Dec 052019

Town of Brookfield
Selectboard Meeting
October 28, 2019 at 6:30 P.M.
Town Clerk’s Office

Present: John Benson, Cory Haggett, (Jeff Kimmel not in attendance) Ray Peck (Highway Dept.)

  1. Call to Order – 6:30 p.m.
  2. Adjustments to Agenda – None
  3. Public Comment – Stan and Sharon Wheatley

Stan and Sharon Wheatley want to know the status of their application to build a building. It was submitted a few months ago and they would like to know the status, so if approved they can get it built before winter.
Mr. Benson will check with Jeff Kimmel as he is not in tonight and will have Jeff get back to them or he will.

4. New Business:

A. Highway

  1. Bob Wheatley Performance Review
    Ray says it is done. He needs Rob to sign it once they talk and then have the Selectboard review it.

2. Fuel Card Policy/and Log for F-350
Mr. Haggett will follow-up with Kasey on Tuesday as to the procedure/policy for the Fuel Card.

3. Other Highway Business
Historic Stone Wall was hit – no idea who did it or when. Was thought someone plowing did it. At this stage the Town does not believe it was one of our drivers.
Horner Road – State to replace fence.
Crew will be ditching on Tuesday as long as weather works. They will take dirt from ditches to landowners nearby. Mr. Benson suggested that they use it on Taylor Hill.
Ray meeting with FEMA people regarding project:
Can we resurface certain areas?
3,000 yards of material.
Will they reimburse us if not done by a certain date/time frame?
Ray to check with Kasey to see where we are on the grant.
Mr. Benson would like Kasey to go through and track all grant separately and have a status of what we have and when each one needs to be done.

Ray asked if we need to talk soon about the up and coming budget and any purchases etc. for the Highway Dept. (loader, truck, town garage addition). Mr. Benson commented that yes this needs to be discussed and we need to find out where we are on spending etc.

B. Old Post Road Insurance Claim

Grader hit wire that was buried under the road. It was put in years ago.
VLTC is not going to pay it as a claim.
There will still be problems this winter and down the road with this.
Can the Town in the spring dig a trench for the Owner’s to reinstall the wire at their (Owner’s) expense? Town digs and covers trench and Owner provides materials to go in trench.
Mr. Haggett cautioned that if we start doing this for them, the others in the Town would expect more of the same in the future.
A question was raised is it on file with the Town that they have power across the road.
Town does not want to pay. Have Theresa look for a permit (if any). Need to work to protect the Town in the future with this matter and others if they arise.

C. Barre Town Ambulance Report – FYI

5. Old Business:

A. Stone Road Survey
Complete. File plat in land reports.

B. Personnel Policy Changes
Mr. Kimmel working on with Kasey. Tabled until the next meeting when he can be in attendance.

C. Approve Amended Meeting Minutes of August 26, 2019 meeting.

Mr. Haggett made a motion to approve the Amended August 26, 2019 meeting minutes. Mr. Benson seconded it. 2-0-0.

D. Approve Meeting Minutes of October 14, 2019 meeting.


6. Payroll/AP Warrants:

A. Mr. Haggett made a motion to pay the warrants totaling $19,533.37 with large bills that include R.E. Tucker (gravel): $8,837.50; BCBSVT (Health Ins.): $3,934.30; Rouse Tire Sales (truck tires): $1,912.48. Mr. Benson seconded. 2-0-0.

Other Proper Business:

Mr. Benson mention that Julie gave her resignation for the WRV Ambulance Board. He will ask Andy about this.

Jay Ansel/Jeff Connor – meeting at the Town Garage – move forward with the planning of building it. He asked if the Board gives him authorization to get the agreements needed to move forward with this portion of the planning. Mr. Haggett seconded it. 2-0-0

8. Mr. Haggett made a motion to adjourn at 7:24 p.m., Mr. Benson. 2-0-0