Aug 252022


June 2022 General Specification

  1. General – Building, components and workmanship shall meet standard practices for Municipal Construction and comply with applicable Codes and Standards including but not limited to the International Building Code, the National Electric Code, Life Safety Code, NFPA, ADA, State Plumbing Code, State Energy Code, etc.
    2. Windows – 4 required. Windows shall be approximately 3’-4” wide by 4’-6” high. Double Hung, wood with exterior covered in vinyl or metal cladding, fully weather-stripped, locking. Seal windows into rough opening with spray foam to create a weather/air tight seal. Case interior with pine or poplar. Acceptable manufacturers: Marvin, Pella, or Anderson. Rear window to be egress windows. See energy standards below.
    3. Doors – 2 required. Doors shall be 3’-0” by 6’-8”, out swinging, fiberglass, fully insulated and
    weather-stripped with pre-manufactured casing, aluminum threshold, non-removable pin hinges, 22” by 36” tempered insulated glass panel, primed and painted white. Lock set to lever handle, key operated exterior and always free inside. Deadbolt to be key operated exterior and thumb latch interior. All four locks to be Commercial grade and keyed the same. Six (6) sets of keys to be provided. Seal door frame into rough opening with spray foam to create a weather/air tight seal. Trim interior with pine or poplar. Paint to match door. Provide illuminated EXIT signs over interior od doors. See energy standard below.

4. Paints and stains shall be Commercial grade suitable for the intended purpose. Sherwin-Williams is an acceptable product or approved equal. Colors shall match the existing Garage Building. Two coats, exterior and interior are required.
5. Heating System – A heating system shall be sized to meet the load requirements of the building. Heating unit(s) and/or duct work to be installed to distribute the heat throughout the building. The heating units shall be LP units. Contractor to coordinate the instillation of an underground LP storage tank/service with the Road Foreman and Gillespie Fuels & Propane, Inc. (802-485- 3766), our fuel supplier. Thermostat(s) to be located in a conveniently accessible location. See energy standards below.
6. Lighting – All lighting shall be LED and of Commercial grade. Lighting similar to that in the existing Garage shall be installed to achieve a uniform lighting level throughout the interior of the building. A motion-activated down-shielded LED light shall be installed on the exterior above each of the two passage doors. An individually internal switch activated down-shield exterior LED flood light shall be installed above each garage door and a down shielded LED flood light shall be installed just under the eve on both sides of the building near the front corners of the building. Interior lights shall be activated by switches (one for each row on lights) on the inside wall next to both passage doors. The floodlights shall also be activated from these locations. See energy standards below.
7. Electrical – Install a 150 amp, 120/240 service to the building. Coordinate the service with Green Mountain Power. Following the meter, on the exterior of the building, install a lockable manual disconnect switch and a 40 amp plug which will allow a portable generator to be connected and provide temporary power in the event of a power outage. Panel – 150-amp main breaker,
minimum 24 breaker. Provide required 15- and 20-amp breakers for lighting, outlets, door operators, etc. Provide one 240-amp outlet and breaker on wall below the electrical panel and as required for the well pump. Provide outlets per code around the perimeter (20 amp) of the interior (maximum spacing 15 feet). Note: on the east wall install outlets at 50 inches above finish floor to allow for future work bench (minimum of three 20-amp outlet circuits on this wall to permit multiple tool operations). Double up outlets (two duplex outlets per box). Provide one watertight outlet next to each passage door and one in the center of the wall between the two overhead doors on the exterior (total of three exterior duplex outlets). See energy standards below.

