Apr 032019

Present and Voting: Kym Anderson, Amy Borgman, Dan Childs, Emily Noyes, Cat Wright
Present and Not Voting: Laura Rochat, librarian

-Minutes were approved

-Treasurer’s Report: Dan was the Library’s representative at Town Meeting. He reports that our funding continues and that no concerns about the Library were raised. Amy was re-elected to the Board. Our finances continue to be stable. Dan and Emily will review our financial reports to confirm this at the next meeting.

-Librarian’s Report: Laura has replaced the failing computer with a Chrome Book laptop. She and Dan will work to transfer information from the old device to the new.
Regarding programming, the Sunday knitting will continue through April by popular request and MaryLou’s forbearance. Laura has arranged for several programs to be sponsored by the Library, please refer to New Business for that summary. Thanks to Laura the Library has a pass to VINS, ECHO, The Fairbanks Museum, and will purchase one for The Shelburne Museum. Laura will also put together a flyer for the Brookfield Elementary School students about Brookfield Library summer hours and the programs we will be offering.

-Old Business: The Library continues to be supported by the Town, please refer to the Treasurer’s Report above.

-New Business:
Friday August 9: traveling Planetarium from Fairbanks Museum to be held at the Old Town Hall. 2 consecutive shows, earlier one for children with a 30 person limit for each.
Sunday August 18: Deb Hellfrich of Gold Star Dog Training will also be held at the OTH to talk about communicating with dogs.
Planned but not yet scheduled are the following programs: another Deconstruction program with a Reconstruction program sometime thereafter, a story reading hour with the Poetons at the Library, a Library sponsored Arts Bus to be at the opening potluck of the OTH.

-Next Meeting: scheduled for Wednesday May 15 @ 6:30 PM.
It was a pleasure to have everyone around the table.