Nov 052021

Town of Brookfield Selectboard Meeting

08 November 2021

Immediately Following the Board of Civil Authority Public Meeting

Town Office



A. Call To Order


B. Adjustments to Agenda


C. Public Comments


D. Highway Report

1.  Personnel Review – executive session


E. New Business

1  Nina Gaby and Craig Smith – Barking Dog Ordinance

2. FEMA BRIC – scoping study, re: Halfway Brook culvert design


F. Old Business

1. Brookfield Cemeteries – Sexton Duties

2. Gift for Brenda’s scholarship fund

3. Retirement plan – Retire Well Vermont

4. Truck loan

5.  Review IT security


G. Meeting Minutes

1. 25 October 2021


H.   Payroll and AP Warrants


I.   Other Proper Business


J.  Adjournment