Jan 252021


WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 20, 2021, 5:35 PM

The Brookfield Public Safety Advisory Committee met remotely by electronic means as warned.


The following members attended: Stuart Edson, Michael Rutkovsky, Mike Smith, Dan Mason and Lew Stowell.  Guests: Jeff Kimmel, Tim Higgins and Jon Jickling.  No members of the public attended.

  • 5:35 PM: Meeting Called to Order. There were no additions or deletions to the agenda.
  • Review and approve December 16, 2020 unapproved meeting minutes. Approved 5-0.
  • Results of December 28 Select Board Meeting: Kimmel reported that $8500 was planned for sign replacement in FY2022.  L. Stowell reported that Sheriff Bohnyak has been requested to send a draft Law Enforcement Services contract for FY 2022 to the committee for review soon.
  • Traffic Sign Status Tim Higgins & Jeff Kimmel. There was discussion regarding the purchase of a jack hammer to install sign posts. Higgins reported that there is a sign post base available that can be installed with a sledge hammer without damage to the base.  This would save approximately $1500 and perhaps even save time.  T. Higgins reported that based on the current sign inventory the town needs over 200 signs to replace damaged or missing signs.  He is placing an order for at least 55 signs soon.  He stated that a sign with post and accessories costs approximately $100 each.  Therefore, with $6500 in FY 2021 (current FY {Fiscal Year}) and $8500 in FY 2022 (FY starting July1 this year) available, the town should purchase and replace about 150 signs.  This is a shortfall of 50+ signs.  Based upon recent history more signs will be damaged or stolen during that time period.  It may be FY 2024 before we are caught up to where the budget may cover annual damaged and stolen signs.
  • Traffic Ordinance Final Review: the draft ordinance was approved with the removal of two Yield sign changes and the addition of some regulatory language. Mason recommended that a number of road intersections with existing Stop or Yield signs should be looked at in the future with more public input.  It was requested that the draft ordinance be reviewed by town attorney, Michael Monte.  The ordinance, as revised, was approved 5-0.  L. Stowell will send the revised ordinance and a list of revisions to J. Kimmel.
  • Review and Discussion of OCSD Activities including Patrol Hours, Reports and Bills. It was noted that OCSD may be back on track having performed 18.5 patrol hours in December, 2020.
  • January Public Safety Message: Stowell will create the February safety message.
  • EAB Update: Jickling, a member of the town Conservation Commission and a trained forester, said that public education about the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) was going to be very important.  The insect is in Williamstown and either is already in Brookfield or soon will be.  He urged continued coordination between the Town Forester, the Town Conservation Commission and the Public Safety Advisory Committee to deal with the threat.  The Conservation Commission is concerned with having the response conducted in an environmentally friendly manner and the Public Safety Committee is concerned with the danger of dying Ash trees in the town right of way.  The Town Forester, K. Forrer, is organizing the surveillance efforts and will recommend response action when needed.  K. Forrer will be asked to check on any available Federal or State funding for EAB prevention or recovery.
  • Setting the Next Meeting: The February 24th, 2021 at 5:35 PM meeting will be virtual by phone.
  • Inviting Guests to the Next Meeting: None to be invited
  • Entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:49 PM. Approved 5-0.