May 282018


Wednesday May 23, 2018 5:30 PM

Brookfield Town Office

Ralph Road, Brookfield, VT


The following members attended: Stuart Edson, Mike Stoddard, Dan Mason, Joy Kacik, Michael Rutkovsky and Lew Stowell.  Deputy Kevin Wilson, OCSD attended as invited guest.

  1. Review and Approve Minutes of April 25, 2018. Approved unanimously.
  2. Questions or Issues Brought by Members of the Public. None attended.
  3. Acknowledgment of Gwynn Zakov’s resignation. Noted and accepted.
  4. Guest: Deputy Kevin Wilson, OCSD. Made no opening remarks but participated in the meeting.
  5. Continuing Review of OCSD Activities, Reports and Bills. Deputy Wilson explained that OCSD is expecting a new Website from which Brookfield could obtain patrol logs. L Stowell requested that until that website is operational that those logs be provided either on paper or digitally.
  6. OCSD Contract Recommendations: L Stowell will send modified recommendations to the Select Board.
  7. Continuing Review of Parking Enforcement and Pond Village Traffic Signs on Stone Road. M Rutkovsky to check with WEC about Power line ROW. S Edson to check I-89 surveys.
  8. Increasing Parking in Pond Village: Discussed the MacBruce property. L Stowell measured approximately 150′ by 75′ that might be useful. S Edson to go with R Peck to look at the property to see how much work it would take.  D Mason to talk with AOT District Engineer about parking signs at the floating bridge.
  9. Reflective E-911 House Number Signs: D Mason reported that reflective E-911 house signs are 4″ by 14″ and cost $8.90 each. There are no volume discounts. Proposed and approved that the signs all be green. Signs may be have numbers horizontal or vertical at homeowner’s option. L Stowell will talk with T Godfrey and J Benson about the ordering process.
  10. Discussion of movable radar speed display signs: Deputy Wilson offered to have the OCSD Speed Cart placed at Brookfield Elementary School for a few days and once the 25 MPH signs are in place to place it North of Pond Village on Stone Road for a few days. Other possible locations for the Speed Cart not to be used until and unless appropriate signs are in place.
  11. June Public Safety Message: Original message to be used in July. New message to be written by L Stowell explaining new speed limits at Elementary School and Pond Village and also explaining details of the E-911 House Sign availability.  S Edson to post on Front Porch Forum.
  12. Setting the Next Meeting: Wednesday, June 27, 2018 at 5:30 PM at the Town Office.
  13. Inviting Guests to the Next Meeting: D Mason to talk with DMV Enforcement about a guest.
  14. Adjournment: At 6:56 PM.