Jun 282021


WEDNESDAY, JUNE 23, 2021, 5:30 PM

The Brookfield Public Safety Advisory Committee met in person as warned.


The following members attended: Mike Stoddard, Michael Rutkovsky, Stuart Edson and Lew Stowell.  No members of the public attended.

  • 5:30 PM: Call to Order- There were no additions or deletions to the agenda.
  • Reviewed and approved the May 19, 2021 meeting minutes: 4-0.
  • Review the Revised COVID-19 Workplace Guidelines and complete the Form. Members who had not received the form in another town office completed the forms.  Stowell to turn them in to the Town Office.
  • Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Update: Jon Jickling, Town Forester provided a list of the 16 locations of the 2021 Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) traps installed this Spring throughout Brookfield.
  • Review and Discussion of OCSD Activities including Patrol Hours, Reports and Bills. OCSD provided 23.25 patrol hours in May.  Because of Covid-19 and staffing issues it is unlikely that OCSD will use all of the FY 2021 hours.
  • Speed Cart Deployments- The late May, early June deployment of Northbound traffic at the Elementary School indicated 41% were over the 30 MPH speed limit with a top speed of 76 MPH recorded. OCSD patrols will frequent Ridge Road more in the future.
  • Traffic Control and Weight Limit Sign Status: Tim Higgins, Road Crew Foreman provided a list of signs that the road crew have installed this Spring in an effort to bring our traffic and road name signs into full compliance. 6 Speed Limit signs, 10 Stop signs, 2 Yield signs and 11 Street Name signs were installed.  There are many more to do and Tim will be ordering more signs in early Fiscal Year 2022.
  • Traffic Ordinance Status: The draft ordinance will be looked at again in preparation for a Select Board Special meeting to approve it.
  • Parking in Pond Village: OCSD education efforts appear to be working in having people park properly and safely.
  • Stone Road Parking Issues: L Stowell reported on the June 22, 2021 Special Select Board meeting with Sheriff William Bohnyak and Captain Scott Clouatre, OCSD concerning parking enforcement at 2141 Stone Road. Sheriff Bohnyak and Captain Clouatre agreed to visit the Cushings and resolve the issue of vehicles parked in the traveled portion of the town road.
  • July Public Safety Message: Mike Stoddard offered to draft the July message and send it to L. Stowell.
  • Setting the Next Meeting: Wednesday July14, 2021 at 5:30 PM in-person at the Brookfield Congregational Church.
  • Inviting Guests to the Next Meeting: Tim Higgins, Road Foreman and the current/interim Road Commissioner are cordially invited. Stowell to send an email to that effect..
  • Entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting. Passed 4-0.