Oct 082020

Minutes of the Meeting of
Town Clerk’s Office
September 28, 2020

THOSE PRESENT: John Benson, Chair; Jeff Kimmel, Dennis LaRocque, Richard Doolen, Will White, Tim Higgins, Rob Wheatley

A. CALL TO ORDER: The Chair, John Benson called the meeting to order at 6:34 p.m.


C: PUBLIC COMMENTS: Mr. Will White came before the Board providing an update on ECFiber’s plan to bring service to his home. He stated that it is possible a pending grant that could benefit Old Cross Road would end before the service poles could be installed. Mr. White asked if there was not enough time to get the poles in, if the Board would approved putting approximately 650 ft of line under the road. Mr. Benson stated that the Town would prefer poles but running the lines along the side of the road in conduit with ECFiber paying the $3,000 cost would be acceptable. He also stated that if there is an open cut, there should be a warning posted. The same conditions would continue to apply as when the project was first approved. ECFiber will have full responsibility and no cost to the Town. If the Town should need to move the lines in the future, it will be done at no cost to the Town.
Mr. Benson also asked that a folder be developed outlining all of these requirements and kept at the Town garage. The license agreement should be the same as the one used for a prior East Street project. Mr. Benson made a motion that the Board approve the lines being put completely underground, but that poles would be preferred if they can be installed before having to forfeit the grant. Mr, Kimmel seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.


1. Mr. Richard Doolen appeared before the Board to request that he be appointed Director of Emergency Management for the Town of Brookfield Mr. Doolen is currently working in a similar capacity for the towns of Randolph and Braintree. Mr. Benson stated he had held the position for years as Chief of the Fire Department. Mr. Benson said he would endorse Mr. Doolan as this position needs to be filled. Mr. LaRocque moved to accept the appointment of Mr. Doolen as Director of Emergency Management. Mr. Kimmel seconded and the motions was unanimously approved. Mr. Kimmel was asked to forward Mr. Doolan a copy of the current Emergency Preparedness Plan.

2. Life Insurance: Topic tabled until the planning of the 2021 budget.

E. Highway
1. TA-66 and TA 65 for the Ridge Road Grant— The Board members signed these two forms for the grant from the State of Vermont Agency of Transportation in the total amount of $212,556.40 for the paving of the Ridge Road.

2. Tucker invoice—This invoice represented 56 yards of 1-1/4 plant mix and 28 yards of dense graded. Mr. LaRocque made a motion to accept the invoice as is was presented by Tucker. Mr. Kimmel seconded and the motion was unanimously approved.

3. Time Clock- The question before the Board was whether or not to have a time clock installed at the Town Garage. Mr. Higgins, who will be the new Road Foreman, favors a software system for time keeping. He said it makes payroll much easier as well being advantageous when planning a budget. The Board unanimously agreed with the idea of looking into software for time keeping and asked Mr. Higgins to check out software programs.

Mr. Rob Wheatley, Interim Road Foreman, reported they are finished with the project on East Hill. He has called Summit to get an estimate for seeding the area. Mr. Kimmel was asked to check with Mrs. Peterson at the Town Clerk’s Office, to ascertain how much of the grant has been used. Mr. Wheatley stated the last invoice has been received from Stanley Wheatley and there will be no more invoices for materials. The only expense left on the project is for the hydro seeds. Mr. Rob Wheatley will present Mrs. Peterson with records of time spent and materials used to put against the grant. If a final inspection is required to satisfy the grant, the inspection should be arranged for two weeks out, in order for to allow time for the seeding. Mr. Wheatley also reported that the final grading of roads will be done soon, followed by ditch digging before winter. Mr. Wheatley reported they had repaired a washout at Kibbee Road and Kibbee Road Extension and repaired a driveway.

Mr LaRocque made a motion to accept the application of Ms. Pat Mercier to move her driveway with notations as provided by the Mr. Wheatley, Interim Road Foreman. Mr. Kimmel seconded and the motion was unanimously approved.
The Twin Pond Road culvert has been repaired.
Mr. Benson asked Mr. Higgins to do a report on Sprague sand pit, the proposed new sand source. One question arose about what will it cost to get a crusher to crush 5,000 yards a year for three years and a bulldozer to come in and strip the site about 1-1/2 acres each year and then re-cover the site? This will put the Town in a good position for next summer and this information will also be needed to plan the budget.

F. Old Business

1. Personnel Policy—The Personnel Policy has now been updated. Mr. Benson suggested one edit: ”fulltime employee is defined as working 32 hours” as opposed to the previous 40 hours. Mr. Kimmel seconded and the motion was carried unanimously.

2. Local Hazard Emergency Plan Grant—Mr. Benson reported that he had met with two people from Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission who offered input in the writing of the last Emergency Plan. The grant is for $10,150 with the Town paying $2,500. Mr. Kimmel will get in touch with Ms. Gwynn Zakov, Chair of the Planning Commission, to inform her of the need to update the plan. Mr. Benson noted that the Commission has 12 months to update the plan and that not much has changed since the last update. He asked Mr. Kimmel to send copies of the present plan to Mr. LaRocque, Mr. Benson, and Ms. Zakov.

H. PAYROLL AND AP WARRANTS —Mr. LaRocque moved to accept the accounts payable report for a total of $28,140.55 with the largest expense being Caterpillar Financial Services for $19,753.91. Mr. Kimmel seconded and the motion was unanimously approved.

At 8:20 p.m. the Board went into executive session regarding a personnel review. At 8:24 Mr. Benson moved to come out of executive session. Mr. LaRocque seconded and the motion carried.

I. OTHER PROPER BUSINESS- Mr. Benson stated that he would complete an employment agreement for Mr. Tim Higgins, new Road Foreman, which would include the terms that were discussed at his interview and hiring.
Mr. Benson will also prepare a draft lease agreement for the proposed Sprague sand pit. Mr LaRocque said that he met with the Garage Committee on Tuesday, September 22 to discuss various objectives. There will be an Open House at the Town Garage on Saturday, October 17, 2020; the purpose of which is to acquaint the public with the equipment that is necessary to keep the roads of Brookfield in proper shape and to meet the new Road Crew Foreman.

ADJOURNMENT —There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 8:34 p.m.