see if the Town will vote to have all taxes paid into the Treasury as provided by law in two installments, and if so, to set the dates.

Motion by L. Stowell, seconded by Marylou Maeder that the first payment of 2019/2020 property taxes to be due November 2, 2019; the second payment due May 2, 2020. Motion carried.

Article 5:   To see if the Town will vote to allocate $5000 for ash tree removal from Town Highway rights-of-way.

Motion by L. Stowell, seconded by Mike Stoddard.

Kate Forrer, UVM Community Forester Specialist, presented a map showing at least 5 counties in VT have an infestation of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) and the infestation is moving through-out VT. There are 3 choices in dealing with the EAB. (1) Proactive by removing ash trees is cheaper. After the trees become infested, it becomes a safety issue and the utility companies won’t send employees out for tree removal.  (2) Treatment with insecticides for home owners becomes expensive.  (3) Or we can do nothing but it will be more expensive.  K. Forrer, R. Peck, and the PSAC members have identified over 700, larger than 10” in diameter, ash trees in the public right-of-way. The logging community is interested in harvesting trees but they would also want to harvest other species of trees at the same time.

Eric Nielson stated the Town has the right to cut but the land owner owns the tree. It the tree is felled and not cleaned up, the pest will remain.

The discussion then included the State being in a quarantine, a possible replanting plan, huge loss of canopy over the roads, hanging traps, not cutting around homes, and not knowing where the insects will show up next. The $5000 will not cover the cost.  The general concession is to be proactive and there will need to be additional public hearings concerning the cutting of trees.  The Road Crew is not a logging crew and not trained to be.  The trees along some of the roads prevent the roads from sliding down embankments. A snapshot of roads show it will cost between $100-$350/tree.

The discussion turned to possibly amending the motion to vote on the 3 options of proactive, treatment, or do nothing and after much more discussion, it was decided that the current motion shows proactive with the dollar amount. The $5000 is just an amount for resources.

Perry Kacik requested a call to question. Motion carried.

Call to vote. Motion carried.

Article 6: To see if the Town will vote to allocate $5000 for a survey of a portion of Stone Road to establish the road center-line and Town right-of-way.

Motion by L. Stowell, seconded by Billie Gosh.

J. Benson reviewed the history of the area in question. A number of individuals came to the Selectboard concerning vehicles encroaching the Town right-of-way (ROW) and the Board had the Orange County Sheriff check into it. They said the 4 tires are out of the travel lane and according to the property owners, they did not have any vehicles in the road way. The survey is to show if the travel lane has shifted and where the center line is actually located.  Al Wilder remembered, that before the garage was built, a meeting was held for the permit and the agreement was that there would be no parking between the garage and Town ROW.  The Sheriff cannot take any action until a survey is done which will establish a travel lane and the width of the road.

Call to vote. Motion carried with a few nays.

Article 7: To see if the Town will vote to establish a Conservation Committee, as an advisory committee to the Selectboard.

Motion by E. Nielson, seconded by Kym Anderson.

Jon Binhammer made a motion to amend the article to state “establish a Conservation Commission.”. This was seconded by Susan Shay.

S. Shay stated that with a Commission vs. a Committee, they would be able to apply for grants. Over 100 towns have a Conservation Commission. Call to vote on the amendment. Motion carried as amended.

Article 8: To see if the Town will vote to contribute $100 to the Vermont Association of Conservation Districts-Rural Fire Protection Program.

Motion by Charlie Keeler, seconded by L. Runnion.

J. Kimmel reported that these are dedicated technicians for management of rural dry hydrants etc. for municipalities. They award grants up to $5000. Brookfield received grants for an Old Post Road project and the dry hydrant at the Floating Bridge.

With no more discussion, there was a call to vote. Motion carried.

Article 9: To see if the Town will vote to stabilize the Municipal tax rate at 50% of normal for the Mystic Star Lodge No. 97 for a period of five (5) years.

Motion by Julie Benedict, seconded by Sam Dilcer.

