Apr 152022

Town of Brookfield Selectboard Meeting

11 April 2022

6:30 PM

Town Office

Draft Meeting Minutes

Those Present: John Benson, Chair; Jeff Kimmel, Dennis LaRocque (via zoom), Betty Lord (via zoom) Kate Threlkeld (via zoom) Members; Vicki Blanchard, Administrative Assistant, Amy Ingrassia, Assistant Town Clerk, Jack Zebora, Jon Jickling, Lew Stowell, Brookfield Public Safety Advisory Committee.

A. Call To Order – Mr. Benson called the Selectboard meeting to order at 6:39 p.m.

B. Adjustments to Agenda – None

C. Public Comments

1. Brian Lafayette – (did not attend the SB meeting).

2. Lew Stowell – Mr. Stowell (on behalf of the PSAC) presented recommendations regarding review and updating of the Town Traffic Ordinance. The PSAC has developed draft lists of potential regulatory changes, including speed limits, stop and yield intersections, parking regulations, penalty provisions, and repeal of prior regulations. The Board will review the proposals, along with consulting with the PSAC regarding changes to the ordinance.

3. Jon Jickling – Mr. Jickling that he was going to continue to monitor the area for Emerald Ash Borer. He will work on trying to keep the Town informed through meetings on the insect also. He is looking to manage the forest going forward also. He will be putting up traps and has most everything with the exception of a lure and wondered if the Town could help: the Board recommended he contact the Conservation Commission.

4. Jack Zebora – Annual Town Meeting Warning. Mr. Zebora brought up Article 8 of the Annual Town Meeting Warning, asking for a reason why percentages were used and not monetary amounts, and felt others would question this also. Mr. Benson explained why it was done this way and then stated that at Town Meeting day he will give a full explanation to everyone.

D. Highway Report

1. The Road Crew have been out grading, hauling, and ditching and the roads seem to be in fairly good condition. Mr. LaRocque stated the Mr. Stowell called him praising Mr. Higgins for responding quickly to a beaver dam on Eagle Peak Road and that Mr. LaRocque will try and locate someone who will either trap the offending beavers or come up with a way to keep them from clogging the culvert again.

E. New Business

1. Planning Town Meeting – Ms. Blanchard will check on tables and chairs and a small tent from the Brookfield School. A larger tent from Rain or Shine will need to be rented out also. The Board will work with the OSSD school board on a backup plan in case it rains, and see if the meeting can be inside the Brookfield School if conditions warrant.

F. Old Business

G. Meeting Minutes

1. 28 March 2022 – Mr. Benson made a motion to accept the minutes, Mr. Kimmel seconded, and it passed unanimously: 5-0-0.

H. Payroll and AP Warrants – Mr. Kimmel made a motion to approve the AP warrants as presented with a total of $42,753.24, with the highest payment being made to R. E. Tucker for dense gravel in the amount of $9,150.00. Ms. Lord seconded the motion which carried unanimously: 5-0-0.

I. Other Proper Business – Mr. Kimmel reported that he and Steve Hill had reviewed the conditions of TH45 – Old Stage Road. After going over some of the history paperwork and waiting for the end of mud season, Mr. Kimmel and Mr. Hill walked the length of TH45. Mr. Hill brought along a surveyor’s wheel and they took several measurements along the way. The Westerly portion of the road is, at best, Class 4. It is also somewhat obstructed around the point where the road shifts from Class 3 to Class 4 (and/or Trail status). The goal would be to classify (or re-classify) the relevant portions of TH45 to accurately reflect actual road conditions. Which will likely trigger an update of the annual road mileage certification report.

J. Adjournment – Mr. Benson made a motion to adjourn at 7:50 p.m., Mr. Kimmel seconded the motion, and there being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was unanimously adjourned.