Jan 262022

Minutes Brookfield Conservation Commission
Jan 17, 2022 Zoom Meeting

Present: Sue Shea, Starr Strong, Kathy Kinter, Jon Jickling, Jon Binhammer

1. Review Agenda

2. Public Comment – none

3. Approval of minutes of the December meeting

4. Starr completed Environmental Leadership training 1 and 2 given by VT Agency of Natural
Resources. She reported to commission contents of training in anticipation of Community
Values Mapping (CVM).

5. Kathy reports on meeting, along with the Jon B and Jon J, with the planning commission to
garner their support in the CVM project. They voted to formally co-host the event. Keven
Ring, their new member, will join Kathy and Sue to coordinate promotions for the event
occurring March 23.

CVM Preparedness Discussion:
a. Asynchronous opportunity as well as poster of town map for mark up will be
available after the in-person event. Possibly place poster outside or inside town office
or school vestibule.
b. Community groups to be invited: churches (Pond Village and E. Brookfield), public
safety committee, W. Brookfield list serve, Old Town Hall list, Historical Society,
Masons (?)
c. PR to Herald, FPF
d. Both Jons will attend the selectboard meeting to inform them of CVM

6. Other business

a. Jon B’s concern of enormous loss of birds in last decades. Proposed that we make UV
stickers available to folks at town meeting to put on their windows to repel birds, since
so many die upon impact. Commission voted in support of Jon purchasing 200 stickers
at $40 and to also make information available to pass out with the stickers.
b. Winter field trip discussed. Will make decision at next meeting whether we will do a
hike along Sunset Lake late winter.
c. Ice harvest 1/29
d. Jon J. announced that the town forest management plan is due for an update and is in
the process of being done. Typically county foresters oversee this process. Discussion
proceeded RE: focus of plan to include other focuses than harvesting of trees. Bethel
Town Forest Plan is available as template for us to review. Members will review and
discuss at the next meeting.
e. Prior to meeting, Sue circulated a draft letter she had written to AOT about a wildlife
crossing project at the Northfield Rd overpass that would facilitate safe passage. The
letter was in response to the fact that AOT had not responded to earlier contacts.
Members provided additional input.

7. Next meeting is 2/21/22

Adjourned 8:45

Respectfully Submitted,
Starr Strong