Jan 162018

The Town of Brookfield has recently made changes to our ambulance services.

As of January 1, 2018 ambulance coverage for the Town has been split at Steele Hill Road/VT Route 65/East Hill Road/Chelsea Road.

Residents living on the South side of that line will still be covered by White River Valley Ambulance, but residents living on the North side of that line will be now covered by Barre Town EMS.

You will still call 911 in case of emergency and the dispatcher will send the appropriate ambulance service.

Patients that require hospitalization will be taken to Central Vermont Medical Center by Barre Town EMS or Gifford Medical Center by White River Valley Ambulance. However, a patient has the right to request transport to whichever hospital they would prefer.

Please see  the  Brookfield 911  map to determine which ambulance service covers your area of Town.

If you have further questions please call the Brookfield Town Clerk’s Office (276-3352).