Jun 022021

Agreeably to the provisions of Title 32 VSA, Sec. 4111, notice is hereby given that the undersigned Listers within and for the Town of Brookfield have completed the abstract of individual lists of persons, co-partnerships, associations or corporations owning taxable property in said town on April 1st 2021, and that they have lodged the same in the office of the clerk of said town for the inspection of taxpayers.

We encourage you to call the office to discuss your value changes to help limit face to face meetings. If you would like to grieve the value after discussing, please submit in WRITING your request to the Town Office prior to June 18th at 4:30 PM. Please include a phone number. Grievance hearings will be June 19th by appointment only.

Please call the Lister’s office at 802-276-3352 to arrange an appointment time for your grievance hearing.

Dated June 1st, 2021

Listers: Stuart Edson, Teresa Godfrey, Phyllis Humez