Jan 242022


WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19, 2022, 5:30 PM

The Brookfield Public Safety Advisory Committee met in person as warned


The following members attended: Dan Mason, Mike Stoddard, Michael Rutkovsky, Stuart Edson and Lew Stowell.

5:30 PM: Call to Order No additions or deletions to the agenda

  • Review, revise or approve the December 15, 2021 meeting minutes. Approved 4-0
  • Questions or Issues Brought by Members of the Public- None attended.
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety- Grant and participation exploration- Members brought clothing and devices that they use to wear in conditions of reduced visibility to compare and discuss.  There are a number of workable solutions to being seen at night and other times of reduced visibility.  It was noted that seeing people walking at night in dark clothes and no light on town roads is common.  This is a dangerous situation.  L Stowell to pursue information about grants with TRORC and AOT.
  • Review and Discussion of OCSD Activities including Patrol Hours, Reports and Bills- The info provided for December 2021 may be incorrect. Stowell to confirm hours and cost.
  • Review of Public Safety 2021 Annual Report- After discussion the report was approved to be sent to the Town Clerk for inclusion in the Town Report.  It was noted that the Brookfield Town Meeting has been postponed until May 21, 2022.
  • Speed Cart Deployments-Review- A new Speed Cart Plan for 2022 will be created soon.
  • Traffic, Road Name and Weight Limit Sign Status-Tim Higgins report on the sign inventory currently at the Town Garage was discussed. It was hoped that significant progress can be made this year in replacing missing or damaged signs.
  • Traffic Ordinance Status- The new ordinance has been tabled until next meeting by the Select Board.
  • Parking Issues in Brookfield- The 2022 Ice Harvest and Mid-Winter Fest on January 29 may increase the number of vehicles needing to park on both sides of the floating bridge.  There is a missing “No Parking” sign near Hippo Park.  The fence at Hippo park has been damaged recently.  Parking may also be limited on the West end of the Floating Bridge.
  • February Public Safety Message- L Stowell to provide the message. It was decided that there will be alternating tag lines between Pedestrian and Bicycle safety and other safety subjects each month to keep the safety tips message length manageable when posted on the town website and Front Porch Forum and still have some mention of pedestrian/bicycle safety in every message
  • Setting the Next Meeting-March 2, 2022 at 5:30 PM at the Brookfield Congregational Church.
  • Inviting Guests to the Next Meeting- A grants person from TRORC, AOT or other organizations providing grants for public safety efforts, particularly public education will be invited if available.
  • Final Public Comment- No members of the public attended.

Entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting which was approved 5-0 at 6:37 PM.