Jul 282019


(unapproved minutes)

WEDNESDAY JULY 24, 2019, 5:30 PM



Mike Stoddard, Stuart Edson, Michael Rutkovsky and Lew Stowell and William Bohnyak, Orange County Sheriff, Guest.

  1. Review and Approve Minutes of June 19, 2019.  Approved unanimously.
  2. GUEST: Orange County Sheriff William Bohnyak outlined his plans to more fully provide patrol and response coverage according to the Brookfield contract in FY 2020.  He pointed out that they provided 37 hours of patrols in June, have a good start already in July and will continue to provide more hours during the Summer months and use the resources provided in FY 2020.
  3. Questions or Issues Brought by Members of the Public.The email from Gene & Evangeline Parent about speeding was read and discussed along with the fact that Lt Clouatre, OCSD has contacted the Parents and efforts to reduce speeding on Northfield Road are underway.
  4. Continuing Review of OCSD Activities, Reports and Bills. The OCSD completed 64.78% of the $12,000 FY 2019 contract.
  5. Review of Radar Speed Cart Deployments in 2019. LT Clouatre is following the 2019 Speed Cart Plan and has had three deployments already: Brookfield Elementary School, Pond Village and Route 65 near the Post Office.  A common thread among all three is excessive speed.  Patrols are alert to this trend.  L Stowell to send speeding locations to The VSP in Royalton.
  6.  Continuing Review of Parking & Law Enforcement on Brookfield Roads. It was noted that The Select Board has selected a surveyor to determine the town ROW on Stone Road.
  7. Public Safety Developments: There is a new alerting platform being rolled out in Orange County in the Fall.  L. Stowell will obtain more information.
  8. Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)Progress.  It was voted to designate an EAB Subcommittee consisting of both Public Safety Committee Members and non-members to plan and implement strategies to mitigate the effects of  the spread of the EAB in conjunction with town officials such as the Town Forester and Road Foreman/Tree Warden.  The Sub Committee will keep the Public Safety Committee informed of progress.
  9. E-911 Sign and Traffic Sign Status. There are 7 individuals wishing to order signs now.  Order forms will be sent out in the tax bills to encourage further orders.  Brookfield property owners wishing to order for non-Brookfield property owners will be provided another choice.  L Stowell will send the E911 Sign Order Form to T Godfrey and W Bohnyak. L Stowell to contact Vermont Correctional Industries (VCI) about the shipping costs bill.
  10. Public Safety Advisory Committee Website Use.  Interest in Statistics was continued.
  11. August Public Safety Message. L Stowell to submit to S Edson for the website and to Front Porch Forum for publication.  Committee group email to be displayed for comments.
  12. Setting the Next Meeting. August 21, 2019
  13. Inviting Guests to the Next Meeting. L Stowell to invite LT Barbara Kessler, VSP
  14. Adjournment.  7:02 PM