Laura Rochat

Jul 312021

PRESENT and voting: Amy Borgman, Dan Childs, Emily Noyes, Starr Strong
PRESENT and not voting: Laura Rochat, librarian

-MINUTES were approved
-TREASURER’s REPORT: Dan reminds us that we are into our new fiscal year as of July 1, 2021. Funds have been disbursed by the Town to the Library and we are on budget. Dan will arrange for Emily to review the Financials.
-LIBRARIAN’s REPORT: Laura and the Brookfield Historical Society have set up the Floating Bridge 200th Celebration exhibit in a case to the rear of the Library. It is a part of the larger Town celebration with other Floating Bridge exhibits at the Bridge itself and at the Marvin Newton House. People can visit this during regular Library Hours.
We have our Library Passes to a number of Museums, sites and Parks available to be borrowed by patrons and local residents. Laura reviewed the process to borrow these, which involves a sign-out procedure and a 3 day loan. Although the Passes cannot be reserved there is not a current demand for them. It was suggested that Laura run a notice in Front Porch Forum to inform folks they are available.
Laura let the Board know that the Little Library is being used. She has been replenishing books and making sure the collection is updated regularly.
-OLD BUSINESS: Town Resident Ruth Goodall had been the original painter of the Library Drop Box. She pointed out to Amy Borgman that the box needed a cleaning which led us to realize that it really needed to be repainted. Thanks to new Board member Starr who has volunteered to do this task.
The Library Board is pursuing only one Library sponsored program at this time, due to the continuing disruption of Covid. Laura will be contacting the presenter of the Amphibian program to finalize a date for this.
Vermont and the Institute for Museum and Library Services has money from the American Rescue Plan to be allocated to Libraries. We can apply for up to $2,000 of these funds. What a good time to update our 13 year old computer and it’s younger cousin, the printer! Laura and Dan will pursue this opportunity.
-NEXT MEETING: SEPTEMBER 22, 2021 @ 6:30 pm at our beloved Library.

Jun 112021

6:30 pm June 3, 2021
PRESENT and voting: Amy Borgman, Dan Childs, Emily Noyes, Starr Strong
PRESENT and not voting: Laura Rochat, Librarian

-TREASURER’S REPORT: Dan reminds us that we are near the end of our current fiscal year (as of 6/30/21) and notes we are still owed some Town funds. He will contact the Town Clerk’s office re: this. We are very close to our budgeted projections and our investments are sound, as well.
*Our numbers remain surprisingly consistent and, as restrictions lift and summer visitors arrive we expect our number of visitors and borrowers to increase.
*Laura will contact Cat Wright about shampooing the library rug.
*Per Laura the Library will have passes (some free, some reduced rate) for: Shelburne Farms, ECHO, Vt State Parks, State Historic Sites, VINS, Fairbanks Museum and the Vermont History Museum.
*The BFPL has been following conservative measures during the Covid shut-down with shorter hours, limited capacity and mandatory mask wearing. We are awaiting newer guidance as restrictions lift and will follow Town guidelines, based on State guidance. For now no changes will be made to hours, capacity or mask wearing.
*The Brookfield OC Playgroup is still not active but Laura continues to bring books to local daycare centers.
*The BFPL has been the beneficiary of books for youth from the Dept of Libraries as well as a donation of 8 books from a former patron. Laura has been processing these for our collection and has used this opportunity to weed some books from our existing collection.
*No surprises at Town Meeting, our budget passed. Dan Childs was re-elected and Starr Strong was elected to serve on the Board of Trustees (Welcome Starr!) The community gathered was officially informed of the 2 Little Libraries placed earlier this year.
*Summer Programming: We are planning to schedule an animal program/petting zoo at a time mutually agreed upon by the presenter and our library. As circumstances will depend on weather and temperature an inside option will be the Brookfield Town Hall. Further plans will depend on the scheduled time for the presentation.
*The Brookfield Historical Society is planning on some locally sited exhibits this summer around our community. One will be placed in our Library. Further details await.
*The annual Library summer reading program will proceed with limited programming. Laura and Christine Gilbert have coordinated on this and will distribute the materials.
*Scholarship Fund: The Board has decided to postpone initiating the Scholarship Fund this year, allowing another year of interest to accrue and establishing a process to decide on a recipient.
*NEXT MEETING: July 28, 2021 @ 6:30


Jun 012021

The Board of Library Trustees will meet at the Brookfield Public Library on Thursday evening, June 3rd, 2021 at 6:30 pm. Members of the public are invited to attend.

LIBRARY AGENDA for Trustee Meeting, June 3, 2021

-Treasurer’s Report
-Librarian’s Report
-New Business
*Welcome Starr!

-Old Business
*Summer Programming
*Scholarship Fund
-Anything else?

