May 192021

Minutes of the
Meeting of
Virtual by Zoom
May 10, 2021
THOSE PRESENT: John Benson, Chair; Dennis LaRocque Board Member, Walt Garner, Karen Schabot, a caller identified only as ‘Richie,’ and a caller that did not identified themself.

A. Call to order: Chair John Benson called the meeting to order at 6:30pm

B. Adjustments to the agenda. NONE

C. Public Comments; Walt Garner and Karen Schabot, hereinafter referred to as the landowners, who live on TH42 discussed their frustration over the Wakefield farms use of TH42 causing damage to their property as the farm is moving cattle to pasture on the farms land off TH42 each spring. The landowners state that the Wakefield’s move their animals on the wettest day each spring and the farm has access to their property from another road and choose to use TH42 instead. They have spoken to Mrs. Alice Wakefield about this and did not get a response. They were told by Scott Wakefield that he is using TH42 so that the road is not “thrown up” by the town. Walt and Karen are seeking some guidance from the select board in how to deal with their issue. Chair Benson offered to speak with the Wakefield’s about this matter and assured them that the town has no interest in throwing up a road and explained the various steps that it would take to legally do this. Chair Benson suggested that the landowners contact the department of Agriculture as the town has no authority when it comes to agricultural use of roads. The landowner would like to pursue having TH42 thrown up by the town and Chair Benson suggested that they draft a letter to the board explaining their reason why the town should do so.

D. Highway Report; Road Foreman Tim Higgins was absent from the meeting however Board member Jeff Kimmel had reported via email that the town road crew is busy grading roads and cleaning brush. They also did some major cleanup at the town garage property coinciding with green up day. The road crew will continue with grading, cleaning culverts and ditching. We are still waiting to meet with GMP about relocating a utility pole at the Town Office before beginning work on improving the parking area.
a. Performance Review – Richard Hamblin. Agreed to move this item to the end of this meeting.

E. New Business; The town received a response from Senator Sanders office in regards to a letter submitted seeking funding under the federal governments proposed infrastructure bill. Chair Benson offered to contact the senator’s office and set up a meeting to discuss the towns needs.

F. Old Business

a. Highway Credit Card. The bank would like an employee’s name on a credit card versus “Highway Department”. Mr LaRocque made a motion to have the card issued in the name of the Road Foreman Tim Higgins. Chair Benson seconded. Motion carried 2-0
b. Richard Doolen – LHMP Mr Doolen was absent

G. Approve minutes from April 26, 2021 Select Board Meeting. There were no minute’s present at the meeting so no action was taken.

H.  Payroll and Warrants. Mr LaRocque made a motion to accept the warrants in the amount of $5,941.70 with the largest amount going to R.E. Tucker for Gavel in the amount of $2,079.00 Mr Benson seconded and motion carried 2-0

I. Other Proper Business.
a.  The board went into executive session at 7:10pm to discuss Richard Hamblin’s performance review and exited the executive session at 7:17
b. Chair Benson reported that he is drafting a report from the select board to be presented at town meeting

J.  Adjournment. Mr. LaRocque made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by chair Benson. Motion carried 2-0