Mar 292017

The Town of Brookfield

Selectboard Meeting

27 March 2017 at 6:30 PM

 Town Clerk’s Office


                    Present: John Benson, Jeff Kimmel, Cory Haggett, Ray Peck, Dan Bohnyak, Kasey Peterson

  1. Call to Order – 6:31


  1. Adjustments to the Agenda – none


  1. Public Comment – None


  1. New Business
  2. Dan Bohnyak was present to discuss the potential upgrade of a portion of Lamson Pond Road from Class 4 to Class 3. He has reached out to landowners about the upgrade. At this time 2 out-of-state owners have not responded, but the residential owners are in agreement. There was discussion regarding how much of the road might be upgraded depending on which landowners are amenable, leaving options for only a quarter mile or the full half mile to Mr. Bohnyak’s driveway. Either way a proper turnaround, for the benefit of the Town Road Crew vehicles, would have to be built unless the Board decided that the road should be upgraded all the way through. Mr. Benson pointed out that although the cost of the upgrade would be the responsibility of the landowners on Lamson Pond Road, the project would still be subject to the legal process: the landowners would be advised by certified mail, a public hearing would be conducted, and the ultimate decision would rest with the Board. Mr. Peck will do a site visit and discuss the cost of upgrade with Mr. Bohnyak. No action taken at this time.
  3. Highway
  4. The recent bad weather resulted in a few minor issues with the town trucks. The wing bracket on the 10 wheel truck has been repaired and the plow blade on Truck #2 was welded. No one was hurt and no lasting damage was done to any of the equipment.
  5. Due to the failure of the engine on the old Town grader the trade-in value of that machine was reduced from $30,000 to $10,000. The cost of repair for that engine was in excess of $15,000. Mr. Benson made a motion to appropriate $15,000 from the Equipment Repair budget to offset the difference in the trade-in amount. Mr. Haggett seconded. 3-0-0.

Mr. Benson then made a motion that in consideration of the looming mud season the Town proceed immediately to purchase the new grader. Mr. Haggett seconded. 3-0-0.

  1. Benson made a motion to pursue a FY 2018 road grant for the repair of Northfield Road. Mr. Haggett seconded. 3-0-0.
  2. TRORC

Mr. Benson is reviewing the Local Emergency Operations Plan. There seem to be very few, if any, changes to the current plan. No action taken.  

  1. The Board received a letter from Northfield Ambulance Service. They would like to be considered for partial coverage of Brookfield. However, for now the Board will continue to pursue negotiations for Brookfield coverage with White River Valley Ambulance and the Town of Barre. No action taken.


  1. Old Business
  2. Haggett made a motion to approve the minutes of the 13 March 2017 as written. Mr. Benson seconded. 3-0-0
  3. It has come to the Selectboard’s attention that the previous decision to limit the Planning Commission membership to five members was based on incorrect information. According to the Commission rules, the correct number of members is seven. In light of the fact that it will take some time to convert to a Development Review Board system, Mr. Benson made a motion to appoint Elle O’Casey and John Lemieux to the Planning Commission. Mr. Haggett seconded. 3-0-0


  1. Payroll/AP Warrant

Mr. Kimmel made a motion to pay the warrants in the amount of $156,045.21. Among the large bills is $150,000.00 to Southworth-Milton Cat for the down payment on the new grader; Capital One for $1,801.31; Reynolds and Sons for $1,272.67. Mr. Haggett seconded. 3-0-0


  1. Other Proper Business –
  2. Benson has discussed with DuBois and King the possibility of surveying the piece of property adjacent to the Town Garage in consideration of a boundary adjustment. The cost to establish that line is $1,500. Surveying the entire parcel will cost roughly $6,000.00. Mr. Kimmel made a motion to conduct an initial survey to establish the boundary line where it meets the garage property. Mr. Haggett seconded. 2-0-1. Mr. Benson recused himself from the vote due to his affiliation with DuBois and King.
  3. Letter from Vermont Youth Conservation Corp on Class 4 road erosion mitigation: Tabled. This letter was passed on to Mr. Peck for further review.
  4. Town Auditor Ginny Brees has recommended an audit for the current fiscal year. While the audit of the 2014-15 year turned up very few issues, some state grants require outside audits.
  5. The guard rails on the east end of Northfield Road were discussed. Mr. Peck has wooden posts to replace the ones that are there. Mr. Peck was asked to add this to the summer project list.


  1. Kimmel made a motion to adjourn at 8:21. Mr. Benson seconded. 3-0-0


Respectfully Submitted,

Kasey Peterson