Apr 152021

Present and Voting: Kym Anderson, Amy Borgman, Dan Childs, Emily Noyes
Present and Not Voting: Laura Rochat, librarian

-Minutes were accepted
-Treasurer’s Report: Financials are good, no news to report.
-Librarian’s Report: Library patronage has been good as new families have moved into Brookfield and are discovering the Library. Lots of Inter-library loans are requested so despite decreased hours our Library is busy. No current plans to open more hours at this time.
-New Business: The Board has agreed to move forward with summer programming by contacting both the Southern Vermont Museum of Natural History and a more local person to set up 2 separate live animal presentations this summer for our Brookfield population, time and place to be decided. Other programming sponsored by the Library may be possible as well, to be decided at a future date as life under the Covid pandemic continues to adapt. 2 boxes of books discarded by our Library for children and teens have been delivered to a grateful Department of Children and Families in Barre. These will be distributed to Foster Families.
-Old Business: Dan has installed a new OOMA phone system to replace the more expensive ECFiber line. This seems to be working well. The West Brookfield Library Book Shuttle is running on schedule. Amy will contact Tina to ask her to remind W Brookfield residents of our time frame for pick up of books on the first and third Saturday of the month. The Brookfield Scholarship fund is designated for Brookfield HS Grads heading off as first generation College attendees. Kym Anderson, in her swan song for the Library, has agreed to contact the person who is responsible for coordinating Scholarships offered through RUHS, about this new opportunity.
-Anything Else?
THANK YOU KYM ANDERSON FOR YOUR TIME, ENERGY, WISDOM AND AMAZING HAIR in your years of service to our community. You will be missed. Now go read a book.

Next Meeting is scheduled for June 2, 2021 @ 6:30pm. Stay well.

Apr 032019

Present and Voting: Kym Anderson, Amy Borgman, Dan Childs, Emily Noyes, Cat Wright
Present and Not Voting: Laura Rochat, librarian

-Minutes were approved

-Treasurer’s Report: Dan was the Library’s representative at Town Meeting. He reports that our funding continues and that no concerns about the Library were raised. Amy was re-elected to the Board. Our finances continue to be stable. Dan and Emily will review our financial reports to confirm this at the next meeting.

-Librarian’s Report: Laura has replaced the failing computer with a Chrome Book laptop. She and Dan will work to transfer information from the old device to the new.
Regarding programming, the Sunday knitting will continue through April by popular request and MaryLou’s forbearance. Laura has arranged for several programs to be sponsored by the Library, please refer to New Business for that summary. Thanks to Laura the Library has a pass to VINS, ECHO, The Fairbanks Museum, and will purchase one for The Shelburne Museum. Laura will also put together a flyer for the Brookfield Elementary School students about Brookfield Library summer hours and the programs we will be offering.

-Old Business: The Library continues to be supported by the Town, please refer to the Treasurer’s Report above.

-New Business:
Friday August 9: traveling Planetarium from Fairbanks Museum to be held at the Old Town Hall. 2 consecutive shows, earlier one for children with a 30 person limit for each.
Sunday August 18: Deb Hellfrich of Gold Star Dog Training will also be held at the OTH to talk about communicating with dogs.
Planned but not yet scheduled are the following programs: another Deconstruction program with a Reconstruction program sometime thereafter, a story reading hour with the Poetons at the Library, a Library sponsored Arts Bus to be at the opening potluck of the OTH.

-Next Meeting: scheduled for Wednesday May 15 @ 6:30 PM.
It was a pleasure to have everyone around the table.

Feb 022019

Present and not voting: Laura Rochat, librarian
Present and voting: Amy Borgman, Dan Childs, Emily Noyes
Not present: Kym Anderson, Cat Wright

-Minutes from prior Trustee Meeting were accepted.

-Treasurer’s Report: Dan reports that budget for Town Meeting has been prepared and submitted. Minimal changes are expected to the Library’s budget. A step increase in salary has been proposed for Laura and for a substitute librarian. Dan discussed the impact that EC Fiber, expected to be coming through in the next few months, will have on our communications budget and access.

-Librarian’s Report: Numbers look good for January circulation, despite difficult weather on days the Library has been open. Laura’s typewriter woes have been ameliorated by sharing our Town Clerk’s machine. In a typical Vermont way, this problem has been dealt with by the Library purchasing typewriter ribbons in return for the use. (“Good typewriters make good neighbors,” with apologies to Robert Frost) The computer is another story as it has now refused to cooperate and be good for anything. Laura will be checking with the Department of Libraries for minimum or recommended requirements for a new laptop or computer and will follow-up with local merchants to purchase a new one. Laura also reports being in touch with Brookfield Elementary School to arrange for a group discussion of John Lewis’ book March One, first in a trilogy about Representative Lewis’ life as a Civil Rights activist. It is the current Vermont Reads book. We may have a new outlet for discarded and donated books as the coffee shop re-opening in Randolph will have a space for a Randolph Friends of the Library book-shop. Laura will be in touch with the folks at Kimball Library to see if they would be interested in some of ours. Laura also completed the Herculean task of completing the Annual Library Report which keeps us in good stead in the Vermont Library community.

-Old Business: Laura hosted 11 children and 4 adults during the recent Ice Harvest Festival. The Library was available as a warm-up center with restrooms and children’s activities. Thank you Laura.

