Aug 282022


TUESDAY, AUGUST 23, 2022, 5:30 PM

The Brookfield Public Safety Advisory Committee met in person as warned.


The following members attended: Dan Mason, Mike Stoddard, Michael Rutkovsky, S. Edson and Lew Stowell.  No members of the public attended.

5:30 PM: Call to Order:  No additions or deletions to the agenda were made.

  • Review, revise or approve the July 27, 2022 meeting minutes. Reviewed as an unofficial meeting. Edson to check with VLTC on the proper use of “Other Business” in an agenda.
  • Speed Cart and Patrol Deployments: OCSD & VSP- OCSD July RTE 14 deployment discussed.
  • Review and Discussion of OCSD Activities including Patrol Hours, Reports and Bills- S. Edson to check with Select Board about the billing for patrols conducted in June 2022.
  • VSP “Survivermont” Status: No events known at the moment in the Brookfield area.
  • Upcoming Events Involving Brookfield: Several events discussed as background information.
  • E-911 House Number Signs Project: We are awaiting the reopening of the town office and hoping for a speedy recovery of staff from Covid.
  • Traffic Sign Deployment Status: L. Stowell to send a priority list of signs to S. Edson. S. Edson to discuss with K. Sprague
  • Vehicle, Pedestrian, Horse, and Bicycle Safety: The Committee urges the public to wear reflective gear while walking or riding bicycles or horses.
  • Town Website Update Status: Project in progress. S. Edson has learned how to create “tabs”.
  • Traffic Ordinance Status- S. Edson to check with the Select Board on the status of the proposed ordinance.
  • Front Porch Forum Posting Limits: L. Stowell to check further.
  • Parking Issues & Improvements in Brookfield- S. Edson to check with K. Sprague on placing additional “No Parking” signs near Hippo Park to correct a safety hazard.
  • September Public Safety Message- August Safety tips to be revised by L. Stowell. OCSD Speed Cart Deployments to be published separately.  Stowell to create September Safety Tips.  L. Stowell to send material for October Safety Tips to M. Stoddard.
  • Setting the Location and Date/Time of the Next Meeting- After discussion, decided to meet at the Congregational Church on Tuesday September 20, 2022 at 5:30 PM. Approved: 5-0-0.
  • Starting with the October meeting, the committee will meet at the Town Office on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 5:30 PM. Approved: 5-0-0. S. Edson to confirm that there are no scheduling conflicts.
  • Inviting Guests to the Next Meeting- None.

Entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Approved 5-0-0