Oct 212022

Town of Brookfield Selectboard Meeting

October 24, 2022

6:30 PM

Town Office


A. Call To Order

B. Adjustments to Agenda

C. Public Comments

1. Grant request from Planning Commission – Gwynn Zakov

2. Abutting property issue – Jocelyn Bolduc

D. Payroll and AP Warrants

E. Highway Report

1. Update on interviews

2. Mr. Higgins review

F. New Business

G. Old Business

1. Doug & Kasey Pixley – letter

2. Montgomery Road (TH54)

3. Website Update

4. Old State Road (TH45)

H. Meeting Minutes

1. October 10, 2022

I. Other Proper Business

1. Update on “Show Up For Brookfield” – Curtis and Stuart

J. Status Report

1. Health Care rates and Life Insurance

K. Adjournment