8. Overhead Doors – 2 required. Doors shall be 14 ft by 14 ft, with interior and exterior metal skin, fully insulated and weather-stripped, electrically operated (locate operators on interior wall between the doors at approximately 4 ft above finished floor), one row of windows at approximately eye level. Doors shall be similar to those on the existing Garage, Acceptable manufacturer – Overhead Door Company or approved equivalent. See energy standards below.
9. Plumbing – Install a water line connection from the existing shallow well to the new Garage. One exterior (between the two overhead doors) and three interior hose bibs evenly spaced apart within the garage are required.
10. Floor drains – 2 required. Heavy Duty with cast iron grate approximately 12-inches square. Acceptable manufacturer, Josam, Zurn or approved equal. Connect floor drains to a new 1,000 gal. H20 buried storage tank as shown on the site plan. Provide H20 access ring and manhole cover to grade. Install 3-inch pipe connection at end of tank to facilitate pump out.
11. Ceiling Fans – 2 required. Provide/install two ceiling fans equal to the fans in the existing Garage. Controller shall be located on the inside wall next to the passage door.
12. Trusses – Shall be designed to carry dead load and the snow load (min 60 lbs./sf) per the International Building Code for this area. The Trusses shall also be designed to carry the weight of the lighting, heating system, fans, etc. that are to be suspended from the ceiling. Adequate blocking/bracing shall be provided to support these items.
13. Rough Cut – Shall be pine or spruce, seasoned material, sawn a minimum of 8 months prior to installing.
14. Gable Vent – one at each gable is required to provide adequate attic space ventilation. Vents shall be louvered with internal insect screen. Continuous ridge vent can be used in lieu of gable vents provided proper detailing can be accomplished to provide the calculated net free area and minimal moisture infiltration.
15. Soffit Vents – Continuous along each eave. Prefinished aluminum.
16. Ventilation – The net free ventilating area shall not be less than 1 sq. ft. net free area for every 150 sq. ft. attic area. 40%-50% should be at the gable vents. 50%-60% should be at the soffit vents.
17. Smoke and CO Detectors – Install a minimum of three hard-wired smoke detectors evenly spaced per NFPA code in the building. Install a hard-wired CO detector per Code in the area of the heating unit(s).
18. Existing Utilities – Contractor is responsible for determining or verifying the location of all onsite utilities that may be impacted by the work. Any damage doe to existing utilities as a result of
the Contractor’s work, shall be repaired to pre-project conditions at no cost to the Town.


The building and systems shall comply with the 2020 Vermont Energy Commercial Building Energy Standards (httpsi// and the following minimum standards:

1. Envelope:
Exterior insulation walls – R35 (5.5 rockwool (R23) + 2 1/2-inch continuous R12 Zip System sheathing)

Ceiling – R66 (5.5 inches rockwool (R23) + 15 inches cellulose (R43 Settled) Slab – R10 (2-inches blue board continuous under slab)

2. Windows and exterior passage doors: Per the Energy Standard
3. Overhead Doors – R10
4. Foundation Wall – R20 (4-inches blue board). Not full height of wall. See plans for extent of coverage.
5. Air leakage
Contractor shall retain the services of a certified, independent, testing firm to complete the air leakage testing on the structure. Copies of the certified test results shall be provided to the Town upon successful completion. All costs, including the costs for retesting if required due to failure to meet the required standards, shall be the sole responsibility of the Contractor.

Blower Door Test – 0.30 cfm/SF @ 75 PA

6. Lighting – All lighting shall be high efficient LED lighting.
Lighting shall meet Section C405 and Section C406.3.1 or C406.3.2 of the Vermont Energy Standard (see section attached). The Contractor shall provide the Town with a copy of the calculations demonstrating compliance prior to installing the lighting and the estimated lighting levels within the building along with the industry recommended lighting standard for garage occupancy.

