Jun 112021

6:30 pm June 3, 2021
PRESENT and voting: Amy Borgman, Dan Childs, Emily Noyes, Starr Strong
PRESENT and not voting: Laura Rochat, Librarian

-TREASURER’S REPORT: Dan reminds us that we are near the end of our current fiscal year (as of 6/30/21) and notes we are still owed some Town funds. He will contact the Town Clerk’s office re: this. We are very close to our budgeted projections and our investments are sound, as well.
*Our numbers remain surprisingly consistent and, as restrictions lift and summer visitors arrive we expect our number of visitors and borrowers to increase.
*Laura will contact Cat Wright about shampooing the library rug.
*Per Laura the Library will have passes (some free, some reduced rate) for: Shelburne Farms, ECHO, Vt State Parks, State Historic Sites, VINS, Fairbanks Museum and the Vermont History Museum.
*The BFPL has been following conservative measures during the Covid shut-down with shorter hours, limited capacity and mandatory mask wearing. We are awaiting newer guidance as restrictions lift and will follow Town guidelines, based on State guidance. For now no changes will be made to hours, capacity or mask wearing.
*The Brookfield OC Playgroup is still not active but Laura continues to bring books to local daycare centers.
*The BFPL has been the beneficiary of books for youth from the Dept of Libraries as well as a donation of 8 books from a former patron. Laura has been processing these for our collection and has used this opportunity to weed some books from our existing collection.
*No surprises at Town Meeting, our budget passed. Dan Childs was re-elected and Starr Strong was elected to serve on the Board of Trustees (Welcome Starr!) The community gathered was officially informed of the 2 Little Libraries placed earlier this year.
*Summer Programming: We are planning to schedule an animal program/petting zoo at a time mutually agreed upon by the presenter and our library. As circumstances will depend on weather and temperature an inside option will be the Brookfield Town Hall. Further plans will depend on the scheduled time for the presentation.
*The Brookfield Historical Society is planning on some locally sited exhibits this summer around our community. One will be placed in our Library. Further details await.
*The annual Library summer reading program will proceed with limited programming. Laura and Christine Gilbert have coordinated on this and will distribute the materials.
*Scholarship Fund: The Board has decided to postpone initiating the Scholarship Fund this year, allowing another year of interest to accrue and establishing a process to decide on a recipient.
*NEXT MEETING: July 28, 2021 @ 6:30