Dec 152021

Brookfield Conservation Commission
December 14, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Participants: Jon Binhammer, Kathy Kinter, Sue Shea, Jon Jickling

1. Review Agenda: No additions

2. Public Comment: No members present

3. Approval of Minutes of the November meeting. Approved with amendment, Kathy motioned to approve and Jon seconded. Approved unanimously.

4. Ongoing Discussion of Community Support :
Concern that presentation of draft forest blocks prior to getting public input would be ill advised. Discussed idea of values mapping with the community. Process well defined for community participation and facilitated by ANR staff to guide the conversation and process. Using a town map each person identifies special areas or values and shares what makes Brookfield special, thus building support and shared values in the community. A report is produced with a compilation of all values/areas that were shared. These in turn are over layed to create a heat map indicating where several values are held in common throughout the town. Results are used in town planning– whether safety, planning, conservation or governance.

Emphasis in getting public involvement from different interest groups. Need 2-month promotional phase. Sue and Kathy will spearhead outreach. Use town meeting to share with town to promote and gather input.

Jon J to approach the planning commission to consider co-hosting a community values mapping event following the ANR model, which has been used in many towns across VT. Building allies in the community would help the town support planning efforts. Target date will be discussed with Jens Hilke, but try for mid-March.

5. Other business
Lack of results from Jens’ inquiries to AOT about I-89 underpass on Northfield road to get permission to remove fencing to improve wildlife passage. Sue and Jon to draft letter to AOT.

6. Adjourned at 8:15 – next meeting is January 17 , 2022

Respectfully submitted,
Jon Jickling