Mar 012020




The sequence may be varied to accommodate members of the public and guests.


The following members attended: Stuart Edson, Michael Rutkovsky and Lew Stowell.  Member of the public: Gabe Freitag.

  1. Review and Approve Minutes of January 15, 2020. Approved unanimously.
  2. Questions or Issues Brought by Members of the Public. Gabe Freitag, a local logger, wanted to know where the town was going with vehicle weight limits.  He has no large trucks of his own but depends upon large logging trucks to get his logs to mills.  He urged that the town allow trucks up to the state special limits with local permits.  He complimented Ray Peck as being reasonable to work with on weight limit issues.  The committee explained that the 24,000 pound weight limit on town class 2, 3 & 4 roads is a State law and the progress the committee has made in understanding the laws surrounding weight limits.
  3. Continuing Review of OCSD Activities, Reports and Bills.  OCSD conducted 8 hours of patrols costing $376.00 and resulting in 2 speeding citations for 11 to 20 MPH over the limit.  S. Edson has not been able to contact VSP Royalton yet.
  4. Road Maintenance and Right of Way Issues. No new issues reported.
  5. Town Over Weight and Over Sized System Project Progress. The most recent results of continuing research into weight limits have been passed on to the Select Board Chair and were discussed by the committee.
  6. E-911 Sign and Traffic Sign Status. T. Godfrey will take the un-picked-up E-911 House Number Signs to the Town Meeting in the hopes of getting some more home owners to pick their order up. S. Edson has received one estimate of the cost of installing traffic signs from Lafayette Highway Specialties.  The cost was $235.00 per sign with them providing all materials.  It is not known what the cost would be with the Town of Brookfield providing the materials (signs, posts, etc.).
  7. Emerald Ash Borer Progress.  Additional “windshield” inventories of Ash trees have been conducted.  A draft request for information has been written.  L. Stowell to meet Tom Johnston of Trees Inc from Rutland this Friday morning to tour the five roads inventoried to get recommendations and a quote to remove Ash trees on these five roads
  8. Town Meeting Preparation.  The Town Meeting Agenda appears full.  The Committee will be prepared to answer questions if they are asked.  K. Forrer to provide EAB maps and info.
  9. Public Safety Advisory Committee Website Use.  S. Edson to continue working on website metrics.
  10. March Public Safety Message. The draft message was approved with a little editing by L. Stowell to be done if needed.  This message will be on the website and Front Porch Forum.
  11. Setting the Next Meeting.  March 25, 2020 at 5:30.
  12. Inviting Guests to the Next Meeting.  None to be invited.
  13. Adjournment. At 7:08 PM.