Nov 212017

Town of Brookfield

Board of Abatement Hearing

November 15, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.

Board Members: Stuart Edson, Bonnie Fallon, Curtis Koren, Robert “Jake” Stewart, Elizabeth DeForge, Phyllis Humez, Teresa Godfrey (Recorder)

Appellants: Mark Council & Bill Council for the Estate of Margaret Council, not present Paul Council

Mrs. Godfrey called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. and swore in the Board and Appellants. Mrs. Godfrey presented to the Board a copy of the current year’s tax bill.  She reported to the Board that the Lister’s have gone to the property for a site visit but explained that the only way to affect the current taxes was through a Board of Abatement.  The Council brothers requested the BOA because of their Mother dying insolvent. The entire year for taxes is in the amount of $2,877.72. There are no delinquencies for this property.

Public Presentation:

Mr. Mark Council presented to the Board copies of the Bank of America home equity account balances, checking account balances at the time of his mother’s stroke, and at the time of her death on April 3, 2015. Mr. Bill Council stated that since their mother’s death, they have emptied the house of 4 dumpsters of accumulated stuff, with at least 2 more to go, and it is becoming a financial burden. Mark Council said that their Mom liked her stuff.  She owned a used book store in Pennsylvania and moved the books with her.  The house needed work before she passed and at this time it is in no condition for renting.  They are requesting an abatement to keep the property in their names and finding the right buyer isn’t easy.

Mr. Edson asked what the plan was down the road.

Mark Council said their Mom left the 3 brothers with no disposable income. There needs to be a lot of work done to either sell or rent.  The shed needs emptying. The only source of heat is 2 propane space heaters.  There used to be a wood stove in the main living area.  The water froze the first winter so the holding tank is ruined.  There are broken windows.

Mrs. Godfrey asked if there was a mortgage. Bill Council said yes, with a $37,000 balance and he has been only able to pay the interest which is upwards of $125 per month.

Mark Council and Bill Council stated they are not looking for full abatement but some type of consideration for the current taxes.

The Board discussed the above and voted without any further discussion.

On motion by Mrs. Koren, seconded by Mr. Edson, the Board voted to abate the whole tax amount for the entire tax year of 2017-2018. Vote 7-yes, 0-no, 0-abstain.


Respectfully submitted,

Teresa Godfrey, Brookfield Town Clerk