Dec 042019

DRAFT       Meeting Minutes of the Brookfield Conservation Commission             Nov. 25, 2019

Present: Jon Binhammer, Starr Strong, Kathy Kinter, Sue Shea, Jon Jickling

Meeting came to order at 7:00 PM

Review of October minutes which were unanimously approved as presented.

There was no one from the public in attendance.

Bylaws: We reviewed the second draft, amended it and voted unanimously to adopt it as amended.  Jon B will make the agreed upon changes and email us the final draft. He will also give it to the Select Board for their review.  We will sign the bylaws at our December meeting.

Open meeting law: Kathy reviewed open meeting law.

Forest Fragmentation:  Sue presented a recap of the webinar she watched concerning Act 171, the purpose of which is to maintain and improve ecological integrity of forest blocks and connectors throughout the state by incorporating such goals into town plans and zoning.  We agreed that given the Planning Commission’s current reassessment of Development Bylaws, we have a role to play in researching and providing input towards meeting the aforementioned goals of Act 171.

Needed Actions: 

Jon B. will attend the next Planning Commission meeting if there is time on their agenda. 

Sue will send our commission the link to the webinar so that we can watch prior to our next meeting. She will also contact Jens Hilke, wildlife biologist with VT Fish and Wildlife, to request that he attend our next meeting to discuss Act 171and BioFinder in detail.  Members of the Planning Commission will be invited to join us.

Development Bylaws:  Jon J. of the Planning Commission asked for input regarding the current regulations on setbacks along shorelines of town waterways.  After discussion that touched on current and best practices, the regional planning commission and state regulations, it was decided that our commission needs to first familiarize ourselves with the Development Bylaws.  Kathy suggested that the Planning Commission look to state regs for guidance as well.

Needed Actions:

Prior to the next meeting we will all review the Development Bylaws Jon J sent us.

Jon B will check with Two Rivers Regional Planning for their recommendations.

Other business: It was agreed that we need a visible presence on the town website, i.e, a Conservation Commission designated tab. 

            Need Action:

 We will look at other town websites to see what they have done and discuss this at the next meeting.

Next meeting:  Dec 16, 2019

Meeting Adjourned at 8:45 PM. 

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Kinter