Oct 012022


Town of Brookfield Selectboard Meeting

September 26, 2022

6:30 PM

Town Office

Draft Minutes

Present: John Benson, Chair; Betty Lord, Curtis Koren, Stuart Edson, Keith Sprague, members; Vicki Blanchard, Administrative Assistant; Amy Ingrassia, Assistant Treasurer.

A. Call To Order – Mr. Benson called the Selectboard meeting to order at 6:39 pm

B. Adjustments to Agenda – none

C. Public Comments –

1. Ms. Ingrassia reported that Mr. Zebora, the 911 agent, in town was asked to supply a 911 number to a new family on Maloney Road. Unfortunately, the 911 system does not show Maloney Road because it does not go from one road through to another. Mr. Benson recommended Ms. Ingrassia tell Mr. Zebora that he ask 911 to add Maloney Road to their system since it is on Brookfield’s official road map.

2. Ms. Koren reported that she had drafted a letter called “Show Up for Brookfield” and asked the Board to review it and then at the next meeting to discuss it and finalize it so it can be posted. This letter is about trying to get more town’s people interested in positions in Town.

D. Payroll and AP Warrants – Ms. Lord made a motion to approve AP Warrants as presented with a total of $50,253.88 with the largest payment being made to Artisan Well Company in the amount of $16,070.00. Mr. Edson seconded the motion which carried unanimously 5-0–0.

E. Highway Report – Mr. Higgins was on vacation last week and due to the weather the road crew spent the time hauling crushed stone as well as putting up signs on East Street and a few other areas. The No Parking signs have been put up near Hippo Park and we are now waiting to hear from Dig Safe on the remainder that need to be put up. Mr. Sprague reported that the well at the garage has been drilled and he is going to discuss the results of Haggett’s sand pit with Mr. Higgins. There have been some inquiries for the open road crew position and hopefully more will be coming.

F. New Business – none

G. Old Business

1. Quit Claim deeds for Old Stage Road – Mr. Edson reported that there needs to be one change in the letter that goes out by the attorney. Mr. Benson made a motion to move forward with authorizing the Town Attorney to make the change and then mail out the letter to the Old Stage Road occupants. Ms. Lord seconded the motion which was carried unanimously 5-0-0

2. Repeater progress update – Mr. Benson reported that R&R Communication and Brookfield Elementary School have decided on the location of the repeaters at the school. One of them will be for the Fire Department and the other for the Highway Department.

H. September 12, 2022 Meeting Minutes – Ms. Lord made a motion to accept the September 12, 2022 minutes as amended, Ms. Koren seconded the motion which carried unanimously 5-0-0

I Other Proper Business

1. Doug and Kasey Pixley letter – This letter is being tabled and will be discussed at the next meeting.

2. Public Safety Committee report – Mr. Edson mentioned that signage was discussed at the Safety Committee Meeting. It was pointed out that the sign on Cemetery Street and Hopkins Road was put up incorrectly.

3. EMB-2021-BR-007-0010 – Brookfield Halfway Brook Culvert Project Scoping

Mr. Benson will read the award that was just received and then will have a phone conversation with FEMA and Two Rivers so that the project can move forward.

4. Web page upgrade – Mr. Edson talked with Thor Hansen, our Web page manager, and was told it would not be very hard to change our Web page. Mr. Benson would like Mr. Edson to setup a time that the Board could meet with Thorworks so he could hear what changes we would like to see and then have him come back with a quote.

J. Status report –

1. PACIF Risk Management report – Ms. Blanchard reported the progress of the correction that need to be made at the Town Garage, Fire Station and the Town Clerks office regarding insurance coverage.

2. VT Dept of Environmental Conservation – Re issuance was done in 3/2022.

J. Adjournment – Ms. Benson made a motion to adjourn at 8:45 pm, Ms. Koren seconded the motion and there being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was unanimously adjourned.