7. Mechanical –
Building Mechanical Systems shall meet Section C403 and Section C406.2 of the Vermont Energy Standard.




Office of the State Fire Marshal. State Fire Academv and State Haz-Mat Team VERMONT


Project Information
Site Number 105988
Project Number 477704
Permit Number 2050546
Project Name: New Building
Building Name: Town Garage Building

Applicant Company:Town of Brookfield

Building Address: 866 VT Route 65, Brookfield, VT 05036

Applicant Name: John Benson PO Box 463 Brookfield, VT 05036

Project Summary
Demolition and removal of a 44 ft by 30 three side shed and the construction of a 46 ft by 46 ft heated garage building for the storage of Town equipment. Note, the adjacent Town Garage, which will remain unchanged, houses the office and bathroom. The new Garage building will be an open space with no full time occupancy.

Building Classification
Basement: N/A      Stories above Grade Plane#: 1         Mezzanine: N/A

SF of Largest Story: 2,116     Total Building Area:  2116

Construction Type: VB – V(000) Unprotected Wood frame   Risk Category (Structural):  II

Occupancy Type: B-S

Fire Protection Systems
Sprinkler System * * No

Stand Pipe * * No

Fire Alarm System* * No

Single Station Smoke Alarms Yes    Single Station CO Alarms:   Yes
Commercial Kitchen Hood * *  No

Clean Agent System * *  No

Other* *

Project Contacts
Regional Office: Waterbury   802-479-4434   45 State Dr. – Waterbury, VT 05671
Plans Reviewer: Ryan Aremburg 802-479-7577

Field Inspector, Maurice VanDemark II   802-585-6474
Electrical Inspector: NA                                NA                     NA
Plumbing Inspector: John Hammer   802-249-0271

Building Owner: Town of Brookfield
Project Contractor: TBD
Design Professional: Town of Brookfield
Fire Dept:
It is the responsibility of the applicant to contact the above inspectors to set up a schedule of inspections at the start of the project. Final inspections shall be conducted by all trades prior to use or occupancy

Site Number 105988      Project Number 477704           Permit Number 2050546
Project Name: New Building


The application and submittals for the above referenced project have been reviewed, and the permit is APPROVED. This approval applies only to the information listed on the drawings and specifications that have been submitted, and does not apply to any violations found on site during the course of field inspections. The project may proceed provided the work is done in compliance with the 2015 Vermont Fire and Building Safety Code, the plans and specifications submitted to this office, and the following conditions:

1. The 2015 NFPA 1 Fire code, the 2015 NFPA 101 Life safety code, and the 2015 ICC International Building Code will apply to this project as amended by the 2015 Vermont Fire and Building Safety Code

2. Note: Wayne Dunlap is covering for Kevin Cyr as the electrical inspector. If needed, reach out to Wayne by email at
3. Enclosed with this construction permit approval letter is a “Final Construction Valuation Form”. This form must be filled out including all change orders, and submitted to the Division of Fire Safety regional office prior to the approval for occupancy of your building or project.
4. The building must meet or exceed the accessibility standards for new construction and the alterations incorporated in 28 CFR Part 35 and 36, The 2010 ADA Standard for Accessible Design, as amended in 20 VSA chapter 174 and the Vermont Access Rules.
5. The 2020 Vermont Electrical Safety Rules apply to this project. An electrical work notice shall be obtained and all work inspected for all projects. All work shall be done by a Vermont Master Electrician with the exception of 1 & 2 family dwellings.
6. A technician who is appropriately certified and recognized by this department, as a “technically qualified person”, must perform all installation, service and maintenance work on Fuel Burning Appliances. (NFPA 1, 1.13.1(4))

7. Structures undergoing construction, alteration, or demolition operations, including those in underground locations, shall comply NFPA 1 Chapter 16, and NFPA 241, Standard for Safeguarding Construction, Alteration, and Demolition Operations (NFPA 1-16.1.1)

The enclosed Construction permit poster shall be posted at the building site in a conspicuous location open to public view. This permit does not include any of the additional required permits as listed above, such as plumbing, electrical, etc., which are required to be submitted by the respective trades. It is the responsibility of the permit applicant to see that all subcontractors have their respective work notices.

