Oct 192021

Draft Minutes of the Meeting of
Town Clerk’s Office
October 11, 2021
THOSE PRESENT: John Benson, Chair; Dennis LaRocque, Brenda Flint, Kate Threlkeld, Members; Dan Mason, Constable; Jon Jickling, Town Forester; Amy Ingrassia, Assistant Town Clerk/Assistant Town Treasurer; and Betty Lord, Secretary.
A. CALL TO ORDER: The Chair, Mr. Benson, called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m.
B. ADJUSTMENTS TO THE AGENDA: Mr. Jickling, Town Forester, presented a slide presentation to the Board concerning the advance of the Emerald Ash Borer and its threat to the ash trees in Brookfield. While there has been no evidence of the EAB in Brookfield to-date, there is evidence of infestation in adjoining counties. One of the main causes of infestation is moving logs and wood around from one location to another. Once an ash tree is infested it will mostly likely die within five years. Mr. Jickling stated that while it is not needed at the present time, an Ad Hoc Committee to discuss ways of addressing the problem of the EAB in the Town will be needed in the future.
C. PUBLIC COMMENT: Mr. Dan Mason, Constable for the Town, appeared before the Board to discuss a “barking dog” issue. Mr. Benson explained that before the Town could take any action, the complainant must have a record of time and dates of the disturbances. With that in hand the Board can take action according to the Town Ordinance. Mr. Mason will talk with the parties involved, explain the need for a record of date and times and report back to the Board.
l. Electrical Work – Mr. Benson stated that he had talked with an electrical firm in Barre, asking them for an estimate for the electrical work to be done on the shed at the garage and other projects. The Board already has an estimate from Harmony Electric for $5,000. Mr. Benson also reported that Harmony would not be able to start the work, if they are selected for the job, until some time in November.
2. Equipment Shed – Mr. LaRocque reported that Mr. Conniff had not had time to look at the shed and he will report back once Mr. Conniff makes that visit. Mr. LaRocque also talked with Mr. Higgins, Road Foreman, who stated that the work on Twin Pond Road should be completed by the end of this week and the work is going to come in close to the amount of the grant from Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission. The work completed, however does not include the culvert which will put the project over the amount of the grant.
Mr. LaRocque also said the grader is not working again. It was repaired and put back on the road, only to have it break down again. As the grader has been out of commission most of the summer, Mr LaRocque will ask Mr. Higgins to compile a record of the times the grader has been not working and the number of times it has been repaired.
W. B. Rogers will be working through this week stone lining ditches. The water pump is also being used to clean out culverts.
1. Jon Jickling, Emerald Ash Borer – See above
2. Municipal Planning Grant – Gwynn Zakov, Chair of the Brookfield Planning Commission, has contacted the Board to ask if they would be willing to review an application for a grant from Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission for the revision of the Brookfield Town Plan. The grant application is due November 1, 2021, with the grant period to be January 2022-May 2023. Our current plan expires September 2024. Ms. Flint has agreed to contact Ms. Zakov to let her know the Board would be willing to review the application if the planning commission wants to apply. The application will need to reach the Board by October 25 in time for it to be reviewed and approved by the November 1 deadline.
3. Health Officer – Mr. Benson will contact Ms. Starr Strong to ask if she will be willing to serve as the Town’s Health Officer again. If she agrees to serve, the Board will reappoint her to be the Town Health Officer.
4. PACIF Contact Letter – The Vermont League of Cities and Towns will be contacted and told that at present the Board does not have an administrative assistant. They will be asked to hold off on the firefighters insurance until a new AA is hired.
1. Administrative Assistant position update – This topic was tabled until Monday, October 18, when a special meeting of the Selectboard will take place for the discussion of the applicants.
2. Cemetery Policy – This issue was tabled until the next regular meeting of the Board as Mr. Kimmel was not present to review the policy with other members of the Board.
G. FLINT PERFORMANCE REVIEW – EXECUTIVE SESSION: This item on the agenda was tabled until the next regular meeting of the Board when Mr. Higgins will be present for the review.
H. MEETING MINUTES – 27 SEPT 2021: It was pointed out by Ms. Threlkeld that the spelling of Ms. Rita Seto’s name was incorrect as it was spelled with a “Z.” Ms. Threlkeld made a motion to accept theminutes as corrected. Ms. Flint seconded and the motion which was carried unanimously. 4-0-0
I. PAYROLL AND AP WARRANTS: The approval of the warrants was tabled until the special meeting on Monday, October 18.
J. OTHER PROPER BUSINESS: Ms. Threlkeld asked if there were any special projects that she could present to TAC. Mr. Benson suggested discussing the Emerald Ash Borer from a transportation perspective, what mitigation plans other towns in the region might have and what monies might be made available for such actions, as there will be many trees along the road sides that will need to be taken down.
K. ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business to come before the Board, Ms. Threlkeld made a motion to adjourn.
Ms. Flint seconded the motion and the meeting was adjourned at 8:31 p.m.