Apr 232020

Town of Brookfield

The Selectboard for the Town of Brookfield will meet remotely by electronic means on
27 April 2020 at 6:20 PM

Information on how to access the remote meeting:

By telephone: Dial 1-952-206-4916. When prompted enter the meeting ID: 881559

Please review our “Informational Handout for Remote Public Meetings” to understand how these electronic meetings will be managed. If you wish to make a public comment but do not have the ability to comment remotely during the meeting, please email your comment(s) to Kasey Peterson at Admin@brookfieldvt.org


A. Call To Order

B. Adjustments to Agenda

C. Public Comments

D. Highway Report

E. New Business
1. TRORC Transportation Advisory Committee Rep
2. Cemetery Maintenance Bids – Mowing and Sexton Services
3. Extension for Submission of Grand List

F. Old Business
1. Tax Date Change – Interest on Delinquent Payments
2. Tatro Permit – Morgan Horse Race date change – 29 August 2020

G. Approve Minutes from the 13 April 2020 Meeting

H. Payroll and AP Warrants

I. Adjournment