Dec 042018


This message was supposed to be about safe driving in the upcoming Winter months.  Brookfield has a lot of unpaved back roads which pose a number of additional hazards in the Winter.  Thoroughly cleaning your car off before starting your journey and a number of other good suggestions were planned.  Then Winter struck.  Many of us have lost power several times already and some of us have not had power restored yet from the November 26/27 storm.  While the utility crews work to restore our power, please exercise caution.

  • If you are fortunate enough to have a generator or the use of one, place it outdoors well clear of doors and windows. Never run a generator in your house or garage.  Consult with an electrician if your house has not already been wired for a generator.
  • Be extra careful of your woodstove. Do not use a make shift wood stove or stove pipe that could catch your house on fire.
  • If you are elderly or disabled and out of power, please contact a neighbor, family, friends or dial 211 and alert them to your situation.
  • This may not be the last of the power outages this Winter. Start planning now for the next one.  Do you need your house wired for a generator?  Do you need a generator?  If so, how large and what type?  What normal or special functions should you plan for that depend upon electricity.  Water for your animals, starting your snow blower or tractor, charging your cell phone(s), etc.?

Good luck with your response to our early Winter and think about the possible consequences of your actions before you take them.

The Brookfield Public Safety Advisory Committee