Aug 152019

August 2019

The Town of Brookfield is requesting proposals to prepare a Design/Build Request for Proposals package for an addition/renovation of the Brookfield Town Garage.

The Town conducts its Road Maintenance operations out of a site at 866 VT Route 65 in Brookfield. The site contains a 2 bay wood framed Garage, a storage shed, salt shed, sand pile, and yard storage. The Garage was built to house 2 full-size dump trucks and currently houses 3 trucks. In addition to the 3 dump trucks, the Town also has a Loader, Backhoe, Grader, a one-ton dump truck plus other miscellaneous trailered equipment. Several pieces of equipment are stored in the 3 sided shed.

The objective is: to construct an addition to the existing Garage such that the majority of the equipment can be housed in a heated space with sufficient space to maintain the equipment as well as keep it under cover. The existing garage was built in the 1970s. A small office was added to the front in 2017. The intent would be to bring this space into compliance with current codes.

A sketch of the proposed expansion is attached for information only. The Town is open to other approaches to achieve the objective.

At this time, the Town is looking to retain the services of a person or firm that can assist the Town in the preparation of a Design/Build Request for Proposals to solicit Bids. The Selected Bidder would be responsible for advancing the Design, obtaining necessary Permits/Approvals, and constructing the improvements.

The Town has allocated up to $15,000 to complete this task. The intent is to develop a Bid package to sufficiently define the project requirements, standards, deliverables, final product, and options, such that the Town receives a quality product and is not faced with extra costs during the Design/Build process.

Proposal Requirements

  1. Work must be performed by a person or firm with experience in the preparation of Design/Build Bid documents within the State of Vermont.
  2. Work must be completed no later than December 5, 2019 unless otherwise approved in advance in writing by the Selectboard. The intent would be to request responses by early January 2020 so that the costs to advance the project could be included for the March 2020 Town Meeting Warning.
  3. Vendor must work closely with the Selectboard and the Road Foreman in the preparation of the Bid documents to ensure the documents correctly reflect the desires of the Town.
  4. Cost proposal to perform the services requested shall include all labor, materials, and expenses to complete the work.
  5. The Final product shall include a complete package suitable for Bidding.
  6. The Vendor will assist the Town in the Bid process, by addressing questions from perspective Bidders, reviewing the Bids, and providing a recommendation for award. (Note: no award will be made until after Town Meeting, assuming the Town votes in favor of the motion and the Town secures the necessary funding. This must be made clear in the Bid documents.)
  7. Three references of similar work shall be provided.
  8. A timeline for completing the work shall be provided.
  9. Insurance Requirements: prior to the start of work, a certificate of insurance shall be provided to the Town. Since the Town will be relying upon the documents prepared by the Vendor, the Vendor must have as a minimum:
     Work’s Compensation $500,000
     Commercial General Liability $1,000,000
     Business Auto $1,000,000
     Professional Liability $1,000,000
  10. There are no known plans of the existing building or grounds other than the attached sketch.
  11. The Design/Build RFP package prepared by the Vendor shall contain at a minimum:
     The Bid Form
     Insurance Requirements
     Performance Bond requirements
     Base Bid performance specification outlining the requirements, performance, codes/standards, deliverables, quality/items contained in the base bid, workmanship, etc. for the complete performance of the work.
     The requirement for the selected Design/Build Vendor to work closely with the Town in the final planning, design, and construction of the improvements.
     The need to keep the existing facility in operation during the performance of the work.
     Specification for and costs for alternates as defined in consultation with the Selectboard/Road Foreman.
     That the Design/Build Firm is responsible for obtaining all necessary Permits/Approvals for the project including all associated Permit fees/costs.
     Payment process/requirements.
     Performance requirements/timeline/bond.
  12. The Town expects the Design/Build proposal to request a number of cost comparison alternates such as:
     Creation of an isolated room within the building to house combustible products.
     Replacement of the existing windows with more energy efficient units.
     Replacement of the existing lighting with more energy efficient lighting.
     Addition of a lunch/meeting room.
     Addition of an isolated room for painting, welding, etc. with an isolated ventilation system to the exterior.
     Radiant floor heating within the new addition.
     Other potential design scenarios that may be suggested during the proposal process.

Legal Action

The Vendor shall be responsible for any and all legal actions/costs, if any, taken against the Town in the use of the materials prepared by the Vendor.

Submission of Proposals

Proposals shall be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked “Design/Build Proposal” on the outside of the envelope. To be considered, proposals must be received by noon on September 5, 2019 at the Brookfield Town Office, 40 Ralph Road, P.O. Box 463, Brookfield, VT 05036. Proposals will be opened and reviewed at the next warned Selectboard meeting following. The Selectboard reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and/or to negotiate with any of the submitters if the Board believes it is in the best interest of the Town to do so.

 Submission of Bids ……………… 9/5/19
 Selectboard Opens Bids ……… 9/9/19
 Selectboard Interviews Firm or Firms …… week of 9/9/19 (dates/time as arranged with Firm[s] selected to interview)
 Notice to selected Firm, Contract negotiation ……. week of 9/16/19
 Contract signing/notice to proceed ……. 9/23/19
 Completion of Work/Submission of Final Product ……. 12/5/19
 Review of Package, set Advertise for Design/Build firm …… 12/9/19
 Advertise period …………. 12/11/19 thru 1/15/20
 Review of Bid/recommendation to Selectboard ….. 1/20/20

Questions shall be directed in writing to Kasey Peterson, Administrative Assistant, at the Town Office via e-mail at or P.O. Box 463, 40 Ralph Road, Brookfield, VT 05036. Questions must be received by noon, August 29, 2019.