Feb 202019

The Town of Brookfield
Selectboard Meeting
25 February 2019
Town Clerk’s Office
1. Call to Order
2. Adjustments to the Agenda
3. Public Comment
4. New Business
A. Town Meeting day – Informational Meeting
B. Highway
5. Old Business
A. Approve Minutes of the 18 February Meeting
B. Certificate of Highway Mileage
6. Payroll/AP Warrant
A. AP and Payroll Warrants
7. Other Proper Business
8. Adjournment

Nov 152018

Below are the draft minutes.  Once approved, the final version is filed with the Town Clerk.
Brookfield Planning Commission
Meeting Minutes
November 13, 2018
Brookfield Town Offices
Present:  Members Colin Duclos, Will White, Gwynn Zakov, Martha Judy, Jeff Girard and Mardee Sanchez.
Sanchez called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm.

Revisions to the Land Use Bylaws

The PC reviewed Article 5 sections on special events, outdoor storage and some of telecommunications facilities.


White/Duclos moved to approve the minutes of September 11, 2018 as written.  The motion passed 6-0-0.

Old/new business

The next meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, December 11, 2018.


Zakov/Judy moved to adjourn.  The motion passed 6-0-0 and the meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Mardee Sanchez