Jun 012020


WEDNESDAY MAY 27, 2020, 5:40 PM


The following members attended: Stuart Edson, Michael Rutkovsky, Mike Stoddard and Lew Stowell.

  • 5:40 PM: Call to Order (Meeting held via FreeConferenceCall.com.)
  • Additions or deletions to the agenda. None made.
  • Review and approve previous of April 29, 2020 meeting minutes. Approved 4-0.
  • Open public comment period (if applicable): No members of the public attended.
  • Review of Select Board Actions at Previous Meeting(s) L Stowell reported and discussion ensued on each item.
    • The Select Board approved having the Admin. Assistant order three ten packs of EAB Early Detection Systems at $459.50 each plus shipping. We hope it will come soon as the EABs will start to fly soon.
    • The Select Board will send two letters or emails:
      • One to the Cushings asking if they are going honor young Sid’s promise to move vehicles out of the town ROW.
      • One to Sherriff Bohnyak urging him to enforce vehicles parking in the traveled portion of the road.
    • Parking and behavior at the floating bridge made more complex because it is a State bridge and highway. Board does not favor putting signs on bridge encouraging parking at town office parking area as it is barely large enough for a routine Select Board meeting.
    • The town parking lot: will be expanded somewhat this Summer. John Benson to stake it out.
    • Public Safety Committee asked to research other parking possibilities in Pond Village. Stuart Edson willing to discuss parking on the West side of the bridge with the Select Board.
    • The remaining balance of the traffic sign line item to be spent by ordering traffic signs ASAP in this fiscal year.
    • Because Northfield Road is the only town road in Brookfield properly signed for weight limits, the Board agreed to have the Admin. Assistant enter it into the State Database as an experiment.
    • the Admin. Assistant to be authorized to approve overweight permit requests for 60,000 pounds or less. Requests for higher limits to be reviewed by the Town Road Foreman.
    • The OCSD Contract is to be renewed for a maximum limit of $12,500.
  • Continuing Review of OCSD Activities, Reports and Bills. The April bill was discussed and it was hoped that increased patrolling already observed would continue for May and June.  The Speed Cart has been requested.
  • Town Over Weight and Over Sized System Project Progress: Discussed above.
  • E-911 Sign and Traffic Sign Status: Discussed above.
  • Emerald Ash Borer Progress: A group of citizens to be recruited to install and monitor the traps.
  • Public Safety Advisory Committee Website Use: No further progress reported.
  • June Public Safety Message: Will inform about the EAB traps and Floating Bridge parking.
  • Setting the Next Meeting: To be held in person downstairs at the Pond Village Congregational Church (corner of Ridge Road and Route 65) at 5:30 PM on June 24, 2020.
  • Inviting Guests to the Next Meeting: No guests to be invited but the public is welcome.
  • Entertained motion to adjourn meeting: Moved by S Edson, Seconded by M Rutkovsky, passed 4-0.