-New Business: A response to the recent successful Deconstruction Project? How about a Reconstruction Project! Laura suggested this as a possible Spring activity and we will discuss this at a next meeting. Laura has also been in touch with someone to put on a Pollinator program for children, complete with coloring t-shirts with natural dyes. This may also be a Spring program. We should be set for Town Meeting: the budget and Library Report have been submitted. Amy is running for another term. Although she is unopposed, get out and vote! She does need 10 votes to accept the privilege of continuing on the Board.

-Next meeting date is set for Wednesday March 20, 2019 @6:30 PM.

Jun 132018

Present and voting: Amy Borgman, Emily Noyes, Dan Childs, Cat Wright
Present and not voting: Laura Rochat (librarian)
Not present: Kym Anderson

-Acceptance of the Minutes

-Treasurer’s Report: The Library continues to be in good financial shape, nothing of note to report.

-Librarian’s Report: Laura has officially completed her Public Librarianship Certificate!
The Library will continue to offer the Vermont State Pass, the Historic Sites Pass and the Echo Pass. Laura will check to see if there are other Passes that might benefit our patrons.

-Old Business: none

-New/Upcoming Business: Mostly about Summer programming –
The Arts Bus will be available through Library programming 2 times this summer, once at the rescheduled OTH Potluck Saturday June 16 and at the Library Monday July 9.

The Journalist Roundtable will be sponsored by the Library and held at the OTH Wednesday June 20 @ 7pm.

Laura will contact the Poetons for an evening story-hour on a Monday evening in late June.

The Library and the OTH are partnering with the Modern Times Theater Co for a performance to be presented at the OTH August 12.

Deconstruction night will be coming up again in September.

Cat has been contacted by Sara Hale for the Library to host a 6 week writer workshop series in September. More details will be forthcoming.

Communicate With Your Dog program may be held in the Fall. Laura will follow-up.

-Next Board Meeting scheduled for Thursday August 9, 2018 @ 6:30 PM.

Apr 192018


Present and voting: Kym Anderson, Amy Borgman, Dan Childs, Emily Noyes, Cat Wright
Present and not voting: Laura Rochat, Librarian

-Minutes from February 27, 2018 were accepted

-Treasurer’s Report: Budget and spending are on target. Board Member Emily Noyes reviewed and verified the financial statements with Dan.

-Librarian’s Report: Library visits have been down since March, unsure why. Perhaps the abysmal weather has been a factor? Laura has attended 2 Department of Library workshops recently, worthy of note in that they were even offered. Library budget cuts have made it difficult for the Department to present these. Laura is looking to complete her Librarian Certification soon!

-Old Business: nothing to report.

-New Business: Laura has been working on Spring and early Summer programming. (Due to events at the Old Town Hall and other local programming, the Library has decided to not offer additional programming in the summer.) The Board Game night at the school will not be happening this year. We can hopefully offer this at another time. The Arts Bus will be making 2 stops through Library programs this summer, the first visit being at the OTH Potluck, June 9. The second visit will be at the Library proper, in July at a date TBA. Laura hopes to get John and Janet Poeton to do a community read for children in mid-June. The Round Table Discussion featuring area journalists is scheduled for Wednesday June 20, 7pm. Another Deconstruction Event is scheduled for June 19 at the OTH. Laura is waiting to hear back from the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation for a grant to cover a performance of the Modern Times Theater at the OTH this summer. If the Grant is not received the OTH and the Library will share the cost of the performance. This event is tentatively scheduled for mid-August.

-Anything else?: Laura will get one additional Library key made, giving us 3 copies. Laura will keep one on hand, Dan will get a second copy and the spare will be kept at the Library for use prn.


Oct 282017


Present and Voting: Kym Anderson, Amy Borgman, Dan Childs, Emily Noyes
Present and Not Voting: Laura Rochat (librarian)
Not Present: Cat Wright

1. The Minutes were accepted.

2. Treasurer’s Report: The BFPL finances are stable and the financial reports continue to be co-monitored by Emily Noyes.

3. Librarian’s Report: Borrowing numbers have dropped with the departure of the Summer people although the E- book use is on the rise. Laura continues to read at the local Playgroup and some new families have visited the library. Laura is also attending meetings of the Orange County librarians, the first meeting was in September and will be held quarterly, ongoing.

4. Old Business: The Endangered Alphabets, VCH sponsored program, was moderately successful. We struggle with when would be an ideal time to have programs. Our Library is eligible for 2 programs from VCH per year and we will consider another presentation…not sure when.

5. New Business: More of the same. Members of the Board and Laura were considering ideas for a program. We are asked to check the VCH Web-site for possible ideas or see if a community member could do a hands-on work-shop. Laura is also considering an after-school kid’s program as a single program or perhaps a few weeks running. The winter knitting program, helmed by Mary-Lou Maeder, is due to begin the first and third Sundays of the winter months, November 5 being the first one for this year.

6. Next meeting will be held December 4, 2017. See you then!