Sep 102021

Town of Brookfield Selectboard Meeting
13 September 2021
Immediately Following the Public Hearing
Town Office


A. Call To Order

B. Adjustments to Agenda

C. Public Comments

D. Highway Report
1. Access Permit –
2. Bear Hill Road Culvert
3. John Rice Culvert
4. Emergency Grant for 21 July Storms
a. Annual Financial Plan
b. Letter to state

E. New Business
1. LHMP Extension
2. Assemblage Permit Myra Flynn Concert
3. Assemblage Permit Market Day
4. Halfway Brook Grants

F. Old Business
1. Audit Letter

G. Meeting Minutes
1. 23 August 2021

H. Payroll and AP Warrants

I. Other Proper Business

J. Adjournment