This letter has been sent to the applicant only. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that a copy of this letter is distributed to all applicable parties, as well as ensure that a copy be available at the job site at all times

In addition to periodic inspections, final inspections shall be performed by all pertinent field inspectors prior to occupying, or reoccupying any building, or portion of any building, or use of any fixed equipment affected by the work permitted above. Examples of required inspections are: State Electrical Inspector, State Plumbing Inspector, and the Assistant State Fire Marshal. It is the applicant’s responsibility to coordinate these inspections with the respective trades. Appointments with the appropriate inspectors listed on page one of this letter, must be made within fifteen (15) days prior to the completion of the project. At the time of the final inspection and prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy, the field inspector will verify that the proper permits and work notices have been obtained.

This permit does not satisfy the requirements of local municipalities. You must contact local authorities to determine those requirements. Any change to the project, such as change orders or addendums, must be submitted to this department for approval. This permit expires after twelve (12) months unless commencement of the project has begun and remained continuous.

If you have any questions or if I can be of further assistance, please contact me at 802-479-7577

Ryan Aremburg -Assistant State Fire Marshal 7/27/2022


Office of the State Fire Marshal. State Fire Academv and State Haz-Mat Team VERMONT


BUILDING NAME Town Garage Building

ADDRESS  866 VT Route 65  Brookfield, VT 05036

PROJECT TYPE   New Building

SITE# 105988   PROJECT# 477704    PERMIT# 2050546

July 27, 2022

Ryan Aremburg Assistant State Fire Marshal

Reference the permit review letter for any conditions

This permit poster shall be posted at the building site in a conspicuous location open to public view.

In addition to this poster, a copy of the permit review letter shall be available on site at all times

Any questions regarding this permit shall be directed to:

The Division of Fire Safety Waterbury Regional office, 802-479-4434 45 State Dr. – Waterbury, VT 05671




August 18, 2022

The Town of Brookfield is requesting proposal to construct a 46-foot by 46-foot garage on the existing Town Garage property located at 866 VT Route 65 in the Town, Brookfield, VT.


The current Town Garage was constructed in the early 1970s. The approximately 40-foot by 50-foot existing structure is not sufficiently large enough to house the Towns equipment. The Town maintains two Tandum Dump trucks, a Dump truck, a 1 Ton truck, a Loader, backhoe and a Grader. Currently, the Grade, backhoe and the 1 Ton are housed in a three sided shed adjacent to the Garage. The Three dump trucks and Loader are housed in the heated Garage however there is insufficient space to store the trucks in the Garage with their plows on. Thus, each time it snows, the trucks are driven outside where the plows have to be installed before plowing can begin.

As the majority of the equipment is diesel and equipped with newer emissions equipment, they must be maintained within a heated space for reliable starting/operation during the winter. It is the intent of this project to provide sufficient interior heated space to house all the essential winter maintenance equipment.

The project is to replace the three-sided existing shed on the Town Garage site with a new 46 ft by 46 ft heated garage to accommodate the winter maintenance equipment that does not fit in the existing Town Garage Building. This structure will be exclusively a garage. The operation amenities (office, break room and bathroom) are housed in the existing Town Garage and will remain unchanged.


1.  Proposals shall be received in the Brookfield Town Office, 40 Ralph Road, PO Box 463, Brookfield, VT 05036, on or before the close of business October 21, 2022, in a sealed envelope clearly marked “Town Garage Building Proposal” on the outside of the envelope.
2. Questions may be submitted by email or writing to the Town Administrative Assistant provided they are received no later than 3:00 p.m. on September 16, 2022. The Administrative Assistant email address is, or mail to Town Office. To receive a copy of any
Addenda, the Contractor must provide the name of the project along with the Contractor’s contact information to the Administrative Assistant on or before the September 16, 2022. Contractors are encouraged to check with the Administrative Assistant a week before the Bids are due to be sure they have any and all Addenda. The Town is not responsible for failure on the part of a Contractor to receive any and all Addenda or for accounting for such within their Bid.

