Oct 052022

Addendum 2

Brookfield Town Garage building

October 4, 2022


Response to questions

1.       Q. Can photos of the existing overhead doors and operators be provided? A. Photos can be emailed separately. Please use the following email address:  admin@brookfieldvt.org

2.       Q. Are remote controls for the operation of the overhead doors required? A. Yes. The remote shall be capable of operating both doors independently. Six remotes are required.

3.       Q. OHD clearance requires the use of low headroom track and trolley. An additional 8-inches of clearance is required for standard track. A. Bid project as is. Suggest you include the cost to increase the head clearance by 8-inches as an alternative.

4.       Q. Operators for doors specified to be mounted between the doors at 4-feet above the floor, is this correct? A. see photo of existing door controller and match.

5.       Q. R value of overhead doors, R-17, R-15. A. Minimum of R-10 is required. Building must comply with the VT Energy Code, increasing the insulation of the door may allow you to alter another component of the building envelope as a part of your proposal.

6.       Q. Are any other permits required. Floor drains? A. The floor drains are to be connected to an exterior storage tank with no outlet/discharge.

7.       Q. Will the Owner be providing the All-Builders Risk Insurance for the project? A. Project insurance, as required, shall be the responsibility of the Contractor, costs for which shall be included in your bid.

8.       Q. Are Bonds required. Bid, performance, etc. A. A performance Bond may be required as a part of the contract.

9.       Q. Will the Owner be carrying a testing allowance for the concrete? A. No Contractor shall retain the service of an independent testing firm to preform the required testing. Costs for which shall be included in the bid.

10.   Q. Plan calls for “smart” vapor barrier, please provide spec./manufacturer. A. Unable to find this reference on the plan sheet. Use standard vapor barrier materials where required.

11.   Q. Will the existing shed be demoed by the Town or the Contractor? Has the building been checked for asbestos? A. The building will be removed by the Town. The building is a three-sided wood frame single wood skinned shed with a metal roof with no finishes, insulation, etc.  Note, this shed will not be removed until the spring of 2023.

12.   Q. Which direction is the roof to slope? A. The ridge line shall run parallel to the wall containing the overhead doors.

13.   Q. Will the water line to be intercepted to feed the hose bibs have to be sleeved under the building? A. At the time the RFP was issued, this was the only water supply to the existing garage. Since that time a new well and supply line has been installed to serve the existing Garage. The water line from the old well will now only serve the new building.  Thus provisions to bring the line and control wires into the new build must be provided but the line will no longer continue to the existing garage.

14.   Q. Can the Bid be emailed to the Town on the bid date? A. Yes, provided it is sent to the Town Administrative Assistant and is received in time frame specified.

15.   Q. Are there two water lines? A. Yes. The second line was installed to the existing garage from the newly driller well this fall. This line will be marked in the field prior to your start of work and was located so as not to impact this project.

16.   Q. Is there a better copy of the site plan? A. Not at this time.

17.   Q. Where is the foundation drain to discharge? A. The foundation drain shall be tie into the existing on-site closed drainage system There are two Catch Basins or Drop Inlets in close proximity to the proposed building. One near the northeast corner of the existing shed and the second near the northeast corner of the existing Garage.

18.   Q. Is the existing well control in the existing garage? A. It was. The controls for the old will have been disconnected. The control and pressure tank have been set aside and will be reinstalled in the new building to service the hose bibs.

19.   Q. 240v breaker for the well pump?  A. This statement is incorrect, the 240V two pole breaker and outlet are for a portable welder.

20.   Q. Can you provide a list of prospective bidders? A. No, the Town has not required potential bidders to identify themselves prior to the bid.

21.   Q. If I wanted to visit the site, who would I schedule this with? A. If you want to make a site visit, please schedule this with the Town Road Foreman, Tim Higgins. Tim can be reached at 1-802-636-7119.