Brian Locke, former Master of the Free Masons, said there are only 50 members and the number is declining. He explained it is a men’s group and there is the Eastern Star for women. The Masons recently supported the Girl Scouts with 2 dozen scouts camping in the building.  They support local ball teams but are struggling with dues to keep the taxes paid.  J. Benson reminded the voters that prior to the addition to the school, Town Meeting was held at the Masonic Temple.

Call to vote. Motion carried with a few nays.

Article 10: To approve a 12-month budget for the financial year of July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020 to meet the expenses and liabilities of the Town General Fund and to authorize the Selectboard to set a tax rate sufficient to provide the same.

Motion by Dan Childs, seconded by E. Nielson.

(The budget will include an additional $10,100 from articles 5, 6, & 8 being approved)

With no discussion, call to vote. Motion carried.

Article 11(a): To see if the Town will vote to establish a new line item in the Highway Department budget to allocate the remainder Highway Department funds from the FY2018/2019 budget to provide a continuing capital fund for major structural repairs and/or replacement at the Town Garage.

Motion by E. Nielson, seconded by M. Stoddard.

J. Benson discussed the garage has issues with fitting all the equipment in it and there is no room for making repairs. The grader, one-ton truck, and bucket loader are stored in the shed but are not completely covered.

With no more discussion, motion carried.

Article 11(b): To see if the Town will vote to set aside $25,000 in the FY2019/2020 budget to provide a continuing capital fund for major structural repairs and/or replacement at the Town Garage.

Motion by M. Stoddard, seconded by E. Koren

With no discussion, motion carried.

Article 12:   To approve a 12-month budget for the financial year of July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020 to meet the expenses and liabilities of the Town Highway fund and to authorize the Selectboard to set a tax rate sufficient to provide the same.

Motion by E. Nielson, seconded by Dennis LaRocque.

(The budget will have $25,000 added due to article 11(b) being approved)

With no discussion, motion carried.

G. Wight turned the meeting over to Representatives Ben Jickling and Jay Hooper.

Rep. Jickling is part of the House Health Care Committee. He reported the Committee is following market stability and how the insurance markets are affecting the cost share limits until age 26 and also the State mandate of insurance/penalty where reform is needed.  They are being proactive in supporting the struggling rural hospitals.

Rep. Hooper is part of the Education Committee. He reported that Act 46 consolidation final year is approaching in July and there are 40 Towns suing the State concerning the requirement of consolidation. They are hoping to see the expected savings in the next few years.  There are 17 members representing minority groups for diversity in education streamlining standards for ethnic studies.  Also, they are following up on lead testing in school drinking water.

Reps. Jickling and Hooper are co-chairing the Youth Caucus this year.

Article 13:  To see if the Town will vote to expand the term of office for Town Clerk from the existing 1 year to a proposed 3 years (17V.S.A §2646(2)), effective as of Town Meeting/Election 2020.

Motion by S. Edson, seconded by M. Maeder.

E. Nielson questioned why the Town would do this.

Teresa Godfrey, current Town Clerk and Treasurer, explained that it takes longer than 1 year to learn the job, continuity of the work being done, and some requirements are only an annual job, i.e. elections, Town Meeting, so it takes multiple years to be successful in the position.

Paul Flint questioned what if the person in office doesn’t work out. T. Godfrey replied you can vote them out or if it is something egregious, then through attorney’s you can have them removed from office.

Motion carried.

Article 14:   To see if the Town will vote to expand the term of office for the Town Treasurer from the existing 1 year to a proposed 3 years (17 V.S.A §2646(3)), effective as of Town Meeting/Election 2020.

Motion by L. Stowell, seconded by M. Maeder.

With no discussion, motion carried.

Article 15:  To transact any other proper business.

J. Benson said the Town of Braintree is looking for a Committee of the 3 Towns to work on locating a shelter in the event of a disaster. Currently VTC is the designated shelter but the need might not rise to what the Red Cross sees as a need during a disaster.

 With S. Edson stepping down as the Zoning Administrator, the Town is looking for someone to step up.

Gail from the Clara Martin Center wanted to thank the Town for their continued support.