3. The cost shall include all labor, materials, equipment and appurtenances necessary to fully complete the work as required.
4. The Contractor, if awarded the contract, shall provide proof of insurance which covers both the workers and work being performed under this contract.
5. The Contractor is solely responsible for all work performed under this contract and shall assume full liability for any impacts resulting from the work.
6. The Town reserves the right to reject, or negotiate terms regarding any or all proposal(s). Selection will be made on which proposal the Town deems best serves the interests of the Town.
7. Contractors shall submit three references of similar work, including contact information, with the Bid.
8. All work on this contract shall be coordinated with the Town Road Foreman such that it does not interfere with the Road Crew operations during the period of construction.
9. Work shall not begin until a signed Contract is in place and shall be completed and the building fully finished and ready for occupancy no later than December 1, 2023.
10. Contractor is responsible for providing and maintaining on-site sanitary (porta-john) and potable water for their workers over the duration of the project. Use of the Town Garage facilities is not an option.
11. Damage to existing facilities/grounds as a result of the Contractor’s work shall be repaired to pre-project conditions to the satisfaction of the Town. Photos of the area shall be taken before commencement of the work and provided to the Town on a USB thumb drive in PDF format.
12. The Contractor may propose alternatives to the plans provided including but not limited to a different building type (pole barn, pre-engineered steel, etc.). Proposed alternative foundation, floor slab and or steel structure plans shall be sealed by a Structural Professional Engineer registered in the State of Vermont.
13. Contractor shall coordinate the installation of electrical service to the new building with Green Mountain Power (GMP). All costs, including those of GMP shall be accounted for in the Contractors Bid price.
14. Contractor shall coordinate the installation of an underground LP tank for the buildings heating system with the Road Foreman and Gillespie Fuels & Propane, Inc. of Northfield, VT, the fuel supplier for the Town. Costs associated with this shall be included in the Contractors bid price.
15. Payment will be made on a monthly bases, based on the percentage of work completed as agreed upon between the Contractor and the Town, minus 10% which will be withheld until the job is completed and accepted by the Town. Once the percentage is agreed upon, the Town will make payment within 30 days.
16. Monthly job meetings will be held between the Contractor and the Town, to review the progress of the work, pay requisitions, quality of the work, Change Orders (if applicable), etc.
17. Subcontractors – The Prime Contractor, upon award of the project, shall sign agreements with each of their Subcontractors. The Agreements shall clearly state that the Prime is responsible for paying the Sub and that the Town is not responsible for any claims by the Subcontractors.
18. Bids shall be valid for a period on three months.
19. The Town has secured both the Local approval and the State Division of Fire Safety Approval (attached) for the project. Contractor shall be responsible for obtaining approvals for proposed modifications (item 12 above) and for compliance with permit conditions.

Bid Package

To be considered complete, the Contractor’s Bid package shall include:

1. The Completed Bid Form
2. A statement acknowledging each of the Addendum issued to the original RFP.
3. The Name, description of the project and contact information for the three references.
4. A detailed description of any proposed variation, substitutions, or alterations including different building construction type, to the plans/general specifications and the associated costs.
5. Estimated time line for construction including any proposed winter shutdown period.
6. List of Subcontractors

Town of Brookfield, VT



Contractor ____________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________

Phone Number _____________________  email _______________________

Date: ______________________

Bid prices shall be presented in both written and numerical format.

1. Construction of a 46 ft by 46 ft Town Garage including all Labor, Materials and Equipment as described herein, the Not to Exceed price of ___________________dollars and ______________

cents, $________________.

2. Bid Alternate A. In place of the exterior wood siding, trim and exterior stain, use prefinished metal siding and trim. Siding to be corrugated vertical siding, commercial grade with a 20-year finish. Colors to match the existing garage. The cost difference (specify if increase, or decrease) of _________________dollars and  ____________________cents, $ _________________________


Plan sheets