Nov 282017

Town of Brookfield
Selectboard Meeting
November 13, 2017 at 6:30 P.M.
Town Clerk’s Office

Present: John Benson (Chair), Jeff Kimmel, Cory Haggett, Ray Peck (Road Crew Foreman), Lew Stowell and Stuart Edson (Public Safety Committee), Larry Brassard

1. Call to Order – 6:30 p.m.

2. Adjustments to Agenda – the order of New Business will be shifted to accommodate timing of presentations and add discussion of the proposed Traffic Ordinance.

3. Public Comment – none.

4. New Business:

A. Larry Brassard sought clarification on the status of the Town’s work on Bear Hill Road adjacent to his property. Mr. Brassard reported that he had marked culverts and what he believed to be the boundaries of his property, adding that the area needs more gravel. Mr. Benson suggested that, next Spring, Mr. Brassard and Road Crew Foreman Ray Peck could review the site and determine what steps are necessary and the timing for work. Mr. Brassard could continue to mark boundaries and various site features, but should probably do so after the Winter snow is gone; anything currently flagged is likely to disappear during the course of the plowing season. Mr. Peck also will review ditching along the road, and review the terrain below the house to develop strategies for filling and repairing areas. Mr. Brassard will contact Mr. Peck in early Spring to set up a site meeting, which Selectboard members may also attend.

B. Public Safety Committee – Proposed Traffic Ordinance: Mr. Stowell, Mr. Edson, and the Board reviewed several items in the proposal:

– The Selectboard is not interested in being an enforcement authority under the ordinance. There are already several levels of enforcement entities currently available, and the Road Crew Foreman will also be authorized to pursue enforcement particularly during Winter plowing season.
– The Board has been working with the Orange County Sherriff’s Department regarding vehicles in the Town’s right-of-way. At this point, OCSD has warned landowners about ROW issues and will ticket violations if they remain unresolved.
– The Town should consider working with OCSD or the State Police to have a portable speed monitoring device/sign installed at various sites in Brookfield to deter speed limit violations.
– Several Town Highway numbers listed in the proposal were corrected.
– The Board voted (Mr. Kimmel motion, Mr. Haggett seconded; 3-0-0) to warn and post notices for a public hearing for the proposed Traffic Ordinance for 6:00 p.m., December 11, 2017, at the Town Clerk’s Office. Copies of the meeting notice and proposed ordinance will be available online ( and at the Town Clerk’s Office.

C. Highway Department

1. Road Inventory: the Town needs to get a copy of the inventory software through the Two Rivers/Ottauquechee Regional Commission and determine what the inventory process involves in terms of time, documentation, and effort. Mr. Benson noted that the inventory will include culverts, ditching, road signs, and road status, which will also be pertinent in the upcoming stormwater and erosion control regulatory system being developed by the State. Mr. Edson reported that the inventory software divides roads into 1 mile sections, with a standard worksheet to be completed for each section and the information is subsequently entered into the computer software. Completion of the inventory should benefit Brookfield in obtaining grant and emergency funding in the future.
2. Mr. Peck reported that he and Administrative Assistant Kasey Peterson will be looking into funding for replacing a culvert on Stone Road (north of Pond Village) that is likely to cost $50,000+.
3. A landowner on McReady Road (Ted Hinds) had inquired with the Town about shifting a portion of the road through his property. Mr. Peck indicated that the proposal could improve travel safety along the road. Mr. Benson said that the Town would be interested, and would follow up with Mr. Hinds about the logistics and survey requirements likely needed.
4. Allis State Park: an issue has arisen with people parking illegally at the gated access to Alllis State Park. Mr. Peck suggested that “No Parking” signs be posted on the access road.
5. Davis Acres Road: Mr. Peck reported that the Youth Conservation Corps, which volunteered services for some Brookfield road projects last Summer, had not gotten to Davis Acres Road during that period. The road has both Class 3 and 4 portions, which the Board had discussed verifying and reclassifying previously. That process will be delayed until at least January 2018.
6. Part-time Road Crew Employee: the Board discussed the potential pay rate for the employee.
7. Miscellaneous Highway Items:
a) Mr. Peck reported that the International truck has signs of rusting and has developed an oil leak. That truck is scheduled to be replaced in Spring 2018, and Mr. Peck has already started investigating pricing for a replacement.
b) The Highway Department’s radio system needs to be upgraded, which will be part of the “wish list” of projects for 2018.

D. Robo-Call System: the State has offered towns access to the Vt-Alert system for robo-call alerts of emergency situations. Board members expressed interest in the concept, but would need more information about how it works, what types of alerts are issued, and what Brookfield resources might be needed.
E. Estimates on Building Maintenance: Town Clerk Teresa Godfrey obtained an estimate for repairs and maintenance on the Town Offices in the amount of $6,236. Mr. Benson will contact Ms. Godfrey to discuss the estimate and timing.
F. Dispatch Services Contract: Mr. Benson offered a motion to approve a contract to move emergency dispatch services central communications to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, pending Mr. Benson’s confirmation and approval of pricing; Mr. Kimmel seconded. 3-0-0.

5. Old Business:
Mr. Haggett made a motion to approve the minutes of the October 23, 2017 meeting, Mr. Benson seconded. 3-0-0

6. Warrants: Mr. Haggett made a motion to pay the warrants totaling $61,813.30. Large bills include Caterpillar Financial Services (loader): $13,677.98; White River Valley Ambulance: $6,460.00; Brookfield Public Library: $4,800.00. Mr. Kimmel seconded. 3-0-0.

7. Other Proper Business: (none)

8. Mr. Kimmel made a motion to adjourn at 8:18 p.m., Mr. Haggett seconded. 3-0-0