L. Runnion as a representative for Safeline thanked the voters for their continued support.

P. Kacik, Brookfield Historical Society, stated the lake is frozen and they are selling a chance to win part of the money from tickets for guessing when Dunkin will sink into the lake.

Laura Rochat is now the coordinator for a Mentoring program. They are looking for volunteers to commit to spending time with kids ranging from 5th – 7th grade.  They would like a year long commitment of investing in a young person with common interests.

J. Binhammer asked for volunteers to serve on the new Conservation Commission.

Ed Koren asked for volunteers for the Fire Department as they are looking for new members.

Kristina Emmons, 4 Winds Program at the school, is also looking for volunteers wanting to share their knowledge of the outdoors.

Kym Anderson thanked the voters for contributing to the diversion program.

M. Maeder, Orange County Parent/Child Center, thanked the voters for support and commented that a lot of parents use the playgroup.

Betsy Hale, Old Town Hall, said they are working on events to consider for this year.

D. Childs, Old Town Hall, wanted to let everyone know that the South and North sides of the hall will be painted this summer thanks to a donation from Dee Montie and Murray Evans which will complete the painting of the whole building. There will be a celebration when they come up.

Bonnie Fallon, Green-Up Day representative, said when we get through mud season, she would like to get more people to participate. Richard Hayward, History teacher at Brookfield Elementary School, is encouraging the kids to get out for Green-Up and he and Bonnie are working on an incentive for the kids.

J.Benedict, representative for Brookfield for White River Valley Ambulance (WRVA), stated that at a recent meeting Randolph was requesting they pay a lower rate per capita than the other towns covered by WRVA.

Motion by M. Maeder, seconded by M. Stoddard to adjourn at 1:00 p.m.

Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted:

Teresa Godfrey, Town Clerk

Jul 252018

BCA Hearing

Brookfield Town Office

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

6:00 p.m.

Subject property: 932 East Hill Road, Brookfield, VT


BCA members: Robert “Jake” Stewart, Beth DeForge, Cory Haggett, Jeff Kimmel, Bonnie Fallon

Listers: Phyllis Humez, Stuart Edson

Appellants: Allison Belisle, David VonHolden

Town Clerk: Teresa Godfrey

The meeting opened with the Town Clerk swearing in the BCA members, Listers, and Appellants.

The Board appointed Jeff Kimmel as Chair of the Board.

Teresa Godfrey recused herself from presenting testimony due to also being a Lister.

Mr. Kimmel explained the process of the BCA hearing.

He then asked the Listers to present their documents and testimony.

The following documents were presented by Stuart Edson and numbered as Lister 1, 2, etc.:

  1. Cost sheet dated 11/16/2017
  2. Cost sheet dated 06/19/2018
  3. Letter to Brookfield Listers from the Appellants dated 6/7/2018
  4. Property tax assessment review dated 3/2018 from Appellants
  5. Result of grievance day appeal dated 6/27/2018
  6. Special circumstances codes for non-valid sales dated 7/28/2016
  7. Cost sheet comparable Parcel ID 01-016.000 1138 East Hill Road, Brookfield
  8. Cost sheet comparable Parcel ID 03-039.000 320 Cross Brook Lane Ext., Brookfield
  9. MLS cost sheet for 482 Royalton Hill Road, Bethel sold 12/1/2016

Mr. Edson explained the process the Listers had taken since the property was purchased on October 25, 2017. He explained the above documents and the result of the grievance.  The final result being the property value went from $955,900 down to $578,000.  The Appellants were not satisfied with the result and requested a BCA hearing.

Mr. Kimmel asked the Appellants to present their documents and testimony.

The following documents were presented by Allison Belisle and numbered as App. I, II, etc

  1. Letter to Board of Civil Authority dated 7/2018
  2. Email printout from Terry Owen (auctioneer) dated 7/10/2018
  3. Page 4 & 5 of Attorneys Report and Opinion on Title (number App. III-A) Email printout complete Attorneys Report and Opinion on Title (numbered App. III-B) submitted with permission of Board and Listers on 7/19/2018.
  4. Sale & Purchase agreement dated 10/12/2017
  5. Home Details printout dated 6/27/2018

Ms. Belisle stated they maintain the value of their home at $415,000 and the auction was properly advertised and warned. They consider this an “arms-length transaction” and this was not a bankruptcy auction.  She presented an email from Terry Owen with the final listings and auction.  The property was on the market to sell for 2 years at $675,000 and there was no sale.  Only one offer of $400,000 was not accepted.  Ms. Belisle said the former Mayor of Barre stopped bidding at $410,000.  There were no banks involved.  All liens were from family.  There was no transfer of ownership.

Mr. Kimmel requested the full Attorneys report to be submitted to the Board via email the following day. (This was done through the Town Clerk’s email and sent to all involved.  Numbered as App. III-B above).

Ms. DeForge asked what the definition of “arms-length transaction”.

Ms. Belisle answered with it being an agreement between 2 parties making it a “fair market value” transaction.

Mr. Edson wanted to inform all that when the annual sales study is done by the State, they do not consider an auction a valid sale. The State will not consider this sale as valid per our District Advisor.

Mr. Kimmel said that without documentation for this, we won’t consider this for this hearing.

Mr. Edson conceded that the sales study has not been done for this property. The Listers presented a listing numbered #6 as a document supporting his statement of non-valid sales.

Ms. DeForge asked the Listers if the items on Listers #4 and not checked were addressed in the revaluation. Mr. Edson said yes.

Ms. DeForge asked the Appellants if during the 2 hour open house, if they attended. They said yes and twice before.  They made their own determination of what they would pay as a high end.

Ms. Fallon asked why they bought the home when they had all these concerns. Ms. Belisle said it was worth what they paid.

Mr. Haggett asked what they meant about “creative selling”. Mr. VonHolden said that Mr. Lacerte put the property into a LLC to declare bankruptcy with it protecting his other properties.

When asked who the attorney was for the sale, Ms. Belisle replied with Ray O’Buchowski.

Mr. Haggett asked if they had an appraisal done and Ms. Belisle replied that they didn’t see a reason to at this point.

Mr. Kimmel asked if either side had any comparables for recent sales. The Listers presented 3 different ones. The Appellants did not have any.

Mr. Haggett asked if there were mortgages totaling $540,000 why they didn’t consider this a distressed sale. Mr. VonHolden said the mortgages were with Mr. Lacerte’s family members and so the Appellants did not feel this would make is a distressed sale.

Mr. Haggett said the Board of Abatement did abate some of his taxes for financial trouble and it is now public record. Mr. VonHolden felt it was an assumption.

Mr. Haggett questioned the difference between housesite and homestead. At the Town Clerks suggestion, Mr. Edson explained the breakdown of the cost sheet and what the different depreciations meant.

Mr. Kimmel asked if there was any rebuttals from the Listers.

Mr. VonHolden stated they would like to reach common ground and Mr. Edson asked if they felt the Listers were not looking for a common ground. Ms. Belisle said the first pass, not really but the 2nd pass it was closer.

Mr. Kimmel asked for at least 3 volunteers for the house inspection. Ms. Fallon, Ms. DeForge, and Mr. Haggett volunteered.

July 21st at 9:00 a.m. is the set date and time for them to see the house.

Mr. Kimmel set the follow-up hearing with a report back from the inspection for August 9th at 6:00 p.m. at the Brookfield Town Office.

On motion by Mr. Kimmel, seconded by Mr. Haggett the meeting was adjourned at 7:20 p.m.






Jun 212018

The Town of Brookfield

Selectboard Meeting

25 June 2018

 Town Clerk’s Office


        1.  Call to Order 

       2  Adjustments to the Agenda

       3.  Public Comment

       4.  New Business

              A. Highway Report

              B. Public Assemblage Permit – Brookfield Community Partnership

              C.Orange County Sheriff’s Contract

       5.  Old Business

             A.  Approve Minutes of 11 June 2018 Meeting

       6.  Payroll/AP Warrant

             A.  AP and Payroll Warrants  

        7.  Other Proper Business

         8.  Adjournment