Jul 032018

Town of Brookfield

Selectboard Meeting

June 25, 2018 at 6:30 P.M.

Town Clerk’s Office

Draft Minutes


Present: John Benson (Chair), Cory Haggett, Jeff Kimmel, Dawn Conant


  1. Call to Order – 6:30 p.m.


  1. Adjustments to Agenda – None


  1. Public Comment – None


  1. New Business:


  1. Highway: Ray Peck (Road Crew Foreman) was not in attendance. The Board had a brief discussion about the amount of funding remaining in the FY 2017/2018 highway budget, along with the potential amount to be used toward expenses for the Chelsea Mountain Road paving.


  1. Public Assemblage Permit – Brookfield Community Partnership: the proposed permit looks to be their standard one. Mr. Benson made a motion to approve the Assemblage Permit for the Fat Toad Farm on September 20, 2018, Mr. Kimmel seconded: 3-0-0.


  1. Orange County Sheriff’s Contract: the Board decided to table this matter until the next meeting so that they can get input from the Public Safety Advisory Committee.


  1. Old Business:


  • Approve Minutes of June 11, 2018 meeting: Mr. Haggett made a motion to approve the June 11 minutes, Mr. Kimmel seconded: 3-0-0.


  1. Payroll/AP Warrants:


  • Haggett made a motion to pay the warrants totaling $54.981.17 with additional payments to Milton Cat (Loader repair) not to exceed $10,000.00 and Pike (Chelsea Mountain Road Paving) not to exceed $100,000.00. Other large bills include Evans Group (diesel): $11,934.00; Bethel Mills (bridges): $5,832.74; R.E. Tucker (gravel): $5,779.90. Mr. Kimmel seconded: 3-0-0.


  1. Other Proper Business:


  1. Municipal Highway and Stormwater Mitigation Grant.


  • Need Mr. Peck to review the grant requirements and determine what Brookfield projects might be eligible.
  • The application needs to be filled out and filed on-line, so Mr. Peck and Administrative Assistant Kasey Peterson will probably need to meet and work through the application.


  1. Soil Sample from Hippo Park.


  • Kimmel made a motion to approve the request of UVM and their contractor Sanborn, Head, and Associates to take a soil sample while collecting data for a broad Surficial Soil Background Study, Mr. Benson seconded: 3-0-0.


  1. Wages for Dawn Conant.


  • Benson made a motion to go into Executive Session at 7:21 p.m., Mr. Kimmel seconded: 3-0-0. The Board came out of the session at 7:25 p.m.


  1. Miscellaneous


  • Stuart Edson (PSAC) contacted Mr. Benson and asked about road signs and whether the Town had exhausted the signs budget. He left a list at the Town Garage for Mr. Peck for the next group of signs that are a priority for the next fiscal year.
  • Kimmel mentioned that the next Town-wide reappraisal is going to be in 2 years and that the cost is likely to be more than $100,000, which is substantially more than last version in 2007. The State provides some annual funding towards Town reappraisals; the Board will need to consult with the Listers over the next 2 years for budgeting purposes.
  • Benson mentioned that we should look at keeping track of the costs on the 2 newer pieces of Highway Department equipment and see if moving them out of use earlier than our normal turnover time makes sense. Mr. Peck and Ms. Peterson would likely be able to provide at least a general idea of individual equipment maintenance costs.
  • With this meeting, the Board has closed out FY 2017/2018: as a final item, Mr. Benson will follow up with Ms. Peterson and Mr. Peck in the next couple days regarding the appropriate amount to pay towards the Pike work on Chelsea Mountain Road.


  1.       Mr. Kimmel made a motion to adjourn at 7:32 p.m., Mr. Haggett seconded: 3-0-0.