Nov 132021

MINUTES of the Brookfield Selectboard Meeting
November 8, 2021
Held at the Town Clerk’s Office
Those Present: John Benson, Chair; Jeff Kimmel, Dennis LaRocque, Kate Threlkeld, and Betty Lord, Members; Vicki Blanchard, Administrative Assistant; Tim Higgins, Road Foreman; Amy Ingrassia, Assistant Town Clerk; Jack Zebora

A. CALL. TO ORDER – Following the meeting of the Board of Civil Authority, Mr. Benson called the Selectboard meeting to order at 6:51 p.m.

B. ADJUSTMENTS TO THE AGENDA – There being no objections, Item E1 was moved to the first order of business. Mrs. Nina Gaby and Mr. Craig Smith appeared before the Board to report the problem of a barking dog in their neighborhood. She stated that a letter had been sent to the owner and the Town Constable, Mr. Dan Mason, had visited the dog owner, all to no avail. Mr. Benson said that in order to act under the Dog Ordinance, Mrs. Gaby will need to have data of the times the dog is barking and present that data to the Board. Mrs. Gaby agreed to do so. Also the Constable will be asked to visit the neighbors in the area surrounding Mrs. Gaby’s property and report his findings.

C. PUBLIC COMMENTS – Mr. Jack Zebora stated that Weight Limit signs need to be installed at Route 12 and Northfield Road and on Witts Bridge Road. He also asked about a dry hydrant that has been made a part of his pond. Mr. Benson told him that no permit is required but that he should notify the Fire Department that the hydrant is in place in the event water from his pond is needed to fight a fire.

1. Personnel Review – Executive Session – Mr. Kimmel made a motion to go into Executive Session at 7:30 p.m. to discuss a personnel matter. Ms. Threlkeld seconded the motion which was passed unanimously: 5-0-0.
After the discussion, Mr. Kimmel made a motion to come out of Executive Session at 8:02 p.m. Ms. Threlkeld seconded the motion which was unanimously approved: 5-0-0.
2. Twin Pond Grant – Mr. Benson made a motion to sign all the close out documents for the Twin Pond grant. Mr. Kimmel seconded and the motion was carried unanimously: 5-0-0.

Mr. Higgins reported the work on the washouts in West Brookfield has been repaired. However, there is further work that needs to be done. Mr. Higgins will find out who the property owners are as well as the person who handles the river management for that part of the river to discuss what needs to be done.

Mr. Higgins said that all repairs from the July storm are now done. He also reported on the status of electrical systems at the Town Garage.
Mr. Benson said that he had met with a representative from VTrans with respect to the contract with the State for the care of VT Rt 65. The standard vendor contract can be renewed for another year with an update of labor costs and vehicle use.
Mr. Higgins reported that the five bridges not covered by VTrans had been inspected and significant work needs to be done in repairing the Parker Road Bridge.
Mr. Higgins also reported that all the road equipment is ready for winter.

1. Nina Gaby and Craig Smith – Barking Dog Ordinance – See above
2. FEMA BRIC – Scoping Study Re: Halfway Brook Culvert Design – Mr. Benson will call Rita Seto at Two Rivers-Outtauquechee Regional Commission to discuss applying for a grant through FEMA for the design of the Halfway Brook culvert.
Mr. Benson reported that a notice had been received from TRORC for annual dues in the amount of $966.00 at a per capita cost of $1.58.

1. Brookfield Cemeteries – Sexton Duties – This item was tabled until next meeting due to the time spent on the meeting of the BCA.
2. Gift for Brenda Flint’s Scholarship Fund – The Board unanimously agreed to send $250 from the Miscellaneous line item in the budget to the Brenda Churchill Memorial Scholarship Fund at Vermont Technical College.
3. Retirement Plan – Retire Well Vermont. This item was tabled until the Administrative Assistant can poll the employees on the payroll of the Town to see if there is any interest in signing up for the plan.
4. Truck Loan – Mr. Benson will complete the Federal tax forms to show that none of the money borrowed for the new truck will be used for taxes as the Town is exempt.
5. Review IT Security – A special meeting of the Board has been set for December 6th at 6:30 p.m. to review IT security. The appropriate people will be notified of the meeting.

1. 25 October 2021 – Mr. LaRocque pointed out that “Haggett” was misspelled in the minutes. Mr. Kimmel made a motion to accept the minutes as modified. Mr. LaRocque seconded and the motion was carried unanimously. 5-0-0.

H. PAYROLL and AP WARRANTS – Ms.Lord made a motion to approve the AP warrants as presented with a total of $39,917.29 with the highest payment being made to Caterpillar Financial Services for payment on the loader in the amount of $19,817.12. Mr. LaRocque seconded the motion which carried unanimously. 5-0-0.

I. Minutes – Ms. Lord reported that she had spoken to someone at The Herald and the Brookfield Selectboard minutes would now be printed in the second issue of the Herald following each Board meeting.

J. OTHER PROPER BUSINESS – Mr LaRocque made a motion that the Board go into Executive Session. Mr. Benson seconded the motion which was unanimously approved: 5-0-0. The Executive Session began at 9:03 p.m. At 9:11 Mr. Benson made a motion that the Board come out of Executive Session. Mr. Kimmel seconded and the motion was unanimously approved: 5-0-0.

1. Mr. Kimmel made a motion to adjourn at 9:16 p.m. Ms. Threlkeld seconded the motion and there being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting was unanimously adjourned.