Laura Rochat

Jul 162022

Present and Voting: Amy Borgman, Dan Childs, Emily Noyes, Susan O’Brien, Starr Strong
Present and Not Voting: Laura Rochat, Librarian

-Welcome to our Board’s 5th member, Susan O’Brien, duly elected and sworn in, bringing us up to full membership. So glad to have you with us!
-Treasurer’s Report: We are beginning our new fiscal year as of July 1, 2022. Per Dan we are on track with our records showing most of our 2021 expenditures went for books and other resources. Our latest phone contract has saved a considerable amount of money for us and the Town.
-Librarian’s Report: Summer numbers are picking up a bit as school has let out and Summer visitors are arriving. Laura reports that the BFPL is again collaborating with the Brookfield Elementary School on the annual Vermont Library reading program. Transitioning folks to the new Overdrive platform for ListenUp VT is still in progress and is going well.
Info on ARPA Funds and recent programming noted in Minutes below.
-OLD Business: We recently hosted 2 programs, as noted below
*An educator from VINS presented a wildlife program at the BES as a precursor to the Summer Reading Program. Despite the attractiveness of the accompanying hawk and box turtle, this program was disappointing in its ability to engage with the young audience.
*Christina Swann’s petting zoo returned to the OTH. We attracted another great crowd of 22 adults and 23 children, spread out over the time she was here. If she had arrived at the scheduled time there would have been more time for the children to interact with the wonderful animals she provided.
*Recent Library ARPA Funds were spent on outdoor furniture from LL Bean. This was assembled by Jon Jickling and family (many thanks for that) and is now attractively sitting on the front lawn of the Library.
*Another box of discarded children’s books has been donated to DCF to be distributed to Foster families, a box of discarded adult books was donated to the Gifford Thrift Shop.
NEW Business: There is still time for the Library to provide more Summer programming. Board Members are asked to consider options and notify Laura of any thoughts or possibilities on this.
Laura has contacted The Bird Diva, Bridget Butler, who is currently booking into next year, to present a program when available. Starr will contact The Bear Guy in NH about a presentation. We all agree that we will hold another Deconstruction Day, probably in the Fall.
NEXT MEETING: Wednesday September 7, 2022 @ 6:30pm.

Jul 092022

The Brookfield Library trustees will be meeting on Monday July 11th at 6:30 pm in the library. Members of the public are welcome to attend. On the agenda will be programming, and planning for an outdoor patio or reading space.

Jun 182022

Present and Voting: Amy Borgman, Dan Childs, Emily Noyes, Starr Strong
Present and Not Voting: Laura Rochat, Librarian

-Minutes were accepted
-Treasurer’s Report: Dan and Emily reviewed the Financials in April, all are in order. We are up to date in Town reimbursements to the Library. Dan will be reimbursed $322.47 for payment to Baker and Taylor for books purchased by the Library.
-Librarian’s Report: Laura reports that the audio-book/E-Book platform offered by the State is transferring to a new platform as of May 25. This is trickier than it sounds and Laura will attempt to contact users of the current program to get them new Passwords to access LIBBY, the new program.
-Laura is partnering with the Brookfield Elementary School to introduce the annual Summer Reading Program to the students. She is continuing to update the Library collection.
-The remaining Library ARPA Funds will be used to purchase outdoor furniture for the use of Brookfieldians. Laura will research whether a local furniture builder or LL Bean will be the better option for this. Amy will attend a Select Board Meeting on May 9 to inform the Board and the Town Clerk of the plans for this.
-We will soon be notified by the RUHS on who the chosen recipient for the Library Scholarship will be. The School has requested that someone from the Library will be at the Award Ceremony to present this to the lucky recipient.
-The BFPL will be sponsoring 2 events. The first is a VINS program to be held at the Elementary School as a lead-in to this Summer’s Reading Program on June 16. The second is a return of the Petting Zoo that was a blockbuster success last year. This will be held at the OTH on June 19.
-The next meeting of the Board of Trustees will be held Tuesday July 5 @ 6:30 pm.

May 242022


On Wednesday May 25th there will be a change made to the Overdrive service of GMLC / Listen Up Vermont. Users will now need not only their library patron number but also a password. Your password will be the first letter of your first name followed by the first 4 letters of your last name, all in capital letters. For example, the password for Laura Rochat will be LROCH. If you encounter difficulties using this updated service please give me a call at the Brookfield Library 802 276-3358.

Feb 022022

Present and Voting: Amy Borgman, Dan Childs, Emily Noyes, Starr Strong
Present and Not Voting: Laura Rochat, Librarian

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss and set guidelines for the Brookfield Free Public Library Scholarship. These funds were received when the Anna Clarke Jones Scholarship assets were transferred to the Library last year. The Fund was established to give funds to a graduating High School Senior who is planning to continue his/her education post graduation and meets the criteria of academic achievement and financial need.
Guidelines were established and agreed upon.
A motion to accept the policy and guidelines was made to the Trustees by Starr Strong and seconded by Amy Borgman. The Trustees voted to accept the policy and guidelines. These
will be sent to the RUHS Scholarship committee. A copy of the policy and guidelines will remain in the Library with other Policies and By-laws.

The next meeting of the BFPL Board of Trustees is set for Thursday March 17 @ 6:30 PM

Jan 242022

A meeting of Library trustees will be held on Thursday evening, January 27th via Zoom, to discuss and decide how we ought best to define the student scholarship award originally established by Anna Clark Jones.
The meeting will convene at 6:30 pm.
Zoom access:

Jan 182022

Trustees of the Brookfield Free Public Library will meet on Thursday January 20th at 6:30 pm.
This meeting will be held via Zoom, and will be recorded.

Acceptance of the minutes
-Treasurer’s Report
-Librarian’s Report
-Old Business (is there any?)
-New Business
* Evaluation of the By-Laws
-Anything else?
*Librarian Evaluation

Jul 312021

PRESENT and voting: Amy Borgman, Dan Childs, Emily Noyes, Starr Strong
PRESENT and not voting: Laura Rochat, librarian

-MINUTES were approved
-TREASURER’s REPORT: Dan reminds us that we are into our new fiscal year as of July 1, 2021. Funds have been disbursed by the Town to the Library and we are on budget. Dan will arrange for Emily to review the Financials.
-LIBRARIAN’s REPORT: Laura and the Brookfield Historical Society have set up the Floating Bridge 200th Celebration exhibit in a case to the rear of the Library. It is a part of the larger Town celebration with other Floating Bridge exhibits at the Bridge itself and at the Marvin Newton House. People can visit this during regular Library Hours.
We have our Library Passes to a number of Museums, sites and Parks available to be borrowed by patrons and local residents. Laura reviewed the process to borrow these, which involves a sign-out procedure and a 3 day loan. Although the Passes cannot be reserved there is not a current demand for them. It was suggested that Laura run a notice in Front Porch Forum to inform folks they are available.
Laura let the Board know that the Little Library is being used. She has been replenishing books and making sure the collection is updated regularly.
-OLD BUSINESS: Town Resident Ruth Goodall had been the original painter of the Library Drop Box. She pointed out to Amy Borgman that the box needed a cleaning which led us to realize that it really needed to be repainted. Thanks to new Board member Starr who has volunteered to do this task.
The Library Board is pursuing only one Library sponsored program at this time, due to the continuing disruption of Covid. Laura will be contacting the presenter of the Amphibian program to finalize a date for this.
Vermont and the Institute for Museum and Library Services has money from the American Rescue Plan to be allocated to Libraries. We can apply for up to $2,000 of these funds. What a good time to update our 13 year old computer and it’s younger cousin, the printer! Laura and Dan will pursue this opportunity.
-NEXT MEETING: SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 @ 6:30 pm at our beloved Library.

Jun 112021

6:30 pm June 3, 2021
PRESENT and voting: Amy Borgman, Dan Childs, Emily Noyes, Starr Strong
PRESENT and not voting: Laura Rochat, Librarian

-TREASURER’S REPORT: Dan reminds us that we are near the end of our current fiscal year (as of 6/30/21) and notes we are still owed some Town funds. He will contact the Town Clerk’s office re: this. We are very close to our budgeted projections and our investments are sound, as well.
*Our numbers remain surprisingly consistent and, as restrictions lift and summer visitors arrive we expect our number of visitors and borrowers to increase.
*Laura will contact Cat Wright about shampooing the library rug.
*Per Laura the Library will have passes (some free, some reduced rate) for: Shelburne Farms, ECHO, Vt State Parks, State Historic Sites, VINS, Fairbanks Museum and the Vermont History Museum.
*The BFPL has been following conservative measures during the Covid shut-down with shorter hours, limited capacity and mandatory mask wearing. We are awaiting newer guidance as restrictions lift and will follow Town guidelines, based on State guidance. For now no changes will be made to hours, capacity or mask wearing.
*The Brookfield OC Playgroup is still not active but Laura continues to bring books to local daycare centers.
*The BFPL has been the beneficiary of books for youth from the Dept of Libraries as well as a donation of 8 books from a former patron. Laura has been processing these for our collection and has used this opportunity to weed some books from our existing collection.
*No surprises at Town Meeting, our budget passed. Dan Childs was re-elected and Starr Strong was elected to serve on the Board of Trustees (Welcome Starr!) The community gathered was officially informed of the 2 Little Libraries placed earlier this year.
*Summer Programming: We are planning to schedule an animal program/petting zoo at a time mutually agreed upon by the presenter and our library. As circumstances will depend on weather and temperature an inside option will be the Brookfield Town Hall. Further plans will depend on the scheduled time for the presentation.
*The Brookfield Historical Society is planning on some locally sited exhibits this summer around our community. One will be placed in our Library. Further details await.
*The annual Library summer reading program will proceed with limited programming. Laura and Christine Gilbert have coordinated on this and will distribute the materials.
*Scholarship Fund: The Board has decided to postpone initiating the Scholarship Fund this year, allowing another year of interest to accrue and establishing a process to decide on a recipient.
*NEXT MEETING: July 28, 2021 @ 6:30


Jun 012021

The Board of Library Trustees will meet at the Brookfield Public Library on Thursday evening, June 3rd, 2021 at 6:30 pm. Members of the public are invited to attend.

LIBRARY AGENDA for Trustee Meeting, June 3, 2021

-Treasurer’s Report
-Librarian’s Report
-New Business
*Welcome Starr!

-Old Business
*Summer Programming
*Scholarship Fund